Merry Happy Whoo Hoo!!!

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Merry Happy Whoo Hoo!!  Whatever you celebrate this season (or not!) I’m wishing you a time full of love, fun, play and unexpected pleasurable surprises!

I myself celebrate Christmas.  Even with the hustle and bustle (we won’t even go there!) it is still magical to me:

  • The pretty lights from houses and yards sparkling on dark roads at night
  • The unexpected beaming smiles when you find a wonderful gift for someone you love
  • The whirlwind of parties
  • The joy of little kids opening their presents.  Remember how it made you feel?  Nostalgic sigh…
  • The time just relaxing and being grateful with those you love
  • How I can make people light up by bringing them some of my special home made cinnamon treats
  • The first time you hear your fave Christmas song on the radio…this year it was “Mr. Grinch.”
  • The first time you see the “Hershey Kisses” Wish You a Merry Christmas on TV
  • Nostalgia…note the last two from above!
  • Unexpected mistletoe kisses!
  • It’s a Wonderful Life.  Yeah…Jimmy Stewart and I would have been soul mates!
  • All the wonderful stories about people trying to help those in need
  • Chocolate extra delicious in even more decadent packaging
  • Snowmen of all shapes and sizes appearing in yards after Decembers’ first snow
  • Uhmmmm…after Christmas shopping sales
  • Time off to play!!!

Even if you don’t celebrate anything in particular…isn’t it a great time to find some joy?  YES!  What do you find magical right here and now around you? SHARE AND RELISH. Class dismissed.  Now go party your cute butt off! Love, Goddess

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The Obnoxious Male

The Obnoxious Male
Tom and Gisele pic from: US Magazine

I LOVED this article written by Anna Fogel I found on the NESN website.  I’m also amused when I hear other men talking about it on the radio.  Giving Mr. Brady crap for his honesty. Guess what “Guys in media talking about it,” how honest are you being with yourselves? Men LOVE doing this sort of thing to women!  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  It’s Male 101.  So here is a piece the article:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might not be the best guy to go to for marriage advice, but his methods apparently work. The 37-year-old revealed in an interview with Man of the World magazine that he’ll resort to childish ways to get his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen to notice him while at home. “I like attention from her, so when I’m not getting it, I let her know in immature ways, like a young, immature child would,” Brady said in the interview, via the New York Post. While those juvenile tactics used to work like a charm for Brady, he admitted that he’s going to have to come up with new ways to get attention from Gisele,  who recently signed a multiyear contract with Under Armour, as she’s figured out what he’s doing with every fit he throws. “You throw fits…you pout and you whine until you get what you want,” Brady continued. “She’s on to me…So now I have to learn new tricks.” Who knew the secret to getting attention from a supermodel would be so … simple?

Mr. Brady is admitting an age old male tactic.  And bragging about it!  LOL. All men…the good and the bad, do it.  So how does a Sassy Bitch deal?  How does a Sassy Bitch deal with a GOOD man who is being a jerk for attention?  How does a Sassy Bitch deal with a BAD man who is being a jerk for attention? Would this tactic piss you off or amuse you?  It amuses the **** out of me. Because it puts all the power on our feminine plate.  To do with what we will. Do you know how to maximize your power here?  Or are you in Drama Queen or Bitchy Brat mode and have no idea how to deal? Brady admits that his lovely wife has won and he is looking for a new way to up the ante!  And trust me…he is relishing the challenge.  Do you know how to win and challenge a man like Giselle does? If you do GO YOU!  If not let me help you conquer this challenge from any man.  Anywhere. Anyhow.  With sass, wit and charm. It all starts right here with my 3 week coaching program You’re Re-Awakening.  Email me for your spot…

“Thank you Sharon!  You turned my life around.  I can’t believe how much you have helped me with men AND my confidence in general.”  Sabrina

“Sharon…I want to thank you for our coaching sessions.  I forgot how to play with men!  Not in the manipulative sense…in the fun and sexy sense.”  FREE-ING!!!  Susan

“Without the tools you gave me I would have never seen MY truth behind the anger I had at my ex.”  Thank you.  Love, Pam

It’s time for you to start returning the relish…like Gisele does!  Love, Goddess

Read more at:  Tom Brady Admits

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Test Drive a Relationship?

Anne Tainter image found on Flicker!

Test drive a relationship?

I turn on the radio in my car and start backing out of my garage.  Two girls are having a giggling fit on the station I am listening to.  I get ready to change the channel because they are annoying me. I stop ONLY because this dude that used to play for my beloved New England Patriots,  Jerome Wiggins or “Wiggy,” (his nickname) starts talking.  He has a very distinctive voice!  LOL.  He is on this dating show and he is the “guy” advice.  The subject?  A girl has moved in with her boyfriend and it hasn’t turned out as she had planned.  The giggling girls think moving in with a guy is fab. They think it’s perfectly okay to move in with a guy and take him for a “test drive.” Giggle giggle giggle.  So here is the scenario:

The girl who has moved in with her boyfriend is shocked to find out that the guy is a bum.  He sits around all day and does nothing.  He says he is looking for a job but there is no real proof.  Now she is pissed off at the guy and is looking for advice.  The two giggly girls ask “Wiggy” what he thinks. Which is EXACTLY what I am thinking.  He says:

“Didn’t she know he was a bum before she moved in with him?”


Turns out she hadn’t been dating him very long.  (Really shocking, huh?)

Anyway…the giggling girls stopped in their giggly tracks upon hearing the common sense question from Wiggy.  Which to me was quite sad.

Girls…why the **** would you take a guy you barely know for a “test drive?”  Why would you go through all of that upheaval in your life for a “test drive?”  Moving is a huge deal!  I know because I just did it!  Why would you giggle about the scenario with such silly relish?  Could it be you aren’t thinking?  Uhmmmm….yeah.  That could be it.  Or the way he makes you tingle when he stands near you has fried your senses?  You better make sure that tingle doesn’t get you in a mess like this poor girl who is now stuck living with a dead beat bum. Hopefully she can extradite herself from the situation quickly without losing too much money over the deal.  We all know he doesn’t have the money to move.  So ladies…in conclusion: be ****** sure you know a guy, trust a guy and know exactly where your relationship is going before you move in with him.  Your time is a terrible thing to waste.  Love, Goddess

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Relationship No No!

relationship no no
Relationship no no! Where’s my fry pan? Fab Anne Tainter from Grandmas Aprons


Relationship no no!  Can you guess what it is in this scenario?

My best friend and I are shopping.  I get a text from a guy friend who wants to know if myself and a group of friends will be watching football at my place.  If we were…he wanted to know if he could join us.  Here is the text convo:

Guy Friend:  Hey…you guys watching the game at your place?

Me:  Sure.  Come on over.

Guy Friend:  I may come over for the second half.  I may have someone coming over to my place.

I totally roll my eyes at that text and tell my best friend who has the same reaction.  I text him back:

Me:  We had a change of plans.  We are no longer available.

Do you know what the relationship no no was and why I handled it by saying we were no longer available?

Guy was treating me like a back up plan.  Beyond rude.   Next time I see him I’ll tell him to NOT use his friends like a back up plan.  The man is clueless and may or may not get my bottom line.  We’ll see.  All he had to do in this “age of the cell phone” was to text us IF his plans had fallen through to see where we were.  It was in such poor taste to invite himself over to my place only to tell me I was his second option. LOL. But **** that was fun!

I wonder sometimes if it’s wrong to have so much fun calling people on their crap but it’s not!  I don’t know what’s in the water today but a lot of people just don’t have manners.  So if they are rude they’re just asking for it.  Don’t let anyone treat you like a back up plan, hottie!   Love, Goddess

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