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Sassy, Overwhelmed Thank you!

Thank you for embracing your Bitch Sassiness.

For choosing to focus on the positive and leave Drama Queen in the dust.

For adorning and appreciating your gorgeous body every day.  Appreciating every curve, loving every bump, and decorating it with glitter, lotion and that beautiful smile!

For appreciating what is fantastic in your life:  What you put your attention on grows.  The friends, family and creative forces that make you YOU.  For those people who love and adore every inch of you.  The good, the bad, the sassy, the slightly naughty and the sweet.

For picking up your girlfriends…the Bitches that are there for you, cheer for you and love you.  No matter what.  No judgement and no competition.

For the men that respect you, admire you and treat you like a Queen.  Give them a big hug and a beautiful smile today.  It will make their day!

For taking chances, pursuing your dreams, glorifying in your mistakes, for daring to dare.  For embracing every tear and temper tantrum.   Even though we know how to leave Drama Queen in the dust, we embrace our emotions, know there is a place for them and party with her royal dramatic ass!   For knowing when to stop being Drama Queen and giving her a sassy kiss goodbye!

For loving deeply, passionately and with abandon.  If only for a moment.  And then being open to more. 

For every time you take a step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, you take a step into enriching your life and fully living!

For supporting Bitch Lifestyle.  Together we are going to lead a Rebellion, Bitches!  A Rebellion full of love, play, beauty and kick ass sassiness!

With so much love, appreciation and a huge hug!  Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

Christmas Tis’ The Season for the Sassy Bitch!

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Fab Anne Taintor from Story She Wrote  Check out the site for more!

Christmas tis’ the season for the Sassy Bitch!  Here are lots of idea to bring fun for you and those you love this Christmas…

  1. Tell Santa you’ve only been “slightly naughty” this year.
  2. Hand out mistletoe wherever you go.  Especially to the handsome men you encounter…
  3. Send anonymous gifts to people in need.
  4. Before shopping, put on an outfit you feel absolutely divine in.  Do your hair and make-up.  Glam yourself up with sparkle and a spritz of your favorite perfume.  (If you see Santa…now would be a good time to tell him you’ve only been slightly naughty)
  5. When tipping your hair dresser or other service person give them a gorgeous flower, too!
  6. Throw your own little Christmas or Holiday party.  Listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movie and eat and drink only the things you absolutely adore.  (For me that would be double creme brie, red grapes, red wine and dark Belgium chocolate for dessert.  Mmmmm…)
  7. Go to Claire’s and put a fun impromptu gift bag together for your girlfriends.  They have such fun stuff there.  Bath goodies, boas, make-up, jewelry.  Or…bring the bag with you and hand them out to random people as gifts.  Spread the fun and spirit wherever you go.
  8. Get in touch with your inner child.  Play skee ball at an arcade.  Make a child’s day by picking one and giving them your winning tickets!
  9. Start a tradition with your family.  It could be as simple as reading a story or having dinner together on a special night.  This year I’m making cinnamon rolls from scratch for Christmas morning.
  10. It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Christmas.  It is the spirit of fun, loving and giving that I want you to play with.  What could be better than surrounding yourself with this spirit?  We all could use a bit more fun, no?  So have it!  Classed dismissed.

I would love to hear your seasonal Sassy Bitch ideas.  Please share here and on our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook.  Love, Goddess

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  1. Burlesque! 
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  3. Time Saving Tips for More Fun This Holiday Season

© S Stevens Life Strategies

Letting Go Success…Yes!

The beautiful phrase  “I’m sacred and deserved this pleasure,” was on my mind…

Sunday night my girlfriends, Daniel and I watched football.  I ordered something to eat and asked Daniel if he wanted some.  He said: “Only if you feed it to me.”  I smiled in appreciation of his playfulness.  He massaged my feet and back during the game and made me feel beautiful and cherished.  Suddenly I have this little sense of panic. I look up and see my girlfriends leaving the restaurant. “My friends!” I said and rushed toward them, Daniel following.  I look at them walking away.  They turn, smile and wave to me.  They’re telling me it’s safe to be alone with him.  Let it go, Goddess.  Let it go.

We get a blanket and go to the beach. He says something about 3 times, but it only sort of registers. We start kissing. I say:

“Do you have a condom?”

“No,” he says.

“Then we’re not having sex.”

What happened next is deeply personal.  I’ve been wondering how to relate this to my readers.  It’s a little scary being this open and vulnerable.  But…that’s the whole point in letting go and trusting, right?  Daniel starts caressing my pussy and clitoris. Then softy kissing and licking…perfectly! I’m still having some resistance. I need him to say something to me and ask him to say: “You’re sacred and deserved this pleasure.” He holds me and says it over and over. He takes me over the edge and I start crying and shaking.  A few minutes later he starts again.  I have another orgasm.

This time I’m really shaking. I explain to him that I need a moment to slow down and be grateful.  We looked into each others eyes and I caressed his face.  I acknowledged all he was doing for me, thanked and appreciated him.   I enjoyed how my appreciation made him feel so good.  I stopped shaking.  He asked me to say in 10 words or less what I was feeling. I said:

“Vulnerable.  Alive, safe and beautiful.” 

I started shaking again and he held me and caressed me softly. I stop shaking and he starts again. I don’t think I can do this again, but he doesn’t stop.  Finally I stop resisting and have the most incredible orgasm! I truly let go. I’m shaking, but not as much as the other two. I stop because he holds me and looks into my eyes and gives me soft, reassuring caresses and words. Then I see the biggest shooting star of my life! It starts at the top of his head and moves to my left. Enormous! I get it, Universe…thank you!

He starts talking about love and how scary it is.  How men cry when they’re alone.  I start telling him my “letting go” story. I tell him that last week I let go of the love of my life.  He says, “I’m not letting you go.” I wish I could remember all he said to me.  I’m lucky to have remembered anything at all with what I experienced spiritually and emotionally. He kept repeating that he wasn’t letting me go.  That another man would have to fight him for me.  I would see that he was the real man. That’s how I remember it. He said it so much better!  He walked me to my apartment and kissed me.  He said that he would call tomorrow and that he wasn’t letting go.

When I got back home, Daniel called me to see how I was. He told me he wasn’t letting me go. I talked to Mary Ann about this. We agreed that Daniel was doing all the things that The Love of My Life should have been doing. I told her that he said “He looks into my eyes and feels like there’s something else he needs to give me.”  Mary Ann said, “Oh my God.”

I’m deeply grateful for my Miami weekend of letting go.  I’m grateful for my girlfriends’ supportive smiles.  I’m grateful to my readers for supporting this site.  I hesitated about posting the last part of my “letting go.”  But this whole site is about partying about being female together.  No judgement.  Bitches are strong women who know what they want, go for it and support the hell out of their girlfriends.   It has to start somewhere, right?  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

Letting Go…Success! Part Two

Of course he said yes. Now, my whip is really just for looks. You have to double up the strands to get any kind of oomph to it. I smack him a couple times on the butt, and then he (Daniel) wants to return the favor. I tell him I’m the “Simmering Seductress” and like things done slowly and gently. And yes…he whips me ever so gently. Next thing I know, we are flirting even more…and kissing. Mmmm…nice kisser! And everyone is inviting him to the Party. He says he’ll go and says bye and off he goes. My friends loved it and Mary Ann took lots of pictures. A few minutes later, Daniel comes back and we start kissing again. Then he starts giving me a back massage. I really want the massage I tell him, but I have to get to the party. He says he’ll see me there and give me the massage later. Ellen thanked me for the encounter I had at the taco place with Daniel. She said she loved it! (My pleasure is contagious and brings everyone higher) Wow.

The party is in full swing by the time we arrive. I’m not there long and Daniel enters, looking for me. We leave for a little walk out by the pool and then go back to the party. Then my girlfriends, Daniel and I head over to the after party on the rooftop of The Ganzevoort Hotel. It’s beautiful there. There’s a gorgeous pool, palm trees and lounging sofas with plush pillows. We couldn’t get to the pool area because there was an event there. A wedding reception. Again, the Universe sending me that raucous sense of humor. Thanks for that!

Daniel was wonderful to me for the whole party. He gave me those soft kisses and caresses that I had written on the desire board earlier. He reminded me about the massage and massaged my back (and my feet!) until I was completely relaxed. He held me close and we talked and kissed. We star gazed. He has amazing eyes. I asked him why he was attracted to older women. He told me this really sweet story about an ex-girlfriend. When he was finished, I smiled at him and said:

“A younger woman wouldn’t understand that.” (What you did for her)

“Nope,” he said.

We decide to go. While on the way out, I stopped to say good bye to some girlfriends. Just as the bride and groom enter. They walk by us as we leave. More with the wink from the Universe! We get outside and Daniel asks me what I would like to do. I say:

“I’m tired. I want to go to sleep.”

He’s the perfect gentleman. He takes the cab with me to my apartment, walks me upstairs and gives me sweet kisses good night. Earlier he had asked me how long I was going to be in town and I told him until Monday morning. He wanted to know what I was doing the next day. I told him we had class and activities and then I wanted to watch football. I asked him where there was a good place to watch football: with really big TVs. He said he would find a great place and then call me. It was a date, but I let him know I wanted to spend time with my girlfriends during the game too. Mary Ann lives so far away, and every moment with her is a treasure. He smiled and said he’d call me tomorrow at 5 PM.

“What are you doing here?” my roomates ask. LOL. They thought I would be with Daniel. Was I resisting letting go? The thought entered my mind, but I realized that I was happy. What Daniel gave me was perfect. I got my desire…the soft sensual touches and kisses. I was so happy and thankful to all that was happening to me, the Miami beach trip, being surrounded by my wonderful girlfriends, all the fun activities planned for us and a thoughtful, hot young man who said he would give me “anything I desire” and followed up those words with thoughtful actions. I went to sleep blissfully looking forward to the next day. And…I would really need the rest! Love, Goddess

Next: How far was I willing to let go?


© S Stevens Life Strategies