Done Anything For Your Sensuality Lately?

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What have you done for your sensuality lately, hotties?  Read any books, admired your luscious feminine core and her beauty?  Slow danced to your favorite music until you start to glow?

It’s tough to remember to do all the time.  I’m coming back full swing (and that pun just sorta came out!) this weekend.  I”m taking a workshop with the fabulous Sheri Winston.  Ms. Winston wrote the book “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.”  A friend has invited her into her home and a bunch of us girls are going to be taking her 8 hour work shop together.  A full day of learning about our sensuality.  Yay!  Need some encouragement to do the same?

At the beginning of her book Ms. Winston includes an excerpt of “A Woman Waits For Me,” by Walt Whitman.  This is the part I loved the most:

Without shame the man I like knows and avows the deliciousness of his sex,
Without shame the woman I like knows and avows hers.

Mmmmmmm…rather hot, no?

It’s tough being stuck in this world where some cultures cover up our sexuality, exploit our sexuality or try to make us feel dirty:  Take the power back from these sources by laying claim to your sexuality. Women have an organ, the clitoris, that was created for one thing:  pleasure to rock our bodies!  What a gift!  It’s up to us to stop all the negative noise and take pride in our pleasure organ.  So what are you going to do today to OWN your sexuality?

  1. Get a book, like Sheri Winston’s “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.”  (In Bitch Boutique above) Read and enjoy.
  2. Celebrate your sensuality.  Write yourself a poem, or find a song to dance to.
  3. Examine her physically-up close and personal.  (Sheri’s book will help you there!)
  4. Know what you adore.  In bed.  To Taste.  To Hear.  To see.  What touch sets you afire. (soft materials, how to have a man touch you)  And then practice communicating it and enjoying it.
  5. Check out hot info I’ve posted on the site:  A Big Biological difference between the sexes: Click here for more  Embrace our Sexual Organs and Dell Williams sexual pioneer for women.


Your sensuality and orgasms are so worth it!  Share ideas on here and on our Facebook page   Love, Goddess

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What’s On My Nightstand?

What’s on my nightstand?  This week at Bitch University I’m sharing a list of reading and other materials that have inspired my Bitch.

Things to share with you:

  1. Pink hyacinths…this close to being in full bloom
  2. Lip Gloss
  3. Body Lotion
  4. Victoria Secret Seduction Body Spray
  5. Water
  6. Candle
  7. A journal given to me by my best friend Mary Ann.  Pink with a beautiful tiara!

A stack of interesting things to read:

  1. The Book of the Courtesans
  2. The Secret
  3. The New Rules of Marketing and PR
  4. Think and Grow Rich
  5. Women’s Anatomy of Arousal
  6. Healthy eating magazines

The above books and authors have been inspirational to me.  I try to keep myself moving forward and rooted in discovery (The Sherri Winston book) my mind active (Think and Grow Rich) and inspired (The Book of the Courtesans).

Your Assignment:  At Bitch University we strive to keep you moving forward in the discovery of YOU gorgeous YOU.  Pick something on the list above to explore and enjoy.  Read that book you’ve been meaning to.  Dreaming of Paris?  Read a book on it or print out a gorgeous Paris picture to hang on your wall.  Share your favorites here and Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook! Love, Goddess

For More:

  1. Bitch Rules 
  2. Bitch Lifestyle the Manual
  3. Bitch Lifestyle Home 

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Bethany Hamilton-Serious Inspiration!

Bloomberg Businessweek web site for Bethany’s pic.

Bethany Hamilton-Serious inspiration, Bitches!

I am so in awe I don’t know where to start.  I just hope I do her justice.

We know the story of Bethany Hamilton, the beautiful blonde surfer who was attacked by a shark at age 13 and lost her arm.  I was watching an interview with her this morning.  Before the interview they showed her waiting to come onto the set.  She was gorgeous in her spaghetti strapped dress.  What struck me was how she worked the dress!  Woman owning her beautiful body.  She hadn’t said a word and I’d fallen in love with her.

Can you imagine…at age 6 you win not  one, but two surfing  championships!  This is a serious gift coupled with serious drive.  And then to lose an arm at 13 in such a terrifying way-while doing what you love.  Then 26 days later returning to competition. And then continuing that career and becoming a champion!  This is conquering fear and succeeding.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Please the next time you’re having a bad day and the “Powter” song isn’t working for you, think of this amazing, spirited woman.  Visit her site, support her causes.  Both will make you feel better.

  1. Watch her movie:
  2. Check out her web site:

I hereby pronouce Bethany Hamilton “Surfer Bitch Goddess.”  XOXOXO

Love, Goddess

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If A Man Wants To Borrow Money

Marilyn Monroe money image from

If a man wants to borrow money from you, ladies, I have a one word answer for it.

RUN!! Period.

I get so many emails from females that are having problems with guys asking them for money.  Some have only known these dudes for a few weeks!  Whenever I ask one of my guy friends about this, they say, “Don’t do it.  Don’t lend a guy money that you’re dating.  Or who is a boyfriend. That’s not cool.”

Why?  This is what the good men know:

A man will not ask a woman he truly likes for cash.  The man you want takes care of himself and looks for ways to take care of you.  I don’t care what the reason is.  He needs this, he needs that.  He wants to buy a car.  He tells you he’ll make it a loan.  Don’t fall for it.  He will not pay you back.  Contract or no.  Want to see some proof of this?  Watch a court show on TV.

And a lot of women take advantage of men this way too!  He’ll take her out to dinner and then when they are on errands she talks about what she “needs.”  Does she whip out her cash?  No.  She’s waiting for him to take the bait.  And the nice guys will.  She’ll use him then dump him.  When he could have been with:

The Bitch.  The Bitch takes care of herself.  She wants the man who can take care of himself.  That’s what grown-ups do.  Take care of their lives.  They don’t expect anyone else to do it for them.  So in conclusion:

  1.  If you are dating a guy and he asks for money?  RUN.
  2.  If your boyfriend asks you to borrow money:  RUN.
  3.  If a guy friend of yours asks to borrow money:  RUN.
  4.  If guy friend asks you to do financial stuff for him:  Mommy or Sexy Bitch  RUN.

Run TO the man who is responsible.  The man who takes care of himself and looks for ways to take care of you.  And I’m not talking only money here!  Run to the man of action:  He doesn’t “say” he’s going to do something.  He does it.  The man who opens doors for you, gives you warm hugs, fixes things for you and is interested in your life.  Let me know what you think.  😉  Love, Goddess

Are you going through this problem in real life?  I have the course and the tools to help you attract the men who wants to worship you…not use you as a bank!  Your Re-Awakening

This post is dedicated to my brother Gary who is very adamant about the subject. Instead of giving it to him-give to yourself and increase your net worth, beauty!

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