Passion Finding it and Validation

finding your passion
Sassy Hilda finding her passion image from the Daily Mail:

Hilda didn’t care what people thought of her painting skills.  She loved the creative process and dissenters could kiss her ***!

Finding your passion.  Your adventure in discovery works…you find it.   And it feels so good!

Then the battle begins.

One of the hardest things about being a Bitch is fighting for what you want.  Along the way you’ll have to listen to everyone telling you how they would do it and what you are doing wrong. Some people, successful people, you should listen to.  As long as it doesn’t interfere with your integrity. Yeah…that’s another thing you want to fight for.  Your beliefs.  Giving up your integrity on the path to success is losing yourself on the way.   It can be incredibly frustrating to keep on keeping on.  You know what else it can be?


Fighting alone for what you want.  People may be supporting you in body, but spirit is an entirely other matter.  And just when you think you can’t add another little curve ball to all this? You get someone questioning your tactics on how, what , why and where you are going.  Nice, huh?   To make matters worse?   The very people who question your every move would never have the courage and drive to do what you do.  Enter more frustration and loneliness.  You may find yourself asking why you are fighting so hard.  No one understands.  I hate myself.  I want to die.  (dramatic sniff!)  It leaves you so ripe for Miss Drama Queen.  You know what makes it all worth while?


Mmmmmm….sweet, sweet validation.  Victory.  Goal met.  This one little word pushes you to do even more.  Accomplish even more.  Trust yourself and your decision-making more. Appreciate more. Grow more and understand more.  Love yourself more.  Not in a bad way, a good for your confidence way!

The first step?  Finding what you really want in life of course!   So get on it.  Write your list of wants and desires.  Then hop on the road to Validation.  It’s the adventure of your life.

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Be Happy Again!

be happy
Vintage pin up from

¿Quieres jugar?

I’m so desiring some play.  Delicious, flirtatious, no thought involved play.  Just BE HAPPY!

I run so many things.  When you run so many things you are in a constant state of “what’s next to achieve my next goal?”  Then it starts to happen.  You drift.  You drift farther away from delicious flirtatious no holds barred play.  So ultimately running your life leads you farther and farther away from the essence of life.  Then you find yourself on Google.  Entering very un- Sassy Bitch search terms like “symptoms of depression,” “I want to be happy again,” “am I depressed?”  Maybe you do so with a very cute dramatic sniff.  Stop right now and do something fun for yourself!   Find what re-charges you, refreshes you and re-focuses you.

Unabashed, glorious play.

So I am keeping it so simple today.  How about you?  I want this for you too, Work Goddess!  Go out and play!  Concentrate on one thing only:  how to be happy in the moment

  1. Go out and shop.
  2. Go out and play at the beach.
  3. Have lunch in the park and take off your shoes.
  4. Run naked with your lover.
  5. Flirt outrageously with someone you meet today.
  6. Take an hour and put on your fave outfit, enjoy doing your make up and then make your entrance in the world.  When you walk down the street own it.  It’s your street.
  7. Tickle every single person you love.
  8. Blow a kiss to a stranger.
  9. Find another stranger, give him a devastating smile and disappear.
  10. Find a place to dance all night with your girlfriends—tonight!
  11. Ask a bartender to help you create your signature cocktail.  Pay for someone’s drink just for fun and disappear.
  12. Discover something you love.
  13. Discover something you hate.
  14. Smash a fear on your list.

That’s your assignment — go out and play.  Deliciously.  Uninhibited.  Joyous.  Play.  Love, Goddess

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