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I have two divine beauty products I adore that I want to share with you!

One is an amazing body oil from a very expensive skin care line.  Caudalie.  The cool part?  Right now they have a small spray size for only $9.00!  I don’t know about you but I hate spending a lot of money on something I may not like.  The reason why I bought this oil is because I kept reading wonderful things about it.  When I found the $9.00 sales tag I was sold!  First off…there is the name…it is called “Divine Oil.”  It has this dreamy scent that is not at all too heavy.  Most oils are way to heavy!  And the spray is genius…spray a little here and there.  Surround yourself in this intoxicating scent.  You SO deserve it!  Here is the link to the deal:  Caudalie Divine Oil  Here is also a link to the Caudalie Paris website:  Caudalie

Next…I always loved Woolite with its fresh clean scent.  Then I found these amazing lingerie washes by Tocca.  My favorite is Cleopatra.  It has this fresh cucumber scent.  Mmmmm… My new favorite is Florence.  Still light … but with warm romantic notes.  Explore the yummy options for your lingerie: Cleopatra Laundry Delicate  Here is a link the the main Tocca Beauty website:  Tocca Beauty

So there you have it.  Short and sweet.  Two divine beauty ways to adore your divine self with 2 gorgeous products that are so worthy of you!  Love, Goddess

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Relationship Issue: Rudeness

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Got attitude?  Here’s a place to put it…

Relationship issue:  male rudeness.  You meet a guy online and you start exchanging texts.  When you don’t want to give out too much information about yourself-exactly what a very Sassy Bitch would do, he is rude.  He makes a comment like:

  1. Oh come on!  I’m a nice guy!
  2. I don’t understand.
  3. Why?
  4. Do I seem like a stalker to you?  LOL…


If…in any way shape or form this guy you don’t know does something you don’t like, ignore.  Why waste one moment of your precious time on someone who you don’t know who is rude.  I see women doing this all the time!  I’m a member of womens’ groups on Google + and I cannot tell you how many do this.  Smart, gorgeous women who engage in this kind of nonsense from men.  The most effective way to deal with a man who is being rude or obnoxious is to ignore.  It works with all of them.  The ones you don’t know move on because they know you’re done.  So they move on trying to find another target.  It works with the men who care about you too.  If a man you know cares about you is rude this is what you do:

  1. Point out in a bottom line way.
  2. Then ignore.

Resist every urge to feel guilty or communicate.  This would be called back-peddling.  Then they know they hold all the cards with you.  Here is a recent example from me.  I have a very close male friend.  He is my partner in crime in so many fun ways.  A few weeks ago there was a “spark” of chemistry.  First one, for me, in the years we have been playing together.  We had a long conversation about what people have been saying and the “spark” the next day.  My best friend has been wanting us to get together.  People have been making comments about WHEN we are going to get together.  It ended in a stalemate.  He has concerns, so do I.  Who wouldn’t?  What I want is a man who WANTS me and shows it.  Not make me wonder, not leave it at a stalemate.  Next time this comes up, I’m stating it.  This story will continue at a later date…(cue mystery music)

So, now that you know the “need to know” about this man who loves me, the very NEXT day after our deep converstion he was rude to me.   He sends me a text regarding an opportunity for us.  He doesn’t say hi and tells me point-blank to do something.  I’m sitting with my brother who knows this man.  He was surprised at how rude he was.  I said, yeah…and demanding.  So I text him back:

Uhmmm…no hi, how are you?

He got it.  The next day HE did what he demanded me to do.  He was oh so much more pleasant.   No need to gloat, push his buttons or be snarky, hotties.  If a man loves you and is out of line, in most cases this will work.  Instead of worrying about it, you need to figure out a way to focus on your pleasure until he makes it right.  In this case, it was asap.  In other cases it may take longer.  You have to know that if men are rude or act inappropriately they may not say sorry, but they will clean up their act.  It all starts with us.  Communicate the bottom line and then go have some fun by focusing on you!  Love, Goddess

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Inspiration in the Face of Adversity

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How do you find inspiration in the face of adversity?  It’s pop quiz time today at Bitch University!  Choose your answer:

  1. You start muttering things like “I want to die,”  “I hate myself,” and then crumble like an 8 day old cookie.
  2. You sulk, mope, whine and complain endlessly about how unfair everything is.
  3. You get pissed off and scream bloody murder!
  4. You smile deep down and say “Nice.  Bring it.”

Yeah…it’s #4.  Although #2 has some merit.  Our Drama Queens just love to lament the indignity of it all, right?  As much as we women LOVE to complain and lament, let’s focus today on something even more fun.  And positive.  And effective.   Smiling in the face of adversity and blowing it a sassy kiss!  Let’s rock that competitive environment.

I was at a friends softball game the other day.  I love watching his team play.  They are competitive and they usually win, but they don’t go overboard.  My Bitch loves the inspiration. Example:  the other day was the play offs.  They were down 9 runs but were still laughing and enjoying each other.  The other team was getting just a tad cocky about how far ahead they were.  One of the girls on our team went up to bat.  The guys on the other team started yelling to the outfield to come in come in!  They did this every time she came up to bat.  The third time she came up to bat … WHACK!  She hit a triple.  Right over all those cocky guys heads.  She hit three people home.  End of cockiness.

After she came home on the next play everyone was cheering her on our side.  She related the story that boosted her sass and confidence to hit that triple.  She said this:

“One…I don’t like it when people have assumed they have won.  Two…every time I came up to bat I heard them say “come in come in.”  I said to myself:  “Excellent…keep comin’ in boys and I’ll hit it right over your heads! ” And she did!  Oh how my Bitch loves the inspiration!


It’s like one of my favorite quotes:

“I love it when people doubt me,” Rodney Harrison

Rodney Harrison takes adversity and uses it to make him stronger.   As inspiration to be even more successful.  So HOT.  Some people let adversity win the day.  These people let others have power of them.  My girl on the softball team saw the adversity and kissed its ass!  We all have adversity and challenges hit us in the face daily, weekly, whatever.  We choose how to face it.  By either shrinking or stepping up to the plate and smashing it!  Even if we don’t hit a triple every time we don’t let people get us down.  This is all about confidence!  How do you get even more than you already have?  Keep reading.  Keep studying and keep looking for ways to kick adversity to the curb!  Love, Goddess

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Divorce Depression…How to Remove the Drama?

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Divorce depression…how do we remove the drama?

Divorce is one of the most difficult, emotionally charged and draining life events to deal with.  Break ups with boyfriends are emotionally tough but divorce really ups the ante!  You’ve planned a life with someone because you believed heart and soul that you found your soul mate.  Then you lose them.  Why would not be in the throes of divorce depression?

I’ve had many women clients who are going through this very thing.  They come to me when they have realized they have lost who they are.  They want to get passed the pain and stress of divorce depression and re-discover themselves!  They don’t know how and they have little time.  They have careers, responsibilities and possibly children.  What they need is to stop for a few moments and start taking care of themselves, no guilt, so they can take care of everything else.   They need to heal and don’t know how to feel good again.  I really and truly believe that life events like this must be mourned.  For us to take every drop of emotion we have about it and let it out.  Cry until we are exhausted, rage until we collapse, sleep until we are no longer spent.  When we give ourselves permission to feel it instead of pushing emotion away, then we begin to heal.

 “You’ve got to feel it to heal it.”  Dr. Christiane Northrup

I’ll never forget the first time I read that quote.  The world slowed down to a stand still.  Me…Miss Push Everything Aside and deal with the next thing just stopped everything.  When I was in my very early twenties I got hurt by several people whom I thought were friends.  I remembered thinking to myself, well, that’s it.  I’m not going to let anyone or anything hurt me ever again.  And I got so good at it.  For years nothing.  I would never give anyone the satisfaction of hurting me again.  Great, right?


When I read that quote I realized I had gone to sleep all those years ago.  I needed to wake up from my own protective advice!  Advice I took on to save myself from hurting.  I needed to wake up and start LIVING again.  The quote woke me up…but how was I ever to stay awake and deal with painful things in a mature way?  This led me to some important questions.  How do I fall apart in a structured way so I can pick up the pieces of my life and start to live again?  Why were we given emotions to only push them away?  We aren’t robots, right?  What is the use in us being robots?

Life is full of rituals that we celebrate.  Births, Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings.  We have rituals from the simple to the extraordinary to celebrate.  Why don’t we have something for lifes’ non-celebrations?  A way to let go, release and heal.  We must honor all these passages in our lives.  The good and the bad.  Women are vibrant, emotional beings.  We must live through our emotions so we can find the truths that they hide.  Not only so we heal ourselves, but so we learn and don’t make similar mistakes again.  Like choosing the wrong guy!  Does this sound amazing to you?  The release and clarity we receive is cathartic in our growth process.  And I’ve put it all in this course:  Re-Awakening There is absolutely no judgement.  We will immerse ourselves into our emotions and I will give you key tools that will awaken your spirit.  Tools that will help keep you focused and alive even while dealing with challenges that we face in life!  Help move us from divorce depression into celebration.  It works with relationship depression too. Are you ready?  Email me so we can get started!  goddess@bitchlifestyle.com

I’m so in my **** I can’t even take it.  Not having to do anything, expect anything or worry is the best feeling ever.  I’m grateful beyond words.  Thank you Sharon!”  Janine

“In the very first session you gave me a lifesaver.  The anger tool rocked my world!  Thank you so much.”  Sandra

“I didn’t realize how deeply asleep I was.  Your course invigorated me mind and spirit.  I feel like ME again.”  Isabella

“I am so glad I found you and your Re-Awakening course!  I’ve finally moved on from my divorce and the depression I was feeling.”  Barbara

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