Emotional Rescue 101

Gorgeous picture of Alanis Morissette from USA Today:  http://www.usatoday.com/life/music/reviews/story/2012-08-27/listen-up-alanis-morissette/57353318/1

I was reading the paper on Sunday and had to roll my eyes at this condescending question from a reporter to Alanis Morissette:

Reporter:  Is it frustrating that some people still think of you as “angry Alanis” because of that song?  (You Oughta Know)

Alanis:  It’s a joke to think that anyone is one thing.  We’re all such complex creatures.  But if I’m going to be a poster child for anything, anger’s a gorgeous emotion.  It gets a bad rap, but it can make great changes happen.


Humans were given the honor of emotions.  Good, bad and really really ugly.  Just like we were given:

  1. Eyes to see
  2. Legs to walk
  3. Skin to feel and protect
  4. Hearts and lungs to breathe
  5. Lips to kiss, lick and smile with

So why do we not honor ALL our emotions as well?  Anger, frustration, impatience and … jealousy?  Why are we taught these are all bad and we should “control them?”  Yes, there are times we should learn to control them.  Like at a wedding if you are having a horrible fight with someone at the event.  Or in the boardroom.  Or any number of places.  But if we do not honor them and learn techniques to deal with emotions like anger and jealousy, the truth they are hiding is never revealed.   Pushing away and controlling our anger over our lifetime affects our health and how we learn to deal with others.  The further we push the anger away, the further we push the truth away.  Our truth is ourselves.  What we truly think, feel, or want to say.   Anger is passion.  Truth is what you are PASSIONATE about.

It’s time to turn these negative emotions into positives.  And are we ever!  Next week I am going to give you the details on a brand new coaching program.  A 3 week coaching program that will give you the tools and techniques to start turning these overwhelming emotions into something much more useful:  POWER!  Get ready to learn ways to “make change happen” and understand that these dark emotions are:  Your glorious truth!  Love, Goddess

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Sexy Thing About a Man


This has nothing to do with a man’s brain, I know.  Excuse for hot Ryan Gosling pic:  http://photos.exposay.com/Ryan_Gosling/photo/1054125/

One of the most attractive things about a man is his gorgeous brain.  That’s why I love nerds and geeks.  Mmmmm…

Well…I can add another group of men to that.  Engineers.  I was watching History Channel today and they have a show called “Failure is Not an Option.”  It’s about the story of NASA and the mission to land a man on the moon.  I love discovering how things work.  And hearing this story never gets old.  As the story unfolds, I’m amazed at how these men dealt with the curveballs and uncertainty of the entire process.  What these men accomplished was amazing.   Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, sadly, died this week.  I was listening to a woman talk about a speech he made.  Talking about what it was like to walk on the moon.  We both were blown away when he said:  “We did not expect to make it back.”

Can you imagine?  That is bravery, passion and conviction in what you do in life.  Times, like, 1 million!

Bravery, passion and conviction are such attractive qualities to me.  I love being around these types of people.  Even though I am terrible at math and you would not want me as your flight engineer, I would still get caught up in the passion and courage these men displayed.  I’d find a way to matter if thrust into their world on a daily basis.  Their passion and drive would fuel me to go higher in whatever tasks they were trying to accomplish!  This is why I want you to find your passion and look for people driven by theirs.  It’s inspiring and will motivate you like nothing else.  Oh…and once you achieve success?  Huge high!  Here is a link to the story on YouTube:

Failure is Not an Option

Love, Goddess

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You know that moment when someone is lying to you?  You’ve caught them.  Now they’re giving you their “story.”  It makes you feel absolutely awful.  This was a person you liked.  Maybe you just met.  Maybe you’ve known them for awhile.  Doesn’t really matter does it?  We are disappointed.  And for me?  I’m furious.  How dare you lie to me!  ME!  Luckily  I’ve learned how to channel that into something else.


Instead of being angry or if it’s someone I care about – HURT, I focus on the relief.  The relief that now I know this person is a liar.  Now I watch how they respond after I call them on it.  Are they really sorry?  Is there another reason why they did it?  Do they have other “character issues” that make the “lying” that much more pronounced?  The point is I’m aware.  If I’m not close to them I’m relieved.  I won’t get any closer to that pile of you know what.  If I choose to get closer to someone who has lied to me I’m just asking for a bigger pile of you know what!  Choice is a powerful thing.  A Sassy Bitch chooses wisely.

After the relief, I can focus on the PLEASURE of knowing what this person is made of.  Thank GOD I am not close to this person, for instance.  Then if I need to kick box, I do.  It will get rid of the frustration so I can deal effectively with this persons’ crap.  Call them on it, whatever.  So today I’m asking all the sassy Bitches out there to appreciate the awareness of liars.  Be thankful that you are aware – you will not let it hurt you.  Appreciate the fact that you can call them on it and move on.  A lot of liars are cowards.  It’s safer lying because then they don’t have to deal with truth.  They are more afraid of being truthful.  It’s just easier to lie so they can carry on with their crap and or not take responsibility.  Be grateful you know.

And move on to something much more fun!  Like a long walk or a piece of dark yummy chocolate!  This is fully embracing your power and diminishing the liar to what they are – someone to stay away from!  Love, Goddess

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Lusting After Your Skin

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Visit Swiss Genesis Skincare for more pampering of your skin ideas! 


Your skin…love it and adore it today.  Slow down and relish every drop of your gorgeous skin.  Take that time today after your busy day:

  1. Take a shower or bath and only use your favorite scent.
  2. When you dry off your skin with a towel, don’t rush.  Gently wipe your skin dry.  When we rush we are not gentle.  Pamper your skin by being gentle with it.
  3. Savor putting your favorite lotion on.  SLOWLY!  Admire your curves and enjoy the aroma of your natural scent mixed in with the lotion.
  4. When you find yourself being critical, STOP!  You were blessed with your skin.  When you find something you don’t like, give it some extra love.  Spray some shimmer on it, give it a kiss or blow it one.  Seriously.  Stop with the Drama Queen and enjoy your gorgeous body.

Other Beauty Rituals for your skin:

  1. Exfoliate weekly.  Victoria’s Secret has some wonderful inexpensive scents that make you look and smell delicious.  And you can’t beat the sexy names!
  2. Mud baths, masques etc.  Fun road trip to a spa with girlfriends, perhaps?
  3. Once a week oil treatments for you body.  You can even make your own.  Grape seed oil and lavender?   Relaxing and you’ll have a spa like stash in your home.
  4. If you can afford to go to a spa, check out the back and body treatments.  Or ask for a gift certificate for your birthday.  You are worth it.  Find a way to really pamper yourself in your budget once in a while.
  5. If you still can’t afford a spa day in your budget, have a spa party with girlfriends.  Each girl is in charge of an area to be pampered.

When you are doing your skin care rituals Bitch it up:

  1.  Play sexy music.
  2.  Admire your just pampered skin in the candlelight.
  3.  Sleep naked and enjoy the coolness of your sheets against your soft skin.
  4.  Caress yourself and enjoy how soft the treatment has made your skin feel.

Make these ideas a part of your daily beauty ritual.  Every day find a way to slow down and enjoy the lusciousness of your skin.  Love, Goddess

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