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Who Controls You, Your Bitch or Your Brat?

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Who controls you, your Bitch or your Brat?  Do you see the wonder around you or do you choose to wallow in the dirt?  The Bitch sees the joy.  The Brat wallows.  We have both in us, hotties.  Here are the traits of the Joyful Bitch and the Drama Queen Brat:

The Bitch at Work:  Loves what she’s doing.  She feels fulfilled and enjoys each goal and aspiration met.  She doesn’t whine about a problem she solves the problem.

The Brat at Work:  Hates what she is doing, whines and bemoans her job and gets too involved with the Drama Queens and Kings at the office or wherever she hangs her career cap.

The Bitch at Home:  Whatever the size or limitations, has done everything she can to make her home her castle.  It’s clean, neat and organized.  (And she cuts herself slack if it’s not always perfect)  It’s full of things that make her comfortable: pictures, music, aromas, food and fond memories that make her smile.  She makes the most of what she has and is grateful for all she has produced.

The Brat at Home:  Looks at everything she has and laments the things she doesn’t have.  Nothing is ever good enough, pretty enough, expensive enough.  She cannot see the joy around her everyday because she chooses to see what she doesn’t have.

The Single Bitch:  Her life is full of friends, activities and passions that fulfill her.  She never “settles” in a relationship because “settling” is far worse than being single.

The Single Brat:  Laments she doesn’t have a man in her life, berates women who do and competes with other women over any guy in their orbit.  She doesn’t appreciate the freedom of being single.  It’s all about whining about not “finding the one,” “the perfect guy” and being “lonely.”

The Bitch in a Relationship:  Appreciates everything her man does for her.  She is always happy to see him and tells him so.  When he disrespects her she is polite but unemotional.  That puts the disrespect ball firmly in her court.  If he is a man he’ll be jumping through hoops to try and make things up to her.  If he’s a boy he’ll do various things like pout and try and blame it on her.  Which of course, won’t fly.

The Brat in a relationship:  Worries about “where things are going.”  She wonders when he will “pop” the marriage question and over analyzes everything a man does or says.  She gives up things she likes to do and pouts when he wants to have a beer with his buddies.  She calls and texts him constantly.  She allows disrespect from her man because she is afraid of losing him.  What she doesn’t understand is she has already lost him by these actions.

The Bitch has made a choice.  So has the Brat.  What is more fun…wallowing in what you don’t have or enjoying the hell out of what you do?  I’ve found that when I focus on the positive, more positive comes my way.  Yup.  I get down.  We all do.  That’s why I have a whole subject on this web site called “Drama Queen.”  It’s where we can acknowledge all the drama in our lives and then take steps to be done with it.  And have a little fun in the process!  Then we can get back to all the Bitchy Sassiness.  The only thing you can control in life is the positive attitude you put forth when bad happens.

So…what’s your choice, hot ones?  Love, Goddess

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© S Stevens Life Strategies

The Care and Feeding of YOU!

Okay lovelies!  Today we are going to focus on the care and feeding of lush little you!   You can print this out to remind yourself to take care of yourself when things get a little hectic.  You’re own little “pick me up.”   Post it on beautiful paper next to your desk, in your bedroom, put a copy in your wallet, in your car.  Why?  I realized today I wasn’t taking care of myself and I was edgy.  I wanted to let loose and get refocused.  So I came up with “The Care and Feeding of YOU” list.

1.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and say something in your mind that makes you feel fantastic.  Something like:  “I am the hottest, sexiest, savviest and loving woman alive!”  Repeat this phrase over and over until you feel calmer.

2.  Grab some of your body lotion and give yourself a hand massage, a foot massage, a neck massage.  Just enjoy the moment and how it feels so good to pay attention to YOU.

3.  Turn on some music and shake everything on that gorgeous body of yours!  Extra points if you can sing right along to the music. 

4.  Put a temporary tattoo, glitter, powder, sticker somewhere on your body and admire yourself in the mirror.

5.  Blow yourself a kiss and catch it.

6.  Make yourself a pot of tea and savor.  Use all your senses:  Smell, touch, sound, sight and of course taste.

7.  Put on some soothing music.  Light a candle and relax.

8.  List all the ways you “think” you don’t measure up.  Cut up the ways you “think” you don’t, put them in an ashtray and burn up those suckers!  Or flush them down the toilet.  Then list all the ways you are fabulous and display them.  Better yet, buy a gorgeous frame and put it on your wall!

9.  Make a list of all the things that make you feel good.  Your favorite of all favorites.  Keep them handy for an emergency pick-me-up.

10.  Get yourself to your “Bitch Spa.”  Create your own spa at home and go there for a do it yourself facial, manicure, salt scrub, etc.  Savor how good it feels to take care of yourself.

11.  Imagine me giving you a great big hug and tickle!

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

Understanding Men: Michael Buble’ music video

Before you read this blog I’d like you to watch one of my favorite music videos:  Michael Buble’s  “Just Haven’t Met You Yet.”  Watch, enjoy and then meet me back here for some fun.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AJmKkU5POA

What can we learn about love from this music video?  A lot.  Here we go…

“You’ll make me work so we can work to work it out.  And I promise you kid, I give so much more than I get.   I just haven’t met you yet,”  he sings.

He just hasn’t met you yet.  In other words, ladies, bitches, hot ones.  He’s not ready to “work” at a relationship because he hasn’t met the right girl yet.  A lot of women may think “It’s me!  Pick me!  I’ll work with you!”  And it’s easy to say that if you are being bombarded by the romance in this music video.  And who is the “right girl” he is singing about?  The right girl will see beyond the snappy beat, hot guy with the gorgeous voice and listen to what he is saying.  She’d be standing there amongst the confetti and all out band thinking…

“Nice words.  Back them up.” 

Because she will hear him singing about “one day” and “someday” and think, I’m not Miss Right Now.  After the confetti settles, she’ll thank him for the song, give him a warm gorgeous smile and say “I’ve got to go.”  She’ll let him chase after her to get her phone number.  She’ll pull out her card and hand it to him.  Or not.  Her choice.  Why?  She is gauging his sincerity.  Then she’ll sit back and let him “work so we can work to work it out.”  Let him call, set up dates, show by his actions he likes her.  She won’t give herself up.  She’ll be aware.  Especially as the romance settles a bit and disagreements arise.   She’ll look for the strong man who is worthy of her heart.

“They say alls fair in love and war,”  he sings.  And he just declared it.  Are you ready to fight for your heart?

Yes, huge cliche. But this is your gorgeous heart, honey.  Make him earn it.  Let him show you he is a man and not a boy by his words and actions.  Follow through over time is what makes you hot.  (At least it does for me, LOL!)  Grand gestures like marching bands and confetti are nice.  Notice the little things he does…not just the over the top.  Does he treat you wonderfully?  Open doors for you, carry stuff for you and hug you just because?  

How about you?  Relationships go both ways.  Men are looking for a strong woman who appreciates him and who HE can count on, too.  Do you thank him for everything he does for you?  Even the stuff you don’t quite understand?  (None of this…he bought me a remote control when all I wanted was a rose)  Thank him for what he does.  Period.  When he shows you how the remote works, oooo over his “fixing things ability.”  One of the best things about men is that they fix things.  And he just gave you love by fixing your TV for you.  TVs are big things for guys.  By ooo-ing over him, you just gave your man his version of flowers.   Let’s be blunt.   Love is an action.  Give as good as you get.  If you’re whining over the lack of flowers and aren’t seeing what’s important,  maybe you aren’t ready to love.  Working to work it out works both ways.  Ask yourself a very important question.  Is your strong bitch ready for love or does your inner “brat” just “want” it?  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/08/bitchy-vs-bratty/ 

And remember the end of the video.  The beautiful girl in the video enters the store as he’s leaving, and he keeps walking.  It’s not about her looks.  Looks do not make a man work hard over the long term.  Initially yes, but it’s the strong woman who doesn’t tolerate disrespect from him that wins his heart.  It’s the woman who fights right back by not giving herself, her friends or interests up just to be with him.  And who is that strong, loving woman?  YOU.  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

Bitchy, Sassy and Fun Organization

You’ve got your Financial, Health and Career goals all organized, right?  You are so good.   Now it’s time for some fun and sassyiness!  A Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Bitchy and Sassy Fun List.   I know that I function better with daily sassiness.   It puts a big smile on my face and makes me feel so alive.  You wanna join me, gorgeous?

Here’s the process.  (We Bitches take our fun seriously-wink!)

1.  Write down all the things that you would LOVE to have time to do this year.  Learn, eat, discover, travel to, add to your wardrobe, experience.

2.  Just like your financial goals…set them up yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly.   Put this into Excell or another program that is most helpful to you.

3.  Don’t feel guilty.  This is your beautiful life.  What makes you beautiful and alive are your passions (newly discovered and old) 

Here is an example of what I’m doing this month for fun:  I’m studying sensual movement.  Moving my body slowly to music and through exercise.  This type of slow movement makes me feel beautiful, stretches my muscles and I really enjoy some sexy music.  I have material from these web sites:  S Factor:  http://www.sfactor.com/ and Nia:  http://www.nianow.com/  These are fun, sensual work outs.  But you don’t need to buy anything!  You can put your favorite music on anytime and just move.  Enjoy moving your body to music any way you want to.

So what’s on your “Bitchy and Sassy” agenda this year, gorgeous one?  Please share your discoveries with us!  It will give us new things to explore and enjoy.

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies