Flaunt It!

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The way a woman feels about her body is a mirror image to what she believes about herself.  Your Drama Queen relentlessly points out the imperfections.  Your Bitch flaunts them-with a warm sassy smile.

How do you feel about your body?  Do you love it?  Do you lament the fact that you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model?  Yes…we all do that sometimes.  We have to stop it and love our bodies. There is only 1 of you that will ever be produced.  Ever.  That makes you rarer than the rarest of diamonds.  The special-ness and unique-ness that is YOU must be celebrated.  Every single day.  We celebrate ourselves and fall in love with ourselves by:

  1. Respecting every luscious drop of our bodies daily with rituals that honor our bodies.  Hair, nail and skin care.
  2. We relish eating.  We try to eat healthy, yes.  Most of us, luckily, do not have to stay rail thin for the camera or a runway.  We can eat for our pleasure.  Experiment.  I used to hate broccoli.  Still not one of my favorites.  But I’ve discovered I like it raw with dip.  Because I love my body I do my best to feed it good foods so it stays healthy.  I will never be perfect here.  Food is one of lifes’ passions.  Relish your passion for food and also relish your passion to love the health of your body.
  3. Have a body part you hate?  Use Josephine Baker as inspiration:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/06/josephine-baker/
  4. Wear shimmer lotion.  Find the perfect formula that gives your skin a sexy, sensual and oh so vibrant glow.
  5. Find a work out ritual that is actually FUN for you.  Make it a fun project.  What time of day is best?  Type, duration, variety?  Explore all.
  6. Before you go to bed create a ritual.  Bitched up.  When you brush your hair, slow down!  Enjoy the texture, feel and smoothness of your crowning glory.  Light a candle.  Enjoy the scent while you pamper yourself.  Apply your favorite perfume.  Cuddle up in your silkiest gown, or enjoy the touch of the softest blanket you own against your bare skin.
  7. Write a poem dedicated to your body.  Thank  your body for all it does for you.  Decorate and display.
  8. Stand naked before a full length mirror and blow yourself a huge kiss.

Take a moment each day to admire your body.  Your favorite and least favorite parts.  Love it love it love it…reject the perfection society thrusts upon us.  And love you.  Your own unique gorgeous and beautiful YOU.  Love, Goddess

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Release comes in many forms!  Gorgeous image found at Browse Ideas:   http://browseideas.com/amazing-photos-of-performing-arts/

The day before Thanksgiving I received bad news.  An opportunity I had worked for years and years for disappeared.  And there was no action – one of my fave words – to take to change it.  It was like a break up after 10 years of working so hard to keep things moving forward.  Worse still, I had to disappoint a lot of other people who were working hard along with me.  Perfect, right?  How was I supposed to be grateful for THIS?  Right before the day of all days to be thankful?

I’ve worked so hard at seeing the good amongst the “piles of shit,” that I know what to do.  The only thing I can do now is take ACTION on all the other opportunities around for us.  Move forward right away!   This did cause me some stress, however.  How do I tell all these people one of the most fulfilling opportunities we have had for years is no longer available?  And I have to tell them the day before a Holiday!  I talked it out with a person that I love and trust explicitly.  He confirmed what I already knew I had to do.  Perfect.

After I took care of the issue  I needed release.  Trouble is, I didn’t even know I needed it.  Life is so busy that we don’t know when we really need to let loose and release.  It takes slowing down —hard to do when there is so much to do and enjoy!  I felt good about how I handled everything.  I knew I wanted to celebrate with everyone all we had accomplished despite the “done opportunity.”  Sometimes it’s a little strange telling people to celebrate when they may not feel so good.  It’s one of my classic “You want to do what?” moments!  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/05/fear-is-a-future-emotion/

We celebrated anyway.  Toasted to all our successes.  Then I invited everyone to a private celebration I was having with my friend Mary Ann.  We were going out to dinner at this super sexy restaurant in Boston.  Two people came with us.  We had dinner and really yummy drinks.  I didn’t want the party to end so I said…”Let’s go dancing!”  So we did.  We wound up going to a nearby night club.  Perfect music and really yummy looking men…EVERYWHERE!

Mary Ann and I had a couple of shots of tequila and moved to the dance floor asap.  Even better…we found these raised pew/benches against the wall to dance on.  We like to be elevated at dance clubs.  Bar tops, benches, chairs…all good.  So anyway…we are dancing with two of my guy friends.  I really let go on my bench.  I danced so hard and it felt so good.  I realized this was the “release” I needed.  So I closed my eyes, and danced even harder…really letting go to the music.  Not caring one **** where I was.

When I opened my eyes there was a really hot guy staring at me.  I smiled warmly back to him then went back to my pleasurable release.  A few minutes later, when I opened my eyes again, I slowed down and enjoyed watching all the bodies below me dancing.  Another guy makes eye contact with me, points to me and then to the spot next to him on the dance floor.  I laugh and look away.  I do not go to a guy when he summons me.  The guy has to come to me if he is interested.  Flirting 101 girls!  Let a guy chase you.  A few minutes later a man did jump up on my bench to talk to me.  We danced and chatted for a few minutes, then one of my male friends came back and he assumed we were together so off he went.

A little while later we decided to leave.  We were blissfully “released” and had just the right amount of fun.  I am so grateful for the release on Friday night.  The letting go of my “break up” and the celebrating and “release” of any tension I had.  So your assignment today at Bitch University is to KNOW how to “release.”  Notice when something feels incredible while you are doing it…and do it more!  Love, Goddess

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Love, Pain and the iPhone

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“You’re tough on the outside, but really very mushy on the inside.  A girly girl.”  He knows me so well.  Not many people see that about me but he figured it out.  He really gets me.  I am so grateful you are a part of my life, Gio!  Because Gio understand this about me and cares about me, he respects this about me.  I feel really safe with him.  Safe to show all my sides.  Even the more vulnerable ones.  You all know that the people I care about I would do anything for.

It’s so scary caring about people SO much.  My Sassy Bitch side gets all over-protective and well…fierce.  This thought made me start to think about love.  How we as a people do a lot of communicating through devices today.  Text, IM, Facebook, Twitter.  It’s cool in a couple of ways.  As a company you have a whole new world to market to.  And personally, you can connect with people from all over the world with one click of the mouse!  The negative?  Impersonal.  Really impersonal.  You’re having a relationship with words through a device.   Then I thought about when people do it.  When they are sitting at the table eating dinner with their families.  As they walk down the street.  When they drive. When they’re out with people they care about and they can’t put down their phone/device.  It’s like another “person” in the room.  A robotic person.  They seem almost addicted to their communication device.

There is so much they are missing around them because they are so caught up in “Device Communication!”

I was thinking about this while I was at a memorial service today.  The man who brought me into this world, my Mom’s obstetrician and long time family friend had died.  A wonderful and caring man.  I’ll never forget the time I got some really scary test results.  I had some pre-cancerous cells.   Dr. Bradley took the time to come over to visit me at my home.  With my parents by my side, he read the tests and then assured me that as long as I did what my doctor wanted to do I would be fine.  He showed me on the photos what this procedure I needed would do and why it would work.  Then he gave me a warm smile and went back to being a busy retiree.   Years later, I heard that he had cancer.  I prayed for him.  Sitting at the memorial service, Dr. Bradley’s brother started to speak.  I was struck by how much they sounded alike!  I started to struggle not to cry.  I am a mess at memorial services.  Tough on the outside and a mushy mess on the inside.  It is so hard for me to hold it together.  I care so much.  The outpouring of love and accompanying tears from his family made me seesaw between tears and strength.  The strong part of me wanted to absorb their pain into my own body — to ease their pain.

Pain is such a part of love.

Later, the minister said something that really rocked me.  We are given the gift of life.  We must embrace it.  It is our responsibility to LIVE it.  Love it.  As we grow older, we realize our bodies get older.  We know we don’t look quite the same when we were younger, can’t eat the same things and certain body parts just don’t work as well.  We are here for a limited time.  We must cherish every moment.

After he said that I started thinking about love.  It is the most terrifying thing in the world because once you love someone they can go away.  It is so painful.  Just writing this makes me cry.  It makes me want to close off.  To not feel the pain, I started to think.  Of course it is the last thing we should do.   The more we can love, enjoy and relish the more we enjoy life.  We are not honoring our life if we close off.  Device Communication can close us off.  Device Communication will never be the same as talking face to face.  Device Communication is open to so much assumption.  People spend so much time trying to figure out the sub-text in a text!  I get so many emails about that one a day it would make your head spin.  So let’s try…just try to let go of Device Communication a little bit.  Turn off the machine and enjoy the moment.  Instead of checking your texts 10 times an hour, look deeper into the eyes of the companion you are with.  Try to notice a new thing about the person you care about the most.  The way they walk, talk, or quirks.  Quirks are what make a person unique.  Be thankful for having them in your life.  Tell them you love them.

There is no limit to how much you can love in life!

But life has a limit.  Honor it by embracing every drop of the phenomena known as love…and it starts with loving gorgeous you.

With Love and more Love, Goddess

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Does this Anger You?

Gorgeous image of Marilyn Monroe and quote from Guilty or Not

Does this quote anger you?  If so, you under-estimate your power as a woman.  This can be fixed when you love every drop of gorgeous you.  Women have the upper hand with men.  It’s time to own it. We are their weakness.  They just don’t want us to know that.  (Sassy Smile)  For more inspiration:

“As a matter of fact, women have an advantage in business. Men are so secure in their belief that they are supreme in business that they are often caught napping by alert women. Man thinks he’s dealing with an inferior brain when it comes to woman, and that makes him a sucker. Furthermore, women have a highly developed sense of intuition that’s just as valuable as hardheaded logic.”  Carole Lombard

A couple of notes about the above quote.  Things are much different today than in Caroles’ time.  I think most men respect women in business now.  If men don’t respect women in business it can be worked against them — if a woman gets the male ego. (sly smile)  If not…why would you want to work with the arrogant you know what?

“You’ll find that men usually play fair.  It’s all very well to say that you want to back out of a bargain because you’ve changed your mind. That’s supposed to be a woman’s privilege. But men don’t play the game that way. A man who says he’ll do a thing and then reneges, is soon put where he belongs, out in the cold. ”  Carole Lombard


“If I say I’ll do something, I make it stick.”  Carole Lombard 

Your word is everything!  Carole prided herself on her word.  Don’t promise something and then don’t produce.  It will make people wonder if you’re dependable or not.  This sort of lackadaisical attitude is rampant in our lives today.  Examples:

  1. The friend that says that they are coming to your party and then cancels at the last-minute.  Because they got a more attractive offer, perhaps?  This is not cool in most circumstances.
  2. People who don’t confirm reservations at restaurants or events.  This not only affects potential profits at a restaurant but keeps other people from enjoying the table or event!
  3. You invite people to do something and they never follow-up.  These are the people who usually get mad when you stop inviting them to things.
  4. Following up is one of the worst sins in manners today.  If someone is kind enough to invite you to something, be kind enough to respond.  Unless it’s your 100th Facebook invite from someone you barely know.
  5. Someone says they will be there and then completely blows you off.
  6. You invite people to an event on Facebook and they reply back with a “Maybe.”  This is blowing you off.  Everyone knows it so just say “no.”  Really lame.  Just be honest.
  7. Little white lies…mulitplied over the days, weeks, months, lead to laziness in the being honest department.  It becomes easier to lie than to tell the truth.  Think about that one.

And those are just a few of the ways people don’t respect others and how important their word is today.

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be  their option.” Mark Twain

The less crap we tolerate from people, the more empowered we will all be.  The “Crap Dragons” will have to play by our rules.  Or hang out with other Crap Dragons.  Or get off the Crap Wagon.  I know…bad metaphor.  I’m in kind of a feisty mood today.  Can you tell?  Love, Goddess

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