Dealing With a Demanding Man

Dealing with a demanding man.

The first question is why?  So you know how.  So when you meet a man who looks at you and you feel it in your whole body, you can get a grip and deal with him when he’s being rude.  So you’re grounded in how you want to be treated.  With respect.

I went out on a date on Friday night.  He was a gentleman.  But he’s demanding.  We joked about it.  But I will not be demanded.  There’s a fine line between being demanding and rude.  He crossed the line the next day.  Here’s how I dealt with him.  What I’m thinking is in italics.

I turn on my phone Saturday morning and there is a text from him.  It says:  You don’t answer your phone.

I just rolled my eyes at the text.

He also left a voice mail message:  “Pick up your phone!”

Another eye roll.  I proceed to go to my computer and send him the following email:

I got your voice mail this morning.  No “hi,” no “how are you,” just a “pick up your phone.”  Do you think that is going to fly with me?

Notice how blunt I am regarding his rudeness.  Being blunt is how men talk.  I don’t sugar coat, I don’t weaken my point by adding a cute smiley face.  His rudeness was not cute.  I send the email and start laughing.  I think it’s funny.   I’m amusing myself with the love game.

His response (within moments):


hi how are you?

Notice how he does not say he’s sorry.  He shows he was wrong by doing what I asked him to do.  That’s why I want you to really watch a man’s actions.  Words are cheap.   This is winning, girlfriends, bitches.  This is not the time to gloat, or be a brat to him.  You won.  Now you can be feminine and nice.  This is important because it will show him that if he wants nice accommodating you, there are rules.   He wants access he’s got to play by your rules.  This separates the “guys” from the “men.”  And you have got to do this when you first meet.  On the first date, encounter, whatever.   Keep grounded in your dating rules, honey.  They’ll save you a lot of grief.   For more:  Dating Rules Schmules

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