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50 Shades of Grey 

50 Shades of Grey.  The “controversial book” that is (ahem) taking women by the millions.  I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it.  It’s just porn!  It’s badly written!  It’s degrading to women!  Yadda yadda yadda.  I’m only half way through the first book.  You know what I think this book is about so far?


Mmmmm….surrender.  Say whatever you want about the sex, how the guy doesn’t love her whatever.  A lot of people may get mad at me for this.  Maybe some are not being honest with themselves.  I, personally, want a man I trust so much that I can collapse in his arms and surrender to the pleasure he wants to give me.  Period.  I can block out the world, all the problems in the world, the problems I’m trying to solve, the multi-tasking, all the mindless and endless tasks I have to complete each and every day.  Completely surrender to pleasure.  And oh will he ever get it back.

Surrender.  Is that a bad word to you?  Does it signify weakness?  It used to with me.  I surrendered to my rage, jealousy and all those horrible emotions that can hold us back from producing as humans.  By living fully in the moment when these bad emotions crop up we are fully embracing them.  Why would we be given the gift of emotion if not to understand, celebrate and use emotions constructively?

Those who don’t know how to weep with their whole heart, don’t know how to laugh either.  Golda Meir

I’ve surrendered blissfully to all the good emotions too.  Surrender, to me, is living life in full out abandon.

Something else that is rolling around my brain about 50 Shades of Grey?  Men respond to us.  They want to make us smile.  They want to make us happy.  They want to produce for us.  The ones that really like us want to do all this for us.  Sometimes, we are so caught up in over-thinking that we can’t see that he is only trying to give us what we want.  We resist.  Resist.  Resist.  Notice how the men in your life respond to you.  Maybe…just maybe…you are resisting something that you really want.  I’m not just talking about sex here.  Listen to what men say to you, pause and let it wash over you.  Ask yourself this:  Do I want that?

Surrendering sexually …  to receive pleasure with abandon.  That’s the part I see in the story.  So how about you, lovelies?  Let the discussion begin.  Here and on Bitch Lifestyle Facebook.  Order the book:  50 Shades of Grey

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Respect and the Teenage Girl

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I learn so much from teenagers.  I feed off their energy.  I’m slightly nostalgic for the idealistic ways they view life.  I have a lot of young girls following me on twitter and I love reading about what is up with them.  The dilemmas they face, the boys they date, the fun they are experiencing.

You know what amuses me?  How they EXPECT people to respect them.  Recent tweet from follower:

“Adults need to respect teenagers.  We do a lot of stuff.”

Cute, huh?  I’m sure that this person is very busy and does a lot of “stuff.”  I’m sure that if we met I would adore her.  I’d also have to tell her something very important about respect.  Something a lot of people are missing today.  Respect is something that is earned.  Over time.  In every area of life:

  • Work/Career
  • Friendships
  • School
  • How you treat others you do not know
  • Family
  • Health
  • Money

And that’s off the top of my head.

When you meet someone whom you respect, why do you respect them?  Or do you really?  Here is an example from one of my coaching clients, Amy.   Amy desperately wanted to work at a certain theatre near her home.  She wanted to join one of the theatre groups that perform their regularly.  Here is a recent conversation:

Amy:  I really want to join xyz Theatre!

Me:  Awesome.  What actions have you taken regarding that?

Amy:  Well, I go to the shows and talk to the people in the shows after.

Me:  Okay.  What else?

Amy:  Uhm…

Me:  “Uhm” doesn’t sound very pro-active.

Amy:  (slightly embarrassed)  No…

Me:  Why do you want to work at this particular theatre with these particular people?

Amy:  I respect their work.  They put such beautiful productions together.

I asked Amy if she had asked to be involved in projects there.  She hadn’t.  To make a long story short, Amy was scared.  She was intimidated by the talent she saw at the theatre.  She was scared she wasn’t as good.  Because she was scared, she didn’t take action to help out the theatre.  So the theatre didn’t take her seriously as an actress.  I told her to start helping them on projects.  To get involved.  Do little things and work up to bigger tasks at the theatre.

And Amy did.  As she got involved people started noticing her talents.  They noticed how hard she worked and how enthusiastic she was.  They thought she would be a good director so they gave her an Assistant Directing opportunity.  She wound up loving directing more than acting!  She now directs 2 plays a year there and is so happy she realized her fears were holding her back.  She also realized that when you are passionate and work hard, people start to respect and appreciate you.  Opportunities and doors were opened that she never thought she would be able to do:  ie  directing an entire play.

It’s like anything.  Would you want a respected brain surgeon operating on you or ME?  LOL…

Which brings me back to my “you need to respect me because I do stuff” gal.  Fantastic.  I would love to respect you.   I can’t respect someone unless they treat me with respect.  I will always try to be polite.  Don’t demand of me.  You aren’t my Mom, Dad or Boss.  Show me.  I’ll show it back.  With a huge warm and a sassy wink … Love, Goddess

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Your Re-Awakening!

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Hi Goddess!

I need help with a guy!  Can I tell you about a problem I’m having with him?

I so want to help you with this guy.  Would it surprise you that I could give one **** about this guy?  What I care about is YOU.  How to get you all Sassy and Happy and knowing exactly what you want so you can stay grounded when you meet a man who makes your heart go aflutter.

How do you get so sassy that you can tell a guy what you want and kick the jerks to the curb?

With me.  Right here and right now.  My Private Coaching program is a three-week course that will help you up your sass and enjoy being single or serious.  Or somewhere in between.  Or, if you have the energy, enjoy a stable of hot men.  Your choice.   I’ll give you techniques you can put to use right away to help you deal with common problems with guys and in life.

What you will learn:

  • Techniques to help you get rid of the edgy energy that makes it easy for men to push your emotional buttons.
  • How to spot the good men and the bad ones.
  • Do you know the signs that he is not seriously pursuing you?
  • Do you know the signs that he IS seriously pursuing you?

What you will have at the end of the course:

  • Email references full of fun and actions to take to help you deal effectively with potential love or heartache.
  • A better understanding of men and how they tick.
  • Homework designed to help you continue into your Sassy Confidence after the completion of the course.

A few of the topics we will discuss.  Sassy Bitch Keys that help you stay grounded in dating:

  • How staying grounded in what makes you glow will make him take notice of you.
  • What can you do instead of waiting for texts, calls and responses from him.
  • Why becoming really focused on YOU and what you want is not conceited or egotistical.  It’s everything!

What is included in the program:

  • Three weeks of live – via teleconference – phone sessions with me.
  • Motivating and empowering homework, tips, tools and inspiration to help you rediscover or re-awaken your Sassy, Confident Bitch.
  • Email support from me for questions that come up during the course.

The price of my 3 week Private Coaching programs are $350.00.  Email me at  goddess@bitchlifestyle.com  and we will get started!


“The first tool you gave me has really changed the way I deal with men.  It has helped me so much in letting a man chase me.”  Nicole

“Thank you so much for this program.  I can’t believe how much better I felt after your program.  I am gaining clarity like I’ve never had before!”  Caria

“Wow…we had such a great conversation about anger and the tools you gave me to deal with it have made me so much lighter.  Thanks so much.”  Ellen

“I didn’t realize how angry I was with men!  Feeling much better and so much sassier!”  Jackie

 Love, Goddess

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Fight For Yourself!


I found this image on Facebook at Stubborn’s Place.  Check out this Facebook site.  I think you’ll like it!  https://www.facebook.com/StubbornsPlace

I read this after a week full of success and dramatic curve balls.  And it hit me like a ton of pink bricks.  No wonder sometimes I’m so exhausted!  Can you relate to this lovely prose hot busy Bitches?  To me, this amazing image boils down to one thing.  Passion.  Living life with passion means embracing everything and everyone with passionate love.  Especially those moments when your heart has been broken.  Trusting that it will make you even stronger.  That something even better and more fulfilling is on its way to you, hot you!  Sometimes I have to find the energy to do this.  It’s much harder when I haven’t taken care of myself.  I’m so lucky because I’ve surrounded myself with strong, like-minded people who share my passion for life, love and making the world a better place.   I have so many passions.  So many new ones that require a little bit more time of my day.   And so are you!  Every time I hear one of your passionate stories I smile all over.


My biggest and most fulfilling passion is YOU.  I love watching all of us grow into our glorious Hot Sassy Bitches together.  So many women out there compete with women.  So many women out there try to control men.  We don’t…and isn’t that delicious?  It’s like we have our own sassy little secret.  And when we discover something new we revel in it together.  Not try to bring each other down.  This helps lead to an ultimate and yummy goal:  Freedom.  Feeling free to say what we want to say, do what we want to do.  Without that tiring little word:  judgement.

I love my passions.  I adore those who love me with abandon.  I love living every precious moment of every day.  I love you for joining our Sassy Bitch Rebellion.

Huge xoxos and hugs, Goddess

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