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Fall Fun Sassy B Style

Fall Fun Sassy B Style.  It’s here.  The season of cool days, crisp air and chilly nights.  Halloween is just around the corner…the day full of spooky surprises!  Even though it is so sad to see summer go, we must start to relish what is ahead of us.  Tomorrow is a mystery…what fall fun shall we encounter?  It helps if we get active.  As soon as possible so the season doesn’t get away with us!  Very easy to do since…well…we won’t discuss the next season yet!  Are you ready to play with fall fun?  I know you are.  Here is a video from Bitch Lifestyle on You Tube to get you ready for play.   Love, Goddess

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A Week of “Bs” Saturday

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A Week of “Bs” Saturday…the last day!

Be Grateful.

For everything.  For the less obvious:  the water and the pipes it travels to get to your home.  For the obvious:  Your health.  To the challenges that make you grow in confidence and sassy experience.  Your friends, family, lovers.  The air, the ocean, the breeze.  All the delicious food choices, music choices and entertainment choices we have access to.  How the cool grass feels on your feet. There is a lot to Be Grateful for.  See it.  Feel it.  Cherish it!  This is a lot. You better get started. Love, Goddess

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A Week of “Bs” Friday

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A week of Bs Friday:  Be Sensual.

I’m not sayin’ go on out there and hop on your boyfriend (as fun as that sounds) or some hot dude.  I’m talking in a way that is SO important to your Inner Bitch Goddess.  Be Sensual. First ideas on how then the why.  Ideas on how:

  • Light your favorite incense.  Relax in a position that is comfortable for you.  Close your eyes…breathe in the gorgeous scent.  Up the Sensuality:  How do you use all your senses for this?  Sight:  Before you close your eyes, dim the lights.  Enjoy the beautiful orange color of the lit incense.  Touch:  Wrap yourself up in your favorite fabric and enjoy the texture. Sound:  Enjoy the silence or play spa music.
  • Don’t just run out the door on your way to whatever you’re doing tonight.  Take a few moments and use all your senses.  Feel the weather, listen to sounds, etc.
  • How long do you usually dine?  Double it.  Savor the aromas, textures and visuals like the French do.
  • Enjoy your body while you do your Morning and Night Beauty Rituals.  Notice how soft your hair and skin is.  The sparkle in your eyes.  Find your least favorite body part and lavish extra care on it.  Find a way to adore it!

Why?  It’s all about the senses, Bitch Goddess. A key component to you becoming more deliciously aware:  A Week of “Bs” Wednesday:  Be Aware. Deliciously more feminine.  FEEL delicious from head to toe. That will radiate from deep within you and give you that little “je ne sais quoi.” That little “something” that is hard to explain and mysterious about you.  So get in there and enjoy the moment…Be Sensual.  Love, Goddess

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A Week of Bs: Thursday

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Week of Bs Thursday:  BE FUN!!!!

It’s really simple.  Just do it.  Here are some inspirational choices for weekly fall fun:

1.  It’s apple season get in there and enjoy. Go to an apple farm, pick some apples and make yummy pies, tarts and crisps.  Throw in different fruits that turn you on, different spices.  Try different apples too.  Bitch it up by making or finding the gooiest, most decadent caramel apple you’ve ever seen and enjoying it.  Savor it.  Absolutely no guilt.

2.  Go on a hay ride with all your girlfriends.  Bitch it up by wearing hot yet comfy fall outfits.  Bring blankets, hot cocoa or tea and frolic in the hay together.  Flirt with your driver, flirt with the girl selling the tickets.  Pick a song to celebrate the outing and play it.

3.  Accept last minute offers for fun.  I don’t care what it is.  A party, a baseball game, movie, dinner, just do it.  Make time for it.  It will refresh you.  You may be a little tired the next day, but the impromptu fun is so worth it.

4.  Get outside this weekend by the beach, the park, the pond.  Bring a blanket, lie down and close your eyes.  Enjoy the rays of warm sunshine on your face and body.  Breathe deeply the fresh, cool, crisp air surrounding you.

5.  Find a local charity you love.  Work with them to create a haunted house with all your friends.  Create the most fun, haunted house, field, hayride, barn whatever, ever!  Give the profits to your charity.

For the full list…here you go:  Feisty Fall Fun

Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies