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Today I’m going to share with you one of my all time favorite books!  This book is so inspirational for your personal and professional growth.  It shows you how to improve your life in the ways all Sassy Bitches love:  Bottom line, focused and the actions required.  Mmmmmm…ready?

It’s called  The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen R. Covey Mr. Covey focuses on the most important things in life:  your values, principles, family, relationships and communicating.  I wish I had been taught these things in school instead of:  If Harry is in the process of eating 14 melons and is on a train going 15 miles per hour, and Sue is on another train on a track opposite of Harry going 25 miles per hour and they are 2 miles away from each other, how many melons will Harry have eaten when he intersects Sue?  Who really cares about Harry and his melons? For me Stephen Covey teaches you oh so much more!

  1. Everyone gets that we need to manage our time.  Stephen Covey breaks down the time wasters.  He shows you HOW to spend your time and why.  This one habit frees up so much time!
  2. Mind thoughts and patterns that keep you from succeeding.  We are bombarded by these in such a consistent way in the media, internet, and television. These patterns are negative and keep you from succeeding.  Because of the constant bombardment these thoughts and patterns are becoming “normal.”  Sassy Bitches break through this to attain their own personal goals of success.  Stephen has invaluable tools to help here.  Think law of attraction meets everyday common sense!
  3. Distractions.  Think about it.  How many things are trying to get our attention.  Just open AOL and see all the articles, videos and pictures competing to get your attention.  Because of everyday things like AOL (I love AOL and all the information it can give me don’t get me wrong!) this can lead you astray.  Astray in the fact that “the web” sucks you in and drains you of time.  Time that you can spend doing things for you.  Fun, career or otherwise.  This book will help you re-focus on the important so you can achieve even more!

So what are you waiting for?  Discover your burning YES!  Here is the link to this fabulous book:  The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People  Explore the book and audio options.  There is even a workbook to really help you focus:  7 Habits of Highly Successful People-Workbook

Love and a big Personal Success for you HUG, Goddess

Does your Drama Queen or Sassy Bitch rule the roost?  My course will give you the tools to slay the Drama and embrace your strong Bitch:

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She’s So Dangerous

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This post is dedicated to one of my clients…Jerri.  Jerri was so adorable in her refusal to TAKE what she needed for herself while dating men.  She has learned to keep the focus on her needs.  If she is exhausted from work and he wants to see her last-minute?  She is vague but pleasant.  She tells him she will get back to him the very next day with her availability.  She has learned how to keep him playfully engaged in her while staying focused on what’s going on inside of her.   She has re-discovered the art of dating and getting to know a man slowly…and is rocking herself and him.  Well done, Jerri!  Here is an example from life that is quite similar to hers.  Here we go:

The Bitch has made a huge step:  I called the man I’m dating “hon” in a text.

Oooo….you live life so dangerously, Goddess! (Yes be as sarcastic and wise-cracky as you want.  I get it)  This may seem like a little thing for you, hot and sassy readers, but for me it’s HUGE.  So why the huge deal?  I’ve been dating this man for a month and a half now.  He’s been calling me “babe, sweetie and honey” for at least half that.  Me?  Not one little word that would come close to being “relationship -y.”  To me those “little words” =  one step closer to a relationship.  Which I’m not sure I want yet.  Even with a man who (so far) treats me beautifully.  Hell, for weeks I told him in an uber playful way that I “thought I may like him.”  To his credit, he played right along with me.  Then he told me he knew he liked me. “I know I like you.”  Me, the playful Bitch responded:  “Are you sure?  I can give you some more time to think about it.”  He loved that!  Notice how I am not playing games.  I am being honest with him and playfully responding to his getting closer to me so I have time to figure out my own feelings.

In the past…before I embraced being a Bitch, I didn’t handle this well with the men I was in dating.  In the past when boyfriends would tell me they loved me,  I didn’t know what to say because:

  1. I was shocked.  Which was really my own insecurity:   Me?  You love me?
  2. Guilt:  I wasn’t sure if I loved him back so I would start to worry about everything.  Which leads to the Drama Queen taking over!

So I would say nothing.  Except maybe thank you.  Or hug them or kiss them.  Change the subject.  Avoiding my feelings and theirs. Complicate the whole process with Drama Queen worry. The Drama Queen kept me from seeing the simple:  I wasn’t ready.  I’ve always wanted to take things slower than slow in a sleep on the second date world.  Today?  It’s like a guy kisses you after the first date and he assumes you’re ready for mounting!   SO not me.   For me, I’ve always wanted the man who wants to enjoy the dating process.   Savor the first kiss and the thought of the second.  Soft caresses that drive you mad with want.  Enjoying and relishing the next moment where you have the pleasure of enjoying each others’ touch.  All while getting to know each other with conversation that keeps our minds passionately engaged as well.

The man I’m dating is giving me all of that.  Would you believe on our last date he softly caressed and kissed me for 4 hours?  And we’ve kept our clothes on.  All of them.   I know it’s hard to believe, but if you know what you want, how you want to be treated and communicate to a MAN and not a BOY/GUY it will happen for you.  Please please tell me that you are jealous and want some seriously long foreplay like this with a man who adores you.  You are so worth it!  Use this story to propel you into what you want from a man.  How you want to be treated and adored.  I so want that for all of you!  My client Jerri says she is relishing slowly getting to know her new boyfriends’ intellect, sense of play and body.  As he is hers!

I’ve just relayed you one of my little nuances in dating.  What are yours?  Do you stay firmly grounded in them?  Don’t ever let your dating needs/desires/wants fall away.  You will be surprised at what pleasure comes your way!  What is it that you would love a man to pleasure hot, sexy little you with?  Either share here pronto or make yourself a hot little list.  Keep it by your bed and relish the thought of your list coming true.  Then have sweet dreams!  Love, Goddess

Want what Jerri and my other clients are discovering with men?  My course will give you the tools to help you ROCK the male species. Your Re-Awakening!

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Stop Beating on the Wall!

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Maybe it’s the weather.  We are so sick of the cold, the wintry winds, the blizzards.  Our patience this time of year is at an all time low.  I’ve noticed this in the emails I’ve gotten from you.  In the past three days I’ve been deluged with emails from you regarding some version of this:

Goddess:  I am at the end of my rope.  I am so tired of dealing with (insert:  rude, obnoxious, unprofessional, lazy, lying) people!  Do you have any advice on how to deal with them?

Yes, I do.  But I can’t just bop you over the head with a magic wand and “poof” your frustrations magically disappear.  I wish I could!  That would be a whole lot of fun.  But half the fun is the journey.  And the journey starts with YOU.  I have a fantastic course that is designed to give you the tools you need to help you deal with obnoxious people and stressful situations.  It will save you hours of worry and frustration.  It will help snap you from perpetual edgy-ness to calm Sassy Bitch.  It will save you so much time and free you.

Yeah…free you. 

Free you to party instead of worry.  It’s called Emotional Rescue because you are rescuing yourself from the Drama using bottom line tools.  Oh how our intellectual minds love this!  A constructive way to deal with people, situations and more with ease.  Get rescued!  Love, Goddess

After the first week and the exercises you gave me, I couldn’t believe how much lighter I felt.  I felt like I had dumped so much crap.  I was seeing how the Drama Queen was ruling my life.  Thank you for such an uplifting and inspiring program!  Denise

These techniques really work.  They make so much sense and I can’t believe what a difference they made when I started doing them!  Thank you – Sheri

Your Emotional Rescue course was really effective…and suprisingly fun!  Janet


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Male Attention

Handprinted Cotton Art Reprodn Applique Vintage Sexy Pin-up Girl Gil Elvgren "Lucky dog" , 1958

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You have really good  men in your life.  They’re attentive and do the right things for you consistently.  Then out of nowhere your good man acts like a jerk.  Making wise remarks or being a baby about something rather trivial.  What is that all about? And how does a Sassy Bitch handle it?  First by understanding what is behind this annoying behavior.  The annoying behavior is about:


He wants attention from you.  He likes you, misses you, wants to talk to you.

Huh Goddess?  He’s a jerk just to get my attention?  Why do I have to tolerate that behavior from him?  Well let me ask you this.  Why does he have to tolerate your bad behavior?  And don’t tell me you are Miss Perfect and never act, do or say the wrong thing.  Ever.  We all do.  The difference is this:  When we care about someone who cares about us we owe it to them to find a way to deal with this little snafu.  And it really is a little snafu.  Now on to the secret of dealing with this behavior from a man.

Bottom line communication and humor.

Last week I was on vacation and got an email from a really good friend of mine, Giovanni.  He had an issue, was upset and wanted to know what my opinion was.  I knew right away he missed me and wanted my attention.  So I addressed his concern, complemented how he handled things and asked if he wanted me to call him.  He agreed with my respective and said he was okay.  I think he remembered I was on vacation!  When I got back, we got together for dinner.  He would have my complete attention there (sly smile).  And I called him on his vacation email playfully.  Here is our conversation:

Me:  Have you recovered from the email you sent me?

Gio:  What email?

Me:  The one you sent me while I was on vacation regarding Mat.  After I read your email I said to myself, “Oh boy, Gio needs attention.”

Gio:  (laughing)  Yeah…I did need attention!

We laughed about it and changed the subject.  Would you believe that every time I call a man on his “need for attention from me” they all agree with great humor?  It really is sweet.  It’s like I give them what they want and they are beyond appreciative.  They adore me more.  Warning:  This only works for the men that truly care for you.  Not the jerks that are getting you to chase them, or are obnoxious or rude to you consistently.  If you give these undeserving men attention you might as well lie down on the floor and BEG them to walk all over you.

You can only handle this situation if you are not angry and frustrated with men.  If you KNOW how to dissipate your frustration, understand men and then get in the space to treat them fairly, playfully while also being straight forward.  Wanna know how to get there?  Take my Re-Awakening course.  You owe it to yourself, your blossoming Sassy Bitch and the men who do and or WANT to adore you!   Love, Goddess

Re-Awakening:  3 Weeks to a much better understanding of men, why they do what they do and how YOU can take charge of the situation!

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