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Why Is He Ignoring Me?

4ab7045967ac601ce897b7e06a322826 Why Is He Ignoring Me?

We have a disconnect! Gorgeous cell phone from Pinterest.


Why is he ignoring me?  I get this one all the time.  Here is one from a reader last night:

Good Morning,

I have been dating a guy for a year.  He was so sweet!   But now I feel he is ignoring me.  When we hang out he is busy with his phone. I feel he is not respecting me anymore. Also less text, less phone, and less communication. Should I tell him, “respect me when we are together, you’re too busy with your phone!”
Or do I ignore him back like he does to me ??

Here is how I responded:

Why don’t you try a little honesty?  The next time the guy you’re dating pays more attention to his phone than you: Look at him straight in the eye. State in an unemotional manner something like: “I’d appreciate it if you put the phone away while we are out together.” When he protests or makes a comment toward you, stay absolutely silent. If he still continues, raise an eyebrow while looking at him during your silence. If he continues to protest, call it an early night. And LEAVE. You want a man who is going to respect you and if he doesn’t in this small way, start looking for someone who will. Disrespect needs to be checked. When it happens. Wait until he picks up the phone and then follow this process. Let me know how it goes…Love, Goddess

Why not be honest, hotties?  Why is it so hard to tell him when he’s being rude?  Maybe…you’ve been letting it go on too long and now you are pissed?  Maybe you argued with him when you knew you were right?  Regardless, take a deep breath and then state what won’t fly.  Then zip it.  If you slip up the first time you do this, no worries.  Practice makes perfect.  So get in there and let the men you are dating  know when  something makes you happy or unhappy!  Love, Goddess

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Exactly How Do You Deal With an Enemy?

e9125246d3c5af8f60e1bc08d91417d0 Exactly How Do You Deal With an Enemy?

They are there…just don’t forget they are there. Fab image from Enemies Posts on Pinterest


Exactly how do you deal with an enemy?  How do you deal with a person out to get you…so they go away?  Is it a challenge?  Yes.  A little bit.  But if you approach this as a fun, confident, Sassy Bitch…you already have the tools and knowledge to do so.  What are they you ask?  Let’s discuss:

  1. Respect.  This is the most important thing.  It’s a game changer.  And guess what…most  of us don’t understand the power of respecting an enemy.  Including enemies.  Most enemies want to put you off guard so they have a better chance of being successful.  Especially the smart enemies.  They have thought about how they can get to you.  You gain the upper hand by giving them the same respect.  In most cases this will catch them completely off guard.  So be polite and helpful to them in an unemotional, very unexpected way.
  2. Understand.  As I stated above, it’s important to understand those out to get you.  If you must.  If you must interact with that person (like at work) it’s best to know what makes them tick so you are ready to take care of yourself if need be.  I’m not talking socializing with them like a friend!  I’m talking really listening to them, watching their reactions to things and watching how those around them react.
  3. Charm.  Whatever your encounter with them…charm.  Be polite, charming and never…as the saying goes…”never let them see you sweat.”

Do you feel the power in those choices?  You should!  I know it can be scary…but it’s a fact of life.  Not everyone is going to be nice.  Not everyone is going to want to help you.  It’s just reality and truth, Sassy Bitches.  So you must must must learn how to deal with those that will diss you, try to hurt and or humiliate you.  You must become self aware not only about yourself, but to those around you.  Observe, notice and react…from a strong and powerful position like the 3 points above.  Here is  another article about how a very sassy and savvy Bitch dealt with an enemy…read Love Games:  An Outrageous Proposal.  Love, Goddess

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Educate the Clueless?

maide of most beautiful things sg anderson 1823 1903 us public domain reprod of 2d pd art artist life 100 commons wikimedia org Educate the Clueless?

You—the Sassy Bitch Goddess…ready to give from your pleasure trove.  Gorgeous image from  Seven Ponds.   Visit them for more!

Being a Sassy Bitch is exhausting.  We handle so much with such efficiency and humor that the Universe keeps throwing us more.  More opportunities, adventures and passions to explore and squeeze into our already busy lives.  But there is ONE thing.  And it’s not a little thing.  It’s a huge big deal that we must deal with.  So not only we can go higher and grow as a person, but so that we can bring along the people around us.  Bring them to our sassy, fun and fulfilled party.  By doing this ONE thing we can be even happier and more fulfilled.  What is this one thing?

We need to educate the clueless.

Has your jaw dropped?  Are you slightly over-whelmed with the mere thought of educating clueless people so they can come to our party?  This is one of the many reasons why our Sassy Bitch wants to nap!  LOL. We have such responsibility as Hot Sexy Goddess Bitches.  Because we have done so much work on being self-aware.  Because we have learned how to communicate what makes us light up.  Because we have learned how to communicate what will make us shut down.  Because we have practiced patience and politeness with the most obnoxious of people.   It is exhausting and now we have to educate the clueless?

Absolutely.  Our pleasure and fulfillment depends on it.

So does theirs.

It’s why you must take better care of yourself than ever.  When you are sated with pleasure, love, fun and fulfillment you can give from that wonderful surplus.  And when you give to these hapless, clueless people, when they “see the light” that you share with them?  You both win.  Bonus:  Forever gratitude from these newly enlightened souls.

Example from my life:  I have a group of people in my life that need a kick in the *** regarding their behavior.  The teamwork they are exhibiting is poor.  And it’s clueless poor because they are easily distracted.  So now I need to patiently teach them how to give of themselves for the greater good.  In a fun yet bottom line way.  And it won’t be a one time thing. They will need to be reminded. The clueless people of the world really need time and patience AND it’s best to change it up with each new reminder.

You’re not painting a pretty picture, Goddess.  I hear you.  But let me be blunt.  If we don’t educate the clueless they will stay that way.  Frustrating us over time.  Not serving us in our goals, desires, passions.  This is love, Goddesses!  By sharing from our loving surplus we will become more gratified and we will be able to receive even more from the Universe.  Our confidence will soar.  Our social networks will expand, our friendships will grow and our trust in those around us will deepen.  The more people wake up from the “clueless coma” the better off everyone is.  Us, them and party central…Earth.

So take a deep breath and up the ante on your path to pure Sassy Bitch Goddess.  Educate the clueless!  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

Sassy Success Secrets

 Sassy Success Secrets

I found this quote on Pics And  Check them out =FAB!

How are you doing in the confident and sassy department girls?  You on a roll or asleep?  Somewhere in between?  Not sure? Take this quick and fun quiz to find out: Sassy Self Self-Esteem Quiz  Then assess.  We’ve discussed quite a few Sass Zappers on this site.  Because there are so many… it’s important to occasionally take stock and make sure Sass Zappers aren’t keeping us down or sneaking up on us.  I’ve discovered a few more to add to our Sass Zappers list.  Anything there turning your sassy into a snit?  A Drama Queen crying fit?  Sass Success Zappers with some accompanying inspiration:

  1. Stop not taking action. Inspiration:  There are so many things to distract you.  So many opportunities to explore, relish and develop!  Choose the most important opportunities/desires at this very moment and then rock them. Once these very important opportunities are completed you can move on to the next one.
  2. Stop thinking you aren’t ready.  Inspiration:  You are!  Break your opportunity/desire down into manageable tasks and do one a day.
  3. Stop competing against everyone.  Inspiration:  Unfortunately the people who really need to read this (the competitors) won’t be reading this OR don’t believe they are competing with other women.  Dramatic sigh. Oh well. Us Sassy Bitches know what to do.  Be polite in their presence and if possible, avoid like the plague!
  4. Complaining and feeling sorry for yourself.  Inspiration:  Start taking action!
  5. Doing the same thing over and over again.  Like:  not taking action, complaining about it, choosing friends and lovers unwisely and not learning from the experience.  Inspiration:  Try oh try to have a little laugh at how cute you are, how human you are and then do something good for yourself.

Do any of these ring a bell?  You’ve taken the quiz and still don’t know what to do?  Here are some ideas:

  1. If you are in your Drama Queen dance out all that emotion you’ve got going on.
  2. If you are in your Brat get appreciative.  Right now.  Write down everything you are grateful for.  Even if you think what I am asking you to do is “stupid.”  (sassy wink)
  3. If you are in your Bitch, congratulations…carry on hottie.
  4. If you are unsure what to do, relax.  At some point in the next few days pamper yourself to the highest degree possible.  Don’t “just” take a bath.  Up the ante in every possible way for you.  Candles, sexy music, chocolate, champagne, the most indulgent bath products you have on hand or splurge on a new one!  Breathe deeply and be grateful for all you have.

If all else fails, remember….It’s exhausting being fabulous!  Love, Goddess


© S Stevens Life Strategies