Depression and Conspiracy Theories?


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The truth will set you free.   But first, it will piss you off. – Gloria Steinem

I was thinking about conspiracy theories today over morning coffee.  I had a disturbing thought.  Conspiracy theories are everywhere!  Then I started to think about truth. How sometimes we refuse to see the truth.  How we turn truth into something else so we can go in denial about it.   Because we don’t like the truth.  Which is definitely our Brat. Then how continued denial makes us unhappy. Which is so very Drama Queen.  Light thoughts over early morning coffee, no?  So I thought it might be useful to use some humor with this subject so we can face the truth, apply action and move on.

We do this in relationships ALL the time.  We don’t SEE the truth right in front of us and deal with it.  Examples:

  • He doesn’t call unless he wants something from you (like sex).  Truth:  He likes to hop on when he’s horny.  Conspiracy Theory:  The sex is so good!  We have so much chemistry together!  He only calls me when he wants sex because he is so busy, he is scared to commit and he doesn’t want his wife to know!
  • He is late for a date and doesn’t call.  Truth:  He is being rude.  Conspiracy Theory:  Why isn’t he calling me?  Oh I hope something hasn’t happened to him.  Why?  I’m angry and pissed off.  He shouldn’t act this way.  I know we are just having sex and not committed or anything but it’s just because he is scared!  I know that he does truly love me and the chemistry is so perfect!  He is so perfect!
  • He breaks off with you.  Truth:  It’s over.  Conspiracy Theory:  He can’t possibly not want to see me.  It was so good!  We had so much chemistry!  I love him!  He is just scared!  I have to make him come back and love me or his life will be ruined.  No one is as good as me.
  • He flirts with other women around you.  Truth:  He is being rude.  Conspiracy Theory:  That Bitch.  It’s all her fault.  She is skanky and I know she has some venereal disease.  I have to let everyone know on Facebook so I and all my friends and friends of friends can talk about what a skank she is.

LOL. Not seeing and dealing with the truth can sink us into an unhealthy depression.  Or an unhealthy focus.  The bottom line is so simple and yet we make excuses and create drama and depression to avoid the truth.  Truth:  He was rude.  Solution:  Call him on it.

This works in life too:

  • Your Boss wants you to do A, B and C.  Truth:  Things need to get done.  Conspiracy Theory:  My boss hates me.  My boss has a miserable home life, crappy dating situation and dresses poorly.  He/She has no idea how to lead and I need a new job.
  • Travel is delayed. Truth:  There is nothing you can do about it.  Find a way to relax.  Conspiracy Theory:  You whine, moan and stew about all the difficulties.  How the airlines are all screwed up…they should have stopped the tornado!
  • You don’t live within your means and are in debt.  Truth:  Make a budget and stick to it.  Conspiracy Theory:  I don’t need to save.  I need the new sparkly iPhone case!  I’ll find a man to pay for all this stuff when I get married.  (I have really gotten that one…multiple times!)
  • Interim job while you achieve your goals.  Truth:  I’ll find a way to have fun with it so I can move on to my next goal!  Conspiracy Theory:  I hate my job.  This is so beneath me.  I don’t care if it provides me stability.  I shouldn’t have to do this work.  I should have my own company and everyone I meet is against me in that goal.  Oh…here comes that SOB that has it in for me right now…

See how these little conspiracies we develop in our minds serve our depression?  Our Brats and Drama Queens love this!  They love it because conspiracy theories  justify our depression over things. What we need to do is laugh a bit more and then face the truth.  Because a lot of depression can be resolved by facing the truth, taking action and laughing a bit more.  Love, Goddess

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Self Esteem Quiz How Do You Rate?

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How much can your sassy self esteem handle, Bitch?

Yes,  I know.  It’s exhausting being fabulous.  There are some days where we wish we weren’t so good at handling so much, right? Sometimes our Drama Queens and Brats take over. Making us question our decisions.  Through over thinking, forgetting to take care of ourselves or just plain over work.  Ultimately lowering our self esteem. Humor is an enhancer of self esteem.  I thought it would be fun to make up a little quiz to amuse ourselves with.  We’ve all had these situations happen in our lives.  And I’m pretty sure we have dealt with them with The Bitch, The Drama Queen or Brat in charge!  So which persona is more you at this moment in time?

Q1:  Opportunity is not thrown it is hurled your way.   How do you react?

  1. The Drama Queen:  You freak out.
  2. The Brat:  “Nobody can do this better than me.  I’ll do everything. ”  Then you slowly drive yourself crazy doing way too many things.  Until you…freak out.
  3. The Bitch:  Releases control.  After careful consideration you realize it’s doable when A, B and C occur.

Q2:  A person you have been working with on a charity project wants to do more.  What do you do with this valuable resource?

  1. The Drama Queen:  You feel threatened.
  2. The Brat:  You don’t trust anyone but you to get things done.  So you defiantly charge on.  Until…sniff…you start to feel taken advantage of and the Drama Queen takes over.
  3. The Bitch:  Is grateful.  Because you trust yourself and your choices.  Plus, it may give you time for that manicure you want!

Q3:  When you don’t get all you want done in a day, what best describes you?

  1. The Drama Queen:  You’re all avoidance.  You can’t remember what you actually did.  Except be unhappy about your life all day.
  2. The Brat:  You have way too much to do.  Don’t ask me to take a break.   “Screw breaks!”
  3. The Bitch:  You don’t focus on what you didn’t get done, you celebrate how much you have accomplished each day.

Q4:  You send a text to a guy you’re dating.  It’s been 5 minutes and he hasn’t responded.  Which best describes your reaction?

  1. The Drama Queen:  Has the phone in front of her on her desk.  Staring at it while tapping her foot anxiously.
  2. The Brat:  Just finished sending a second text.   Worded something like:  Where the hell are you and why haven’t you answered my very important text?
  3. The Bitch:  Is focusing on other tasks at hand.

Q5:  Fast forward an hour after you sent the text to the guy.  Which best describes you?

  1. The Drama Queen:  Is having a meltdown on the phone (another phone she has found just in case he texts back) to a friend about the crisis at hand:  his lack of communication and how he doesn’t appreciate her.
  2. The Brat:  Has decided that he is a complete jerk and wants to dump him.
  3. The Bitch:  Has heard back from him.  She has moved on to other things.

Q6:  You’ve been dating a guy for a few weeks.  He asks you for something outrageous.  Like take him to the airport at 11:00pm.  Which is your most likely response?

  1. The Drama Queen:  OKAY!
  2. The Brat:  Screw you.
  3. The Bitch:  I’ll be busy sleeping.  Have a nice trip!

Q7:  LOL…having fun yet?  If you aren’t laughing at this quiz, which reaction best applies to you:

  1. The Drama Queen:   What’s so funny?
  2. The Brat:  This quiz is stupid.  Screw you.
  3. The Bitch:  (laughing — she’s been there)

Still no giggle?  I have an assignment for you.  Get yourself some fun ASAP!  Have a bubble bath and sip champagne.  Get a massage, a pedicure or give yourself a little treat.  Here’s one I have right by my desk for a little pick me up:  Caudalie Devine Oil  Take a walk, have some sex, get a blow out.  Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

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Sassy Self Confidence

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Samantha knew she was over dressed for the movies but just had to wear her new shoes!

What do you want your first impression to be?  Greasy or full of Sassy Self Confidence?

It always makes me sad when I see a woman look like she put zero effort into her outfit for the day.  Literally looking like she has just rolled out of bed.  When she could be making an entrance. Rocking the side-walk with her style.  Devastating people with their first glance at her.

Sassy Self Confidence starts with your gorgeous body.  Make it a goal to make a devastating first impression always!  Even if you are going to work out, look adorable.  Slick on some lip gloss and work that dazzling smile.   Taking care of the body you were blessed with will make you feel good.  It will help you feel confident and alive.  It will become a habit so entrenched that if you are caught in a wind storm and meet Ryan Gosling?  You will ooze self confidence and beauty.  And it matters!  If you don’t look like you care about how you look, you don’t look like you care very much about yourself.  And if you don’t care very much about yourself, what do you care about?  Where’s the passion for your hot little self?

I’ve been reading a few books about stylish women.  I will be sharing the basics and the over the top.  Let’s start slow.  One book was about Basic French Chic.  Easy and doable.  So let’s DO:

  1. Exercise:  No time?  I hear you.  Make it a part of your daily activities.  Today I’m a bit stressed with a lot on my plate.  I am doing wall push ups, grocery shopping, raking leaves and running other errands with a little extra gusto.
  2. Wardrobe:  This is a great article on how to work the basics From Hubpages
  3. The French “No Make Up Look” makes you look polished but enhances your beauty.  Foundation to even out skin tone, blush, mascara and neutral lip.  Voila you are done.
  4. Take care of your skin.  What’s that quote?  You earn the skin you have in your 50s?  Sounds good to me.  Start earning it.
  5. Look presentable always.  Not just for the time you meet your ex and his new girl.  Do it because you want to always look your best.  You’ll never know what exciting offer comes your way. Trust me on this.  I can’t tell you how many free things I get when I look my best.  I can even be in sweats thanks to cute hair ornaments and lip gloss!
  6. Turn off the TV and cultivate your mind.  Learn something new.  Research something you never thought to.
  7. Enjoy your femininity.  Learn from Famous Seductresses!  One of my faves:  Seductress by Betsy Prioleau
  8. Posture.  Slouching makes you look withdrawn.  Bitches don’t withdraw from anything or anyone!

We all have days when all we want to do is relax, put our hair up in a pony tail and hang in our pajamas.  It becomes a problem when we let this filter into our lives all the time.   The “just outta beddy” look is wonderful relaxing at home or works in an emergency.  Respect that gorgeous body of yours by keeping it in the best shape time allows and adoring it with the best clothes you can afford. Rock that Sassy Self Confidence every time you step out into the world!  Love Goddess

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Wild Kiss

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This morning I had the most exhilarating and wild experience.

And all I did was go out for my morning run.  It was a glorious, overcast day.  A humid 69 degrees.  A humid 69 degrees on the first day of November.  Rain was lightly dropping from the sky providing refreshment for my work out.  And the yellow, red, gold and orange leaves.  Wildly swirling all around me.  Not one leaf touched me.  Which was good because the wind was so powerful it might have left a mark!  On the last leg of my run I was feeling so turned on. The wind had picked up even more and it was like I was running through a wild and angry storm.  Made slightly dangerous by all the Halloween items strewn at my feet. Dead witches brought down from the wind, ogres, zombies and twirling in the wind ominous Darth Vader.  I had a moment where I loved the danger of it all.  LOVED.  That was the precise moment that I was finally struck by a raging leaf…right on my waiting lips.

The perfect kiss.

In that moment of clarity I realized I was in the throes of wild love.  With myself.  With the moment.  Excited and wanting and craving more.  Adventure?  Yes!  Something lovingly dangerous?  Wild? Yes! The thought and the Universe winking at me made me even more excited.  For what was coming and for what I would soon be embracing…forever.  Each perfect moment.  With enthusiastic and very wild gratitude!

Now go have yours…Love, Goddess

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