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How Do I Get Rid of Self-Doubt?

How do I get rid of self-doubt?  A Bitch Goddess knows it isn’t just bubble baths and blow outs.  It’s an ongoing process. Every single day.  And then?  As you take care of yourself daily, you grow more confident and sassy.  Doubt slowly disappears.  Doubt happens. That is normal.  As your self-confidence grows so will your ability to bounce back.  You’ll be able to let go of this nasty little emotion so much quicker. And quicker and quicker.  Are you ready to choose self-confidence over doubt?

“One important key to success is self-confidence.  A key to self-confidence is preparation.”  Arthur Ashe

Bitch University is now in session Bitch Goddess!  Click here for the full article: “How to Get Rid of Self-Doubt.”    After reading the post, start your Slaying the Doubt Class Schedule.  Review the Sassy Bitch Rules:  Sassy Bitch Rules and see what you need to review and incorporate.  Which Sassy Bitch rules are you rocking and which need work?  Action Action Action is the focus.  Add actions every single day to your schedule.  Practice makes perfect.

Want more?  To motivate you even more I’m recommending a little positive reinforcement.  #1 Through daily meditation: What are the Health Benefits of Meditation — meditation has really helped me with my busy lifestyle.  #2 Changing those doubting thoughts is helpful with a program to kick you in the butt in the most pleasurable way…every day:  Manifestation Miracles.  Or consider my private coaching program below…

Let me know how it goes!!  Love, Goddess

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Why Bad Days are Good for You?

Why bad days are good for you.  This has been written about a lot but there is a reason why.  So we can appreciate the good days.  Yeah…I can feel your eyes rolling at me. Whatever Goddess. But it’s true.  You know another thing it can show you? (Watch the video above and then we will discuss below)

How self-aware you are.

Yup.  I’ve been writing about that a lot lately.  A symptom of the problems we face in society today is directly linked to how self-aware people are.  I betcha if the guy who drove through his garage door with his bikes on the roof was a little less pre-occupied?  May not have happened.  He was driving kinda fast too.  At least we can laugh about it, no?

Anyway…back to self-awareness.  I was really happy when I started writing this yesterday.  Today I was CRANKY.  And I felt bad about it.  I am so lucky:  I have zero reason to be cranky.  But therein lay the answer to my crankiness.  I am self-aware enough to know that there is guilt in being happy.  Especially around people that aren’t so happy. And unhappy people are everywhere. Distracted people are everywhere.  Notice that?  So when I let that go I realized I was not cranky from a bad day but really really restless!

See what a little self-awareness can do?  Turns a bad day into personal growth. LOL.  It also got me my sense of humor back.  The simple truth will do that for you. I am restless because in three days I am finally going on vacation.  Away from the snow, cold and layers and layers of clothing.  Waiting for that moment to arrive…your work is done, chores are done and packing is done. The moment where you are finally free!  Free to play no excuses, no responsibilities.  The lead up to that would make anyone restless.

So Goddess…how do I become more self-aware?  Bitch University suggests one little thing for you to do this weekend.  And you are going to hate it.  Abhor it. Tell me to (insert un-lady like explicatives here).  Here it is:  Slow the f* down. Start with two hours.  Then expand.  Turn off the phone. Unplug the computer. Meditate. Relax with a book. No TV. Play relaxing music if you wish. Have a private dance party if you wish.  Just unplug.  If you are more self-aware you probably won’t leave your car door open on a busy street. Because, after-all, a completely un-self-aware driver is guaranteed to take it off!

Why bad days are good for you?  So you can figure out how self-aware you are! So keep reading…there will be oh so much more coming up with the super sexy and confident ability called “self-awareness.”  Love, Goddess

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What are the Health Benefits of Meditation?

What are the Health Benefits of Meditation?  I’ve finally done it.  A habit I’ve wanted to get into because of benefits I’ve heard from it.  According to WebMD (click here for the full article) meditation may help reduce stress.  This is how it has helped me:

  1. Much better sleep.
  2. More energized in the morning…because of the better sleep, I assume. (said with playful sarcasm)
  3. More FOCUS (because of the better sleep?)

In the three weeks I’ve started meditating, I’ve noticed better sleep and more energy.  What I really love is that it has seemed to slow my mind down. Instead of 200 things going through my mind on what I need to do, have to do, want to do I’m more focused.  And I was pretty focused before.  LOVE!

How about you?  Have you ever tried the practice of meditation?  According to Louise Hay and other experts at Hay…three things will happen during your meditation session:

  1. You will go to sleep.
  2. You will start thinking about all things you should be doing instead of meditating.
  3. You will get in the meditation zone…which is truly cool.  A yoga friend of mine calls it the “third eye.”  Which in my experience is relaxed, not sleepy and completely focused on the subject I chose for the meditation session.

I found this really cool website that gives great advice on making the meditation experience a pleasurable ritual.  So Bitch Goddess like!  Here it is:  Wellness Hero  I’m going to be adding this to my daily meditation. Here are more sources I like on the subject:  Meditation for Dummies, and above is one of the videos I use nightly.  It’s from a great You Tube Channel. Click on this link for more meditation videos and support: EmilyStoneMusic.

The bottom line for me is that I’m seeing benefits.  I want to explore more. The more I do it, the more I realize you can customize to whatever you need at that moment.  For instance, meditation didn’t work for me until I tried the “guided meditation” on the Louise Hay site.  I also found I wanted to just wind down and NOT think about anything. By not focusing on anything, I found an interesting surprise. I needed to “let go” even more.

I was in the middle of a deep meditation.  One meditation I do has you create a sacred beautiful place in your mind for you to enjoy.  My sacred beautiful place has a gorgeous field, a soothing water fountain, tons of sweet smelling roses and a white temple.  There is a crystal clear lake behind the temple. While relaxing by the water fountain I look up and there are two men from my past standing on the edge of my sacred beautiful place.  I started to cry.

I started crying because they were waiting for me.  To let them go.  Not for them…for me!  I had absolutely no idea I hadn’t let them go. Until that exact moment. My mind wanted more clarity. Somewhere, deep inside me, I needed more closure. So I invited them both over.  I thanked them for what they gave to me, gave them a warm hug and told them it was time for them to go.

Want to hear another intriguing discovery of my meditation?  I’ve been doing a guided one for prosperity.  I can’t tell you how many $1 bills I’ve picked off the ground since starting 3 weeks ago. On the first day of the prosperity meditation?  I found a $20 bill.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Cool? Definitely! Ahhh…thank you Universe!

Your meditation exploration…think of the fun…and please share your discoveries! Love, Goddess

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© S Stevens Life Strategies

Slaying Doubt

Slaying Doubt. This weekend I had it.  The fact that I had it drove me absolutely batty.  I was so pissed at myself I could have just screamed!  I was disappointed in myself…teetering on the edge of diving into the Drama Queens’ rather deep pool of “woe is me.”  God how I hate doubt.

Today I realized it was not doubt.  I wasn’t doubting myself at all.  It was the PERSON who made me feel icky.  I handled this person well.  I confused the “icky” feeling with the “doubt” feeling. How do I know?

Because I looked and felt hot and the Universe was giving me free stuff.  I took the time to look hot and feel hot for the comfort it would give me.  So…hot ones.  The subject for today at Bitch University is doubt versus the stuff that makes you feel icky.  How do you tell and how do you deal?

First how to deal. So you can stop judging yourself.

1.  You’ve got to do the work on you.  You’ve got to figure out WHO you are and what won’t fly. Exactly how to treasure yourself so you can communicate it. Read my articles at Bitch University, take my Awakening Course or read Bitch Lifestyle the Manual on Amazon.  OR…get yourself to the Sassy Bitch Rules and form a plan so you start rocking them.

2.  Do the work on you.  Every single day!

Now “how to tell the difference between doubt and icky.”

1.  Even though you are dressed in your new absolute fave dress, have the perfect blow out and feel absolutely divine, you feel icky about a situation or someone.  You may think you screwed up. You may think you needed to take a stronger stand.  Just as you’re berating yourself, something cool happens. Like you get a free dinner or something.

2.  You look and or feel HORRIBLE. You have the flu, food poisoning, no make-up on, your hair is a wreck and the outfit you’re wearing screams “Fashion HELL no.”  Yet guys are checking you out—hot ones—and everything you need to accomplish is going beyond well.

Two completely different circumstances being rocked by YOU and you have no idea how well you are doing.  Then the moment happens…the moment you get free food or the hot guy checks you out?  You realize it’s about ONE thing.


Doubt goes out the window.  You may still feel icky…emotionally or physically, but the power of self-awareness and knowing yourself so well powers you through and makes you feel amazing.  Despite the fashion hell no.  Despite raging sickness. So start doing the work on you.  Right now.  Check out the sources I just gave you here on the website and beyond.  Get cracking!  Get self-aware!!! Love, Goddess

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© S Stevens Life Strategies