This Guy Has Absolutely NO GAME!

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We all have slow days.  Mine was especially slow today.  However…I can always find something to amuse me.  Today it was a guy who wasn’t really interested in me trying to make me THINK he was.  I decided to have a little fun with him because…in the spirit of Marilyn Monroe:  What the hell?  Besides, I was sensing this would be material for this website.   Here is our text conversation with what I’m thinking in italics:

Guy:  Hi how are you?

Me:  Who is this?

Guy:  Scott.  We met on xyz dating site.

Me:  I’m not on there anymore.  The guys aren’t serious and I want to date seriously.  Best of luck.   You’re not serious.  Bye bye.

Usually that ends the conversation, but he continued to text me.

Guy:  Neither am i, and that’s what i’m lookng 4 too    Okay…he just kicked off the Crap Super Bowl.

Me:  I am skeptical regarding u.  If u were interested in seeing me u would have set up a date months ago.  Now I am not on the site and cannot reference who u r.

Guy:  U want a pic?  Not really, dude.  I don’t respond back…because even though it is a slow day… I am still working.  Several hours later I read his most recent text.

Guy:  (Sent a pic)  Here I am…

Me:  Thank u for the pic.  However I’m more interested in who u r as a man.  He was very attractive.  If that was him.  Looks aren’t everything.  I want a man not a starter in the Crap Super Bowl.

Guy: (Long text messages with basic background and full of spelling/grammatical errors…then) What else would u like to know about me?

Me:  Where u r from and if u remember who u r talking 2…my real name or dating site name?  Set up statement if I have time to call him on his “I want to date seriously crap.”

Guy:  Not really send a pic of  Not a chance.  Crap set up complete.

Me:  LOL.  Seriously…Scott…if u want a woman to date u and/or take you seriously, don’t forget her name. Best of luck in ur search.   Crap called on.  I’m done.  Time to amuse myself with other things. 

Guy:  Sharon, right?

A half hour passes…

Guy:  ??

An hour passes…

Guy:  Give me a chance?  Please  🙂

If you get texts like this from a guy in any way shape or form, he is not interested in you.  Here is exactly why:

1.  He did not address me by my name in the first text.  We may have talked once.  I don’t know.  What I wind up doing is this:  If I talk to a guy I meet I put his first name into my phone.  If we have one conversation and I don’t hear from him in a week or so, I delete it out of my phone.

2.  I haven’t been on the site for months.  So it took him months to date the other girls he has been in touch with in his Rolodex and now it’s my turn.  Me:  Miss…I don’t know your name.

3.  I never, ever…did I mention never?  Send a pic of myself to a guy I don’t know or barely know.  I don’t want to be one of his “Rolodex Babes.”

4.  He doesn’t remember who I am and wants a picture of me.  That’s really flattering, huh, ladies?  Not only am I Miss:  I don’t know your name, but I’m so far down on his list of who he may want to date that I need to add “If I get through the list and nothing pans out girl.”

5.  No effort.  Zero effort.  Yeah.  Oh…and easier for rejection purposes via text on his part.  This guy has absolutely NO GAME.


I’m hoping you’re able to laugh over guys like this.  And then forget them.  Delete them.  They mean nothing.  Except as a barometer of whether you want to deal with men with NO GAME in the dating world or the man who will make every effort to make you smile.  Choose wisely.  Your time is valuable, Sassy Bitches!  Love, Goddess

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How to Win an Argument With a Man

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Not literally, ladies!  LOL.  Awesome Anne Taintor from Vintage Christmas on Pinterest

How to win an argument with a man. Do you know when your winning?

  1. You call him on his crap and gives you a shocked look:  You’re winning.  Stay on point.  Beware of #4 below.
  2. You call him on his crap and he changes the subject:  Checkmate.  Tell him “crap” won’t fly and then YOU change the subject.
  3. You call him on his crap and he laughs good naturally:  You’ve won.  Enjoy your moment playfully.  No I told you sos.
  4. You call him on his crap and he deflects onto you:  Game set and match.  If he continues blaming you and it is a pattern, drop him.  You want a man who is responsible with his actions.


But Goddess.  You make it sound so simple.  It is.  It may hurt dealing with these situations but think of the pain you could have if you invest in the wrong guy.  When you have enrolled yourself into Bitch University, studied with me, read my book Bitch lifestyle on Amazon  or have done the numerous exercises on this website you learn how to keep your emotions in check so he doesn’t use it to his advantage.  ( See #4 above ) In other words, you have embraced action and are not lying down on the floor.  Real men are grown up boys.  They need boundaries.  If you don’t give them boundaries they’ll walk all over you.  I recently broke up with a guy because he thought he could get me to lie down.  Please.

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”  Marilyn Monroe

From the moment I met him I knew he was “just for fun.”  I enjoyed him until he started trying to make me chase him.  Yawn.  When he realized that I wasn’t going to chase him, he begged me to meet him.  (Side note:  I did not meet him at my house.  I picked a neutral place and made plans after.  Limiting his time with me.)  I met him and he apologized for being AWOL.  He said he wanted the chance to make it up to me.  I told him point-blank I didn’t feel close to him anymore.  He gave me a shocked look.  He couldn’t believe that he didn’t have me.  He thought I was on the floor looking up to him.  All he thought he had to do was SAY he was sorry and the chase could begin again.  Please.

I want this for you.  I want you to know when a guy is playing you or is trying to love you.  So start acting!   Love, Goddess

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Before Sunrise

Movie recommendation:  Before Sunrise.  It’s simple, romantic and old-fashioned fun.  A young man and a young woman meet on a train in Europe.  They spend one romantic evening together in Vienna.  An evening that they both think, deep down will be there only one.  The refreshing thing about Before Sunrise?  They seduce each other with words.  Not sexually charged words.  (Although the subtext is there!) but through intelligent conversation.  Sharing their opinions in a fun and playful way.  Oh…and watch how Jesse loves being called on his crap by Celine.  He loves it because of the playful way she does it.

Mmmm…intelligent conversation…one of the biggest turn ons of all time.  Before Sunrise insures wonderful entertainment.  Enjoy!  Love, Goddess

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***Video Clip of “Before Sunrise” starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy from YouTube

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Are We Losing the Bottom Line?

I hereby crown random radio call in dude.  Image from wikiHow

Are we losing the bottom line?

Has rumor, speculation, gossip and heresy from social media, television and other forms of communication confused us?  Is all this “noise” distracting us from making simple choices?

This question came at me pre-coffee today.  Barely out of my sleepy slumber.  So for me to get all fired up about something it has to be pretty mind-blowing.  I like to listen to my sports in the morning.  Yeah…it can be drama.  All the commentators love to speculate about the off field stuff.  But there is a part of sports that is still pure and simple.  Who will win.  That’s the part I love!  Whenever the off field stuff is too much, I stop listening.  However the whole Aaron Hernandez thing going on with the New England Patriots is difficult to ignore.  I still listen to daily re-caps.  This is what I heard this morning that jarred me out of my morning stupor.

One of the local TV channels I listen to has radio show Dennis and Callahan from WEEI on.  They were taking phone calls.  This guy calls with a question.  Back story:  This weekend the Patriots said that if you had an Aaron Hernandez jersey they would swap it for another players’.  So a lot of people went to Gillette Stadium to do just that.  Back to the guy with the question.  He calls to tell Dennis and Callahan that he “forgot” it was this weekend.  When he went to Gillette, the “swap day” was over.  Still…he was given a gift card to purchase another jersey with.  This was the guys’ question/concern:

Caller on radio:  I got this gift card.  What am I going to do with this jersey?

He missed the day where the Patriots literally TOOK the jersey and swapped it for a new one.  He had a horrible dilemma on his hands.  He had in his physical possession a jersey and he did not know how to dispose of.

Really?  You have to call a radio station to figure out what to do with a jersey you don’t want?  And you are trying to blame the Patriots for this?  If it was really that important to you, you wouldn’t have “forgotten” to go.   Are you in such Drama Queen mode that you need to ask two guys you don’t know what to do with a jersey you don’t want?  Here’s an idea…throw it in the trash.  So simple yet so unbelievably dramatized.  This was disturbing for me not just for the drama and missing the bottom line but it was from a DUDE!  Guys are normally pretty bottom line.  Is our society turning them into Drama Queens?  Or was this caller a random one?  Looking back at listening to the radio I’ve realized this happens a lot more than I thought.  I turn off the drama when it happens and yes…it happens a lot during call in sessions.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by this.  Are you?  I am on all the social networks but I’m pretty selective about what I share and with and whom.  I see what others share and just roll my eyes.  I see people go on and on about something that is so simple.  I’ve gotten really good at filtering out the noise of what others say, do and claim to be true.  I would really love to know what you all think about this.  How easy is it for you to see the bottom line and how do you fish through all the rumor and heresy to find truth?  Let’s discuss.  Love, Goddess

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