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Image of John Besh from Delish web site:   http://www.delish.com/cooking-shows/food-tv/celebrity-chef-mistakes

I love a man who can cook!  My Celebrity Chef Crush is the super sexy John Besh.  I first saw him on Iron Chef America and he beat Mario Batali.  That really impressed me: I think all the creations Mario makes look delish.  Mr. Besh was on the cover of Parade magazine http://www.parade.com/ a few weeks ago.  He has a new TV show on PBS that will start airing next spring, 2013:  Chef John Besh’s Family Table.   Do you know what inspired this latest success of his?

A kick in the *** from his hot wife, Jenifer.

From Parade article:

The award-winning chef of nine restaurants highly regarded cookbooks like My New Orleans: The Cookbook  came home and stumbled upon something that made his stomach sink:  a crumbled up fast food bag.  He snatched up the offending item, showed it to his wife, Jenifer, and asked:

Besh:  “Really?”

Jenifer:  “Yes,” she answered unapologetically.

Jenifer is raising 4 boys aged 7-16.  Definition of active.  I’m tired just thinking about that one.  Like me, she isn’t naturally drawn to the kitchen.  How smart is she that she picked a hot guy who can cook?  She added the following zinger:

Jenifer:  “If you were half as concerned about what your boys eat as what your customers eat, we’d have a healthier family.”

He realized his wife was right and vowed to make amends to her and their sons.  So now he makes the time to cook and ENJOY dinner with his family.  I love him even more.  And Jenifer?  Instant girl crush!  Moral of the story is an intelligent man will take action when the woman he respects calls him on his crap.  This is so very sexy to me!  It is one of the door ways to success for couples!

Love, Goddess

Other cookbooks by John Besh:

My Family Table

New Orleans Program: Eat, Exercise and Enjoy Life

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What Brings a Strong Man to His Knees?



LOVE this!  The tough Male Avengers.  Brought to shocked silence by three words.  I found this picture at The Berry Break http://theberry.com/2012/05/08/take-a-berry-break-40-photos-157/berry-break-18-157/  Go check out the photos when you have time.  And relish the power of your breasts.  Love, Goddess

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Where Are The Nice Guys?

nice guys,
Photo from the web site Pen Hope Chest

Where are the nice guys?

Nice guys are all around you.  Are you rolling your eyes at me?  That’s very cute.  Really, they are all around you.  If you take a moment and look, you may be surprised.  Do you know the difference between the nice guy and the jerk?

The nice guy is waiting for a move.  From you.  The nice guy is waiting for a crumb from a woman.  And it’s as simple as this.  A gorgeous, warm smile from you.  The kind that shows teeth.  For him and no one else.  Eye contact with gorgeous smile for 3 full seconds.  Then look away.   Works for me.  Try it.  Nice guys are afraid of rejection.  Just like you.  Your smile gives them the option of facing their fear and talking to hot little you.

The jerk will walk right up to you with a smooth line, overly sensual talk and an air of:  “Lucky you:  It’s your turn to have the privilege of talking to me.”  They are everywhere too.  If you agree to a date with them, several of the following will probably occur:

  1. Your Drama Queen will love the attention he is giving you, but your Bitch will make you feel as though something “isn’t quite right.”
  2. He will break your date without a concrete reason and then won’t try to reschedule.
  3. He says he will do something then doesn’t follow through.  When you call him on it, he makes a lame excuse.  Usually by deflecting the blame on you.  IE:  I tried calling you but I got a “no call signal” or some other such crap.  See this article for more:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2012/04/call-me/
  4. Gets drunk on a date.
  5. Over sexualizes everything.  Ie:  You ask him to pass the salt and he makes it about you having sex with him.

The nice guy:

  1. Prides himself on being a man of his word.  So he FOLLOWS THROUGH!
  2. He follows through because he wants you to trust him.
  3. If he has to cancel a date, he takes the time to explain why.  Then he follows through by setting up another date.
  4. When you communicate what you want he does it.

So when a man is keeping his word, following through and produces wants for you because he wants you to feel good?  Be grateful and adore him back with a huge smile and your “option” to fall in love may come into play!  Love, Goddess

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Summer Fun How Much Can You Handle?

summer fun,outrageous summer fun,
Summer fun image from the fab website Karlasingson,com 

How much outrageous fun do you want this summer?

Summer fun.  Your Sassy Bitch lives for it.  My Sassy Bitch is craving new adventures.  I have one that I’m looking forward to.  A day trip that will take me back in time.  (Cue mystery type music)  That one is at the end of July.  Something semi-planned.  What I’d really love is unplanned spontaneous adventure!  A little hard to put into my jam-packed schedule.  I’m half booked night and day already.  That’s okay…I just know it’s going to happen.  All I have to do when it happens is say:

“Yes!  Ohhhh that sounds so good!”

And find a way to get out the door!

Spontaneous adventure can be as simple as taking a different route home, tasting a different food or having a camping trip on your couch with a new movie.  The movie couch camping trip is divine when you have a schedule so loaded up, isn’t it?  Total bliss.  Are you up for adventure this summer?  What have you never tried that you’d like to?

  • A new day spa?  A crazy new nail color?
  • White water rafting, a new sport, joining a new club, taking a day trip to a town you’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t?
  • Seeking out the best the fastest new thrill ride you can?
  • A day cruise?
  • Throwing the Sassiest Bad *** Barbeque ever?
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle?
  • Climbing the highest mountain around with girlfriends and savoring the tastiest picnic when you get to the top?
  • Parasailing?
  • Conduct a chocolate/cheese/wine/cocktail/food/fresh farm stand survey to see which is the best just because it’s fun?
  • Throwing a Mid-Summer Nights’ Party that would make the Playboy mansion blush?
  • Enjoy soft kisses in the summer rain with the man of your choice?
  • Go to the biggest city or town closest to you.  And discover something new.
  • Sign up for Groupon.  It has TONS of ideas for travel, fun and pampering.  It will get your creative fun juices flowing!

How about it?  What do you want this summer?  DO TELL.  This is so we can all discover new things together to enjoy.  Share on our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook page. This summer it is no excuses!  I want you to relish this phrase and say it OFTEN:

“Yes!  Ohhhh that sounds so good!”

Love, Goddess

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