Conquering Inertia in the Hustle and Bustle

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Beautiful portraits of Judith Jamison found on Alice in Nappyland

I learned that there are no minor roles.  They are all major roles and it’s what the dancer does that makes it major.  Judith Jamison, Dancing Spirit

Conquering inertia in the hustle and bustle?  I read that quote by Judith Jamison this morning and went ahhhh….  So simply put.  When we’re doing a task we are putting our all into it, no?  Well, yeah, depending on what we are doing.  (Sassy sarcasm)  It’s so much easier with your passions.  Or is it?  In our modern day hustle and bustle gadget galore world we may have so much going on that we find ourselves in…

Just get it done mode.

That’s what struck me.  Because…I am SO in just get it done mode.  Are you?  Just get work done, just get chores done, just get to whatever other commitment I have and get that done, get eating done, errands done, get production prep done for my improv group done.  Doesn’t sound very fun, does it?  Just get it done mode.  Adding to my “just get it done mode,” is that I am moving.  And I have only 6 days to prepare.  It sounds like a lot but with all I’ve got going on it isn’t!  I want to put so much love  into my new home.  The quote by Judith Jamison from above made me realize I’m kinda lacking in the fun and love department at the moment.  FOR MYSELF.  I’m giving all my love and fun away.  My “just get it done mode” is sucking the party right outta me.  My brat is screaming at me to shut up and move on to the next thing that needs to get done.  LOL.

How about you?  Do you have the “I’ve got to get it done” inertia?” So how oh how do we start conquering inertia in the hustle and bustle Sassy Ones?


Did your cute little Inner Brat role your eyes at that one?  I wrote it and felt them in the back of my head.  That only means you need to do it more! MORE MORE MORE!  Be grateful for every little thing in your life.  Find the gratitude.  SLOW down and do it.  Even the not so pleasant:

  1. Paying Bills:  “I’m so grateful I have the income to support this!”
  2. Suffering a break up:  “I am so thankful that I am a strong woman who takes care of herself.”
  3. Not enough time in the day:  “Wow!  I’ve got such a rock star life I have many opportunities to challenge me.  I accept the challenges with grace and eagerness!”
  4. Confrontation, jealousy, competitiveness among those you know:  “I am grateful for my listening and communication abilities.  Because of them my conversations run smoothly.”

Got it?  Another eye roll?  You are so cute.  Try these:

  1. I am grateful for my gorgeous, healthy body.
  2. I am grateful for my loving family and friends.
  3. I am grateful for my gorgeous home.
  4. I am grateful for travel, adventure and gorgeous summer nights!
  5. I am grateful for the air, the breeze, cool sheets and how beach sand feels on my bare feet.

The bottom line…just start being grateful.  Grateful for all you have gotten done and all you will get done tomorrow.  And with time and a little slowing down?  You will start to become grateful for all the ways you have become a STAR in your beautiful life!  Love, Goddess

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