Fun For The Thrifty Bitch!

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Fun for the Thrifty Bitch! Times are tough.  What’s a Thrifty Bitch to do to get out there, play her *** off and meet new and interesting people?  I’ve got ideas!  A few I’m going to be trying.  So get in there and play, meet, save!

1.   Call your local parks and rec department and join adult recreational leagues.  Not only will you meet some new people, it’s a fun way to keep in shape.

2.   I love the library!  Stacks of fashion magazines and all the smutty beach reading you could ever desire.  And all of this yummy material costs exactly nothing.  Maybe you want to read a classic.  It’s there.  Or learn something new.  It’s there.  Explore and learn.  Or check out a bunch of magazines, veg out and enjoy.

3.  The Museum.  Okay, I know.  Sounds a bit boring and stuffy, hmmm?  Well, indulge me a bit, okay?  Museums have way more than art these days.  Films, visiting artists, lectures.  Take a few girlfriends and play it up.  Dress in your sophisticated or chic outfits.  Before you go, meet at one home, play appropriate music, make martinis and nibble on crudites.  Enjoy a few hours at the museum and go back to the crudites and martinis and discuss.  Or not.  Toast to you playing and making something you normally don’t do fun!  If you live near Boston, here is one of my favorites:  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  Amazing woman.  Read “Think You’re Too Old and Ugly to be a Seductress?  Think again!

4.  Minor League Baseball or Local Softball League games:  Less expensive than the National League, men in uniforms strutting their stuff, and warm summer nights.  What more could you ask for?  How about bringing some girlfriends and a yummy picnic?  You enjoy the view, the men will enjoy YOU cheering them on.  Trust me, you’ll do his ego proud and they’ll want to return the favor.  😉

5.  Iron Chef Night:  One ingredient, 5 courses.  Have each guest create a dish to enjoy at your home.

6.  Board game nights.  Or dominoes.  Or cards.  A few canapes, something yummy to drink and I guarantee you you’ll have a better time than at that overpriced restaurant that you got mediocre service at.

7.  Have a sand castle building party at the beach or lake.  Invite the cute men sitting near you to participate.  Create a castle worthy of your Queen Bitch.

8.  Your fun, Thrifty Bitch ideas here:

Love, Goddess

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Dissed and Dismissed?

Dissed and Dismissed?

Not you, not me, not The Bitch.  Here’s an example from yesterday.

I received a message from a new follower on Twitter.  She runs a dating web site for Seniors.  She wrote that we had a lot in common and would be good together.  I checked out her site and agreed.  What fun, I thought.  I sent her a playful message back saying I would love to learn from her.  I thought about the sassy fun we could have!  She replied back:   “You’re young.  You’re going to need at least 30 years before my knowledge of sex is relevant to you.”

Excuse me? (insert sassy smile here)

I called her on it.  Politely.  I said “Women of every age can learn.  I’m always learning and expanding:  Just back from taking the amazing Sheri Winston’s workshop “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.”

I haven’t heard back.  Bitch had the last word.

Am I focusing on the Diss?  No.  Here’s what we should focus on:  The narrow view point.  Of us all being lumped into one big kettle.  Old, young, experienced, inexperienced, etc.  All women should be nurturing their sensuality.  And not categorized in the process.  If you’re a bit naughtier that me, go you!  If not, no apologies.  We’ve been gifted the ability to have pleasure-rockin’ orgasms.  We should share each others knowledge to expand each others knowledge and experience, no?

My girlfriends and I had so much fun in our workshop with Sheri Winston.  We discussed all the different kinds of orgasms we had.  When one of us wanted another girls’ type, there was no dismissal.  It was something we wanted to get!  My friends and I view jealousy a bit differently now than we were taught growing up.  We’ve been taught jealousy is bad.  Selfish.  That’s giving jealousy all the power.  What if jealousy is really desire?  We have taken away the negative meaning we were taught about jealousy and see it instead as something we may want to explore.  Instead of getting jealous of another womans’ success or fun we think…hmmm.  That sounds good.  I want some of that!  We enjoy the thought of getting it.  That’s one of the reasons I’m constantly asking you to share your ideas, discoveries and fun here at Bitch Lifestyle.  Fun discoveries=oh so good for us all!

So here is the bottom line.  Does this woman who dissed me have a little jealousy toward younger women?  Don’t know.  Don’t really care.  Does she have some amazing tricks up her sleeve that she isn’t ready to share?  Don’t know.  Don’t really care.  What I do care about is how she assumed something about me just because I’m younger than her.  That’s “labeling a person” before you get to know them.  What I do care about is women supporting each other.  I love older people because I learn from them.  I love younger people because their energy and enthusiasm feeds me.  Watch the labeling done in our society.  Usually people “label” to take power away from the “label-ee.” Don’t let someone label you, hottie.  Put the power trip on ice calmly and politely.  Love, Goddess

Check out this fantastic letter a friend of mine, Tammi, sent to a columnist at The Boston Globe.  She politely calls the columnist out for her “lack of an answer.”

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Woman crying from the web site:  Nature:

When was the last time you had a good cry, hottie?  Was it during that last tear jerker movie you saw?   At a wedding or some other such ritual?  Or maybe you can’t remember.  Or don’t have time.  YOU are a strong woman and are there for everyone.  At work, for  family, friends, kids, husband, pets.  Or maybe when you want to cry, you push back the urge.

We’re blessed with emotions.   But what’s the deal with negative emotions?   We’ve been taught to fight tears.  Tears are a sign of weakness.  It doesn’t feel good to cry.  We’re told not to “get emotional,” accused of having “PMS,” to be “strong” in the face of adversity.  So why bother to cry?  I have a theory: we should embrace our tears because it’s a way to release negative energy.

Here’s how I arrived at my theory.

The other day I had a fantastic cry.  I didn’t realize WHY I was crying until I allowed myself to do it.  Here’s how it played out:  I was getting ready for the day and slightly edgy. Then I noticed this little bird doing something.  I can’t even remember what the bird was doing but it distracted me from my to do list.  I thought whatever the bird was doing was so cute!  And I started to cry a bit.  Then I said to myself, why am I crying?  So I stopped crying.  I pushed the tears back.  Then I said no.  For some reason I wanted to cry and gave myself permission to do so.

After the cry and on to the research.  I realized that wanting to cry had nothing to do with that cute little bird.  My body was edgy and impatient.  It needed release.  (Just like anger- ) Was crying the release my body needed?   Is it possible that there is scientific evidence to my theory that crying is a way to release negative energy?  Then I found this:

An interesting study on the content of tears was done by Dr. William H. Frey, a biochemist at the St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota.  He and his team of analysts analyzed two types of tears: emotional (the ones where crying is caused by someone emotionally upset and stressed) and ones caused by irritants (such as crying from onions).  They found that emotional based tears had more of the protein based hormones such as prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormone, leucine, enkephalin (natural pain killer) all of which are produced in our body when under stress.  It seems as though the body is getting rid of these chemicals through our tears.  That explains why we usually feel better after a good cry.  From

Yay!  So there you go, Hot Bitches!  Crying, like a nice glass of cold milk, does a body good.  Maybe it’s not a weakness for us to release those tears.  Maybe it’s a way to make us stronger.  Interesting to explore, no?  Love, Goddess

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Receiving Love

Gorgeous Pink Heart can be found at Hello Kids:

One of my favorite sayings is:  If you can’t give to yourself, how do you expect others to give to you? It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever learn to do. Loving every drop of gorgeous you, so you can receive it back. I’m about to share with you a wonderful article, “Receiving Love,” written by one of my friends on Twitter.  Cheryl voices this concept so beautifully, This Bitch shed a tear. That’s right.  Bitches definitely cry. (We are blessed with the gift of emotions-and allowing yourself to fully feel is essential to LIVING) Cheryl has a wonderful blog called “IntuitiveGoddesse.” Her blog tag line is: Strong, compassionate, fearless.  Right up a Bitches’ alley!

Receiving LOVE

I LOVE my life!

On this Valentine’s Day, I’m spending a few minutes thinking about how much LOVE
has transformed my life. I’m not talking about the kind that comes with
chocolates, flowers and wine – although I love each of those and won’t pass up
any opportunity to be on the receiving end of any gifting.

In our household, there doesn’t have to be a special day to celebrate the spirit
of Valentine’s Day.  I am blessed to have a family who, in spite of
various quirks and peculiarities, is very loving and supportive of my dreams
and passions. I am blessed and appreciative when I receive their hand-made
cards, the home-cooked meals, kind words and butterfly kisses just because.

Looking back, there was a time when I was the proverbial wallflower. I prided myself on
the ability to be available to others and showered them with love, gifts and
kindness at every opportunity. Believing it was better to give than to receive,
I closed myself off, refusing most gifts and kindness directed to me. I didn’t
realize how selfish and inappropriate this was because I had to be in control –
all the time – no matter the situation. If someone did something nice for me,
it meant that something was owed in return and I loathed having that

I insulated myself so others wouldn’t be able to see my vulnerabilities. I
pretended to be shy and aloof, when in fact; I craved the companionship and
joviality of others. In other words, what you give is what you receive. I got
plenty of comments and snide remarks from others who saw me as cold and
unapproachable – not at all the vibe I “thought” I was giving out.  I
can’t tell you how many tears I have cried lamenting my inability to be
gracious and accepting.

I remained fearful and closeted for many years because I was unwilling to trust
the Divine nature of this experience. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did
happen. Surrendering complete and absolute control over my life, I found I was
suddenly and overwhelmingly blessed with so many acts of pure loving generosity.
Opening to the fullness of living Authentically, I find myself continually
rewarded and surprised by the many blessings which have transformed my life.

I no longer cling to the fringes and now welcome the chance to interact
spontaneously with my surroundings. I no longer hide who and what I am –
instead I choose to live openly as a conduit to the Divine and surround myself
with like-minded individuals who have also chosen to reach out and connect.
This interconnectedness helps each of us to reach ever-dazzling heights.

My life is no longer black and white, with shades of gray. I’m living it in
full-color, surrounded by love. I let go of FEAR as an everyday companion and
replaced it instead with a sense of PURPOSE and an overwhelming desire to be a
part of that which I once shunned. I am fully supported and buoyed by LOVE all
around me, all the time.

The garden of my heart is beautiful, with flowers of all shapes, colors and scents.
Their intoxicating beauty reminds me of what I am here to do – to serve in
LOVE. Yes, occasionally, there is a stray weed which catches my attention.
Before surrendering it to Mother Earth, I gently pluck it out, thank it
for the lesson it has opened my eyes to and then allow it to be transformed and
its energies dispersed along the high winds.

With age comes a measure of wisdom. I accept who I am and understand I will continue
to grow and change throughout the seasons of my life.  My beautiful heart
center is now fully open and remains vibrant because I consciously emit what it
is I want to attract – beautiful souls and pleasant energies.  I know and
recognize the shared compassion and LOVE that radiates from saying the simple
words “thank you”.  I welcome gifts my family and friends choose to share
with me on this day. Most importantly, I appreciate the chance to experience
the LOVE they are gifting from their hearts.


Remember, it’s always about LOVE!


IntuitiveGoddesse Offers sacred readings and personal mentoring for women who want to have it all! Visit Cheryl’s site for more:


Love, Goddess

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