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Declutter Bitch!

I know.  You hate me.  You only hate me because you know I’m right.  I feel your pain because I need to do it too! Declutter the clutter…both organizationally and personally.

Admit it.  You have junk to get rid of.  Whether it be an object that reminds you of an old boyfriend, stuff you no longer use or a box full of crap you “may need at a later date.”  I mean…how many pens do you really need? I say that because I just threw out a box of old ones that didn’t even work!  So let’s get to it.

Take a deep breath, beauty…and trash it!

  • Crap you haven’t used in years.  Or ever used.  Pens, nail polish, magazines, knick knacks.  Just throw them!
  • Crap in your kitchen that you haven’t used.  Like that artichoke pate that sounded so good that you bought 8 years ago.  (I just threw one out…ewww)
  • Clothes you haven’t worn.  Or worn in years.  Or clothes that are/were favorites of yours that have holes in them that are beyond repair.
  • Gifts from an old boyfriend.
  • Your inbox.  Unsubscribe to anything that isn’t truly necessary.
  • Contacts in your address book that you never see, hurt you or dated that you MUST delete.
  • Old technology.  You have the replacements.  Get rid of it!
  • Beauty Junkies:  stuff for your skin you never use.
  • Your car: Clean out your glove compartment and replace with travel essentials.

Why?  As a sign to the Universe that you are over it.  You are ready to move on.  Invite new things, new loves, experiences into your life and home.  You are done with what the “old clutter” represents.  You want the NEW!!!!!

Great Goddess.  Not so easy.

Just start.  One box.  One room.  One little area that needs your undivided “declutter attention.”  Eventually the whole house will be cleansed of your clutter. Baby steps to proceed to the whole project being done!  With each little piece of clutter you dispose of you take weight off of you.  A little bit here and there and you will feel lighter and freer.  Doesn’t that sound cool?

So go ahead beauty…chip away each day at a little clutter in your life.  You will be thankful.  Gotta go and clear my inbox now.  Love, Goddess

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Play it Forward

play it forward

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Play it Forward.

Two weeks ago I was in Marshalls.  I’m in line.  The lady in front of me hands me her gift card.  She says to me:  “It only has $5 left on it but I want you to have it.” Of course I was surprised.  Of course I was grateful.  I told her thank you and I would “Play it Forward” with someone else.  We agreed that it was a great idea.

A couple weeks go by.  I have “Play it Forward” on my to do list.  I know that sounds a bit weird.  I mean…am I really so busy that I have to remember to do a kind thing to someone?  I am but, for some reason it wasn’t so easy.  I had to write it down so I wouldn’t forget.  You see…I would be out and about and deep down I knew the perfect thing would happen.  And it wasn’t.  It felt weird that the “perfect way” to Play it Forward did not appear to me.  Examples:

  • I could pay for the toll in back of me.  There was never anyone in back of me!
  • I saw a cute little old lady at a bar.  I thought I could buy her a drink. Then I saw her paying her bill.  (Not good timing)
  • When I see a service person I will pay for a drink. (Not a one in sight)

So…I just stopped thinking about it.  I decided to trust.  Trust that the perfect way to Play it Forward would just happen.

And it DID!  I was in Fresh Market tonight.  I finished paying and looked behind me.  There she was.  The lady from Marshalls!  So I took out a $5 bill.  I looked at the lady from Marshalls and said:

“Hi!”  She instantly recognized me and I gave her a big smile and I gave the cashier the $5 and said “Play it Forward.”  We had a chuckle and she gave me a hug.  We agreed to continue to Play it Forward with others.  With all the negativity out there…how fun is this?  I would love it if each and every one of us chose someone to give $5 to.  Something small. Just give.  And just say “Play it Forward,” to whomever you give to. What cool things would happen?  What cool people would we meet?  How cool it is to make a little fun for other people?  Wanna play?  YES!  When you do, please share what you did and what fun thing happened in return!  Can’t wait to hear from you!  Love Goddess

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Power of Letting Go These Stress Makers

Power of Letting Go image from

Power of Letting Go These Stress Makers.  There are so many, but lets touch on a couple today. Have you been dealing with these in some way shape or form?

Power of Letting Go #1:  Excuses.  Excuses are a form of denial/fear.  Own your mistakes, own what fears you and it will create trust in yourself and confidence galore.  It will help you succeed! Example:  A girl I work with ALWAYS has an excuse.  A few days ago she was complaining about how much she hated doing something. How it didn’t help her, etc.  What she doesn’t understand is all the power the “something” had over her.  She has no idea how much this has to do with her fear and trust.  She isn’t ready to hear it either.  I’ve tried.  It’s sad because she resists the very thing that can make her stronger.  If it were me? I would take the power back by not making any more excuses and rocking what she “hated doing.”  Don’t let resisting the truth lead to excuses.

Power of Letting Go

Power of Letting Go Inspirational Quote from the fab

Power of Letting Go #2:  Being anyone else besides you.  Now there are certain things and people that will light you up (I have such a girl crush on Kate Beckinsale—she does feminine with a rock n’ roll edge that inspires me) but adapt what you like to fit you and your personality.  The world sometimes tries to mold us into a neat little box.  The world talks about the same thing, tells you what THE style is right now, THE thing to do right now, THE thing to eat right now. Get curious about the world and discover who you are, what you love and live it. No resistance. (Remember Power of Letting Go #1)

Power of Letting Go

Fab Power of Letting Go Quote from 

Power of Letting Go #3:  Being in relationships for the wrong reasons.  I get letters every day from women who make excuses for the men who take from them, emotionally abuse them, cheat on them and lie to them.  Despite reading an article I wrote telling them exactly what to do.  I can’t help them because they can’t help themselves.  If this sounds like you? Please let him go.  Focus on you and your happiness.  He is not making you happy.  Let him go.

Power of Letting Go

Power of Letting Go Image from


Power of Letting Go

Power of Letting Go the man who hurts you! Quote from Good Reads


Power of Letting Go #4:  Being everything to everyone.  It’s exhausting.  You will eventually lose yourself by trying to please too many people.  You won’t know what you want and worse you will find yourself going around in circles.  Refer back to #1 and #2 above.

Take a deep breath…look at your life and be really honest with yourself…what can you let go of? Take action to do it and enjoy the results.  Huge warm hug…Love, Goddess

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Your Strength How Strong are You?

Your srength

Your strength. Get stronger so you can embrace adventure! Gorgeous image from

Your strength…how strong are you?

Can you imagine…

You cannot talk.  Cannot see.  Cannot hear.  You know touch.  At first…as a baby, this may not affect you that much.  Your needs are met.  You eat and sleep.  You cry and someone comes to take care of you. Then, as you start to get older, you can’t communicate because of these sensory issues.  You start to get frustrated. Because you’re frustrated, you look for ways to get a reaction. Tantrums get you attention.  But tantrums still don’t get what you need. Understanding.  Of who, what and where you are.  Can you imagine?  This is how Helen Keller, after an illness that almost killed her at age two, existed.  Existed.  Trapped in that existence. I can’t even imagine that. Overcoming that.  But she did.   How do you get through to someone, communicate to someone so they understand and break them out of their “trapped existence?”

Helen Keller was rescued by a tutor, Anne Sullivan.  Sullivan had been blind but through a series of operations, had gotten some of her sight back.  Anne patiently tried teaching Helen sign language.  Whenever Anne tried to teach Helen sign language by signing in Helens’ hand, Helen would reject her.  This took a long time because Helens’ parents felt guilty and helpless regarding Helen.  They didn’t know how to help her so they just let her be.  Whenever Helen didn’t get what she wanted, she would throw a tantrum. Helen was completely undisciplined.

Discipline = Strength.

Anne knew this and wouldn’t let Helen get away with anything.  Helen learned that if she were to get what she wanted it wouldn’t happen until Anne “signed” the item in Helens’ hand. Finally, when Helen finally understood what Anne was doing?  She was euphoric.  Helen indulged in her thirst for knowledge.  She learned how to speak.  To inspire others to overcome disabilities she lectured and wrote a book.  Her passion founded foundations and earned her medals of honor.  None of this would have happened without the ONE person who wasn’t afraid of giving Helen what she needed.  A serious kick in the ***.  Anne.  Discipline. Anne knew Helen would never succeed or learn without discipline.

How disciplined are you?  Who loves you enough to tell you WHEN you need to be more disciplined?  Listen to them. They may be telling you something you don’t want to hear.  They are doing it because they care.  The people that truly love you aren’t afraid of telling you the truth.  Listen to them.

There is discipline in everything you do.  Work.  Play.  Body care. Skin care. Home care. The more disciplined you are the more you can handle. Emotionally and physically.  Where can you add some more discipline?  Where do you feel you could be a stronger woman?  Communication? If so, take a class.  Find a mentor. Find a person whom you admire and watch them communicate.  Here are two I like:  Judge Judy-for her no BS attitude.  Michelle Yeoh: Dominating Martial Arts. 

And really?  That’s all there is to it.  Just do it.  Channel your inner Nike slogan and become a stronger person for YOU.  Become your own Anne Sullivan.  She will have your back, Helen. Love, Goddess

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