Crash! Embracing Curveballs

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This week at Bitch University:  Crash!  What do you do when the **** hits the fan?

You really want something.  It takes a long time and loads of effort, sweat, blood and tears to get it.  The closer you get, the better you get at organizing and making sure every duck is in a row.  You clever thing you!  You are so close!  Yes!   It’s here!

Then the you know what hits the fan.  And it doesn’t hit the fan in one place.  That would be way too easy.  It hits the fan in multiple ways.  You want to throw the fan out the window and all the people/curveballs with it.  No one takes as seriously what you want.  Sniff.  You catch yourself getting dramatic and push it back.  Good Bitch.  You say to yourself: a Bitch takes action.  Then you say to yourself, “I can’t depend on so and so.  I have to do everything.”  This time your Good Bitch hasn’t a chance.  You start to “why” everything you’ve ever done on the path to getting what you want.  Hello Drama Queen.  Bitch is on vacation.

Luckily we have each other and the growing Bitch Rebellion.  This week on our Facebook page we’re going to share ideas on how to deal with curveballs so we stay in our Divine and oh so good in a crisis Bitch.  No matter how big or small the crisis, we learn from each other, support each other and stay grounded in our sisterhood.

You know tricks that work for me to stay grounded:  Kick boxing, deep breaths, preparation, inspirational quotes when people doubt me, a hot shower with all my favorite beauty treatments, etc.  What do you do, gorgeous?  The Bitch Rebellion needs more weapons in her sassy and beautiful arsenal.  Post them here or Bitch it up by joining the discussion on our Facebook page:

We’re a collective Scarlett O’Hara.  Defiantly declaring:  As God as our witness, we will never lie down and take crap from anyone again!

Because we work everyday at not letting things bug, irritate or distract us.  Thanks to our Collective, Sassy Arsenal! We work at staying focused on our goals.  Someone calls us a “Bitch” and we give them a warm smile and say thank you in a charming and disarming way.  Then go home and take care of that cringe we get when we are insulted.  That’s staying in your powerful Bitch.  Not letting anyone or anything have power over us.  Unless of course, it gives you pleasure. I’m talking #14.

Love, Goddess

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Find a New Note

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Find a new note.

We go to work, work out, eat, do chores, check our phones 100 times a day for messages, think about all the things we need to do or didn’t have time to do, then go to bed.  If we have time we meet a few friends for a drink, a laugh or conversation.  We may get excited about a new movie that turns out to be only so so.  We fall asleep to the TV.  To the endless drone of mediocre entertainment.  Just writing this makes me want to break out of this day to day box.  Give me a jackhammer, please!

That’s life.

Or is it?

Yes.  We have responsibilities.  Blah blah, get it. 😉  What gives our lives passion, excitement and pleasure is not just reaching personal goals and aspirations, it’s embracing adventure and the new along the way.  Picture it this way.  You are a Gorgeous Conductor.  Your orchestra is waiting permission from you to play its first note.  It can start off soft or with the crash of a cymbal.  Your choice.  You can look at the oboe and have it play the same note for days.  It’s the next note we’re waiting for.  The change.  That’s what makes it music.

It’s so easy to get stuck listening to One Note Oboe.  One Note Oboe is very good at finding excuses not to change it’s note.  Busy, work schedule, etc.  It’s all one thing.  Fear.  Remember, fear is a future emotion:  Two weeks ago I told the oboe to take a break while the rest of the orchestra took over.  I went on vacation.  I wasn’t sad to get back because I have wonderful things going on in life!  A long time desire is coming true next week.  I’m terrified but embracing it.  It can be exhilarating and terrifying to get what you want.   Because you can lose it.  That’s why One Note Oboe can be so comforting.  Then I’m off to NYC, then to Miami. 

This takes some time…creating the change.  And a lot of people may not get you!  A couple days ago, just for fun, I bought something called “Chocolate Bacon” from the famous “Vosges” chocolate maker:  Everyone went “ewww.”  Did you?  Or did you see it as an interesting thing to try?  Something new to play with.  A new experience.  It’s something to live for!  There are tiny things you can do and try each and every day.  Every day is another day to create a passionate life.  Stop, slow down and listen for the change.  Embrace it.  Love, Goddess

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Longing To Be Someone Else

 Picture of Cleopatra from the beautiful This Miss Loves to Read

Have you ever longed to be someone else? 

When I was a little girl I longed to be a glamorous movie star.  A lot of us probably did.  When I got older, I loved soap operas and imagined the excitement of being a heroine or bad girl.  Never a dull moment and these women always looked fantastic.  As I matured, I started to admire strong women.  Like the ones we’ve discussed here.

Now?  I find a fault with all the women I wished to become in the past.  Things in their lives I would not dig.

1.  Cleopatra:  Someone always trying to kill her, then suicide by an asp.  Yuck.

2.  Movie stars:  Always being under a microscope, gossip, no privacy.  Yuck.

Which means I’d rather be me.  Most of the time.  (insert sassy smile here)  That’s confidence.  That wonderful state of being that’s sometimes hard keep in our day to day lives.  But there is a cool thing about wanting to be someone famous.  There’s something in them that you connect with.  Here are five of my favorites and what I connected to:

1.  Cleopatra:  I was facinated by her ability to lead…the confidence she possessed.

2   Judge Judy:  Speaking in a clear, bottom line way. 

3.  Carole Lombard:  The life of the party, warm, witty, glamorous.

4.  Elle Woods:  Disciplined, warm, loving, always looking fabulous. Her personal initiative.  She never judges.

I discovered what I loved so much in these women—were in me.  Waiting to come out and play.  Kinda cool, huh?  So who do you admire and why?  Is that a part of you that wants to come out deep in your soul?  What ways can you help her come out?  Copying a style?  Taking a leadership class?  Practicing speaking directly?  That’s a lot to think about.  Maybe just pick one woman and see what really turns you on about her and explore.

See…you really can have it all. (warm smile)

Share your favorites and why on our Facebook page!

And visit the Amazing Women catagory on this web site for more inspiration.

Love, Goddess

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Today at Bitch University we honor it.  What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my loving family and friends.  I’m grateful for my health, curvy strong body and my sense of humor. I’m grateful for my Bitch.  She always protects me and speaks up for me.   I’m grateful for you for reading my posts and getting my ultimate goals:

1.  For every woman to love every drop of her gorgeous self.

2.  To spread fun, play, laughter and love world wide.

Gratitude is a key element for both goals to succeed.  Gratitude keeps you out of the Brat. Every one of us has so much.  When we notice how much we have and pay attention to it, we notice more good.  It’s choice.  Pick a week and focus on being grateful.  Think about all the fun things you could do:

1.  Make a list of all those that you love.  Make plans with them.  Give them a little gift, or greet them with a warm hug and tell them you love them.  If they live far away, send them a beautiful card telling them why you love them.  Reconnect and stay connected.

2.  Gratitude for music.  Sing, dance, shower and work to your favorite songs.

3. Gratitude for your senses.  For instance, taste.  Eat all your favorite foods for a whole day.  Savor every last bite.

4. Gratitude for your gorgeous body:  Spend a whole day loving it.  Work out, spa, pedicure, manicure.  Adorn it. 

5. Gratitude for life.  Spend a day in nature.  Listen to the wind, admire the trees, people and animals you encounter.  Close your eyes and inhale deeply the smell of the air.  Feel this essential element enter your body and soul.  Bitch it up by looking up into the sky and yelling Thank you!!!

Please inspire me to even more gratitude by sharing your thank yous on our community on Facebook:

Love, Goddess

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