Big Bang Theory Goddess?

Big Bang Theory
Penny from Big Bang Theory. Image from  Vignette4,wikia 

Big Bang Theory Goddess?

Penny from the Big Bang Theory is fantastic inspiration for Sassy Bitches every where.  Penny is beautiful, warm, street smart, loving, witty and playful.  Penny communicates the way a true Sassy Bitch does:  in a bottom line way. And?  Penny will call you on your crap when you need it!   She is a perfect example of what happens to a man when a good, caring woman comes into his life.  The nerdy guys from the show all become better men.  They even get girlfriends!  Even the most annoying of them all, Sheldon.  The best way to appreciate what she does?  With video clips.  Man-Handling 101 Penny style!  Here are examples with bullet point analysis after the video:

  1.  Penny handles someone being obnoxious when she is doing them a favor:

Bullet Points:

  • Penny shows she is a wonderful friend by honoring Sheldons’ favor.
  • Sheldon is completely clueless.  Focused on himself only.
  • Notice how Penny treats Sheldon when he is obnoxious?  She pays very little attention to him.  As a result, he becomes uneasy and uncomfortable.  This is an effective tactic when a guy is being obnoxious.  They hate this!  You can up the ante by saying absolutely nothing.   Read More:  The Obnoxious Male
  • Penny asks him to “shut up” politely with her “quiet time” demand. Sheldon, still clueless and self-absorbed does not comply.
  • That’s it.  Sheldon touched her last nerve. Notice how she tells him to get out with absolutely NO emotion.

2.   Penny communicating in a bottom line way:


Bullet Points:

  • Penny asks her question.  No sugar-coating.
  • When Sheldon gives her a “non-answer,” she calls him on it.
  • Sheldon shares how he truly feels.  Then, knowing Sheldon so well, Penny thanks him for opening up to her.
  • Sheldon has huge issues and yet Penny has built up trust with him so he can open up to her more than even his best guy friends! You know someone loves you when they are willing to ask you tough questions.  And Penny does that with those she loves.

3.  Penny is warm, loving and thoughtful.  Giving Sheldon a gift that she knows will rock his world.

Bullet Points:

  • Good reminder:  It’s not the price that goes into a gift.  It’s the thought.  It’s understanding someone and knowing how to make them feel loved!
  • The moment where Sheldon in his unbelievably awkward way hugs Penny?  With all his touching issues?  Kinda says it all, right?

Lucky for all of us, Big Bang Theory has been on for years so we can watch and learn from a true Sassy Goddess. Click here for more videos…have fun with your homework!  Love, Goddess

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The Ugly Truth About New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Card

Happy New Year image from Public Domain Pictures

The Ugly Truth About New Years Resolutions?

They don’t work if you don’t have a plan.  Resolutions.  Desires.  Wants.  Goals.  How fast are you getting them?  Are they coming at you like lightning or slower than slow? Unless you are doing these 5 steps?  I bet ya it ain’t happening.  Because unless you’re attaching these 5 steps to your resolutions, desires, wants: they are mere wishes.  Work is required.  Focused action and intent. This is nothing new.  I talk about action all the time here.  Intent, focus, action = Success.  So let’s hit the 5 action steps hard:

Step #1:  Get specific.  Example:  Pay off my credit cards.

Step #2:   Make it measurable.  Example:  I will pay off XYZ card in 3 months.  I will do this by making minimum payments of the other ones with larger debt.  When that card is paid off I will give myself a timetable for the next card and direct all my money toward that one. Ideally, you will have a time frame for all the cards in total, say 10 months.

Step #3:  This has to be your want, desire, goal.  If your parents want you to be a dentist and you have NO desire? That same desire (as in none) will go toward that goal.  It has to be something that lights you up, gets you motivated, and enhances your life.

Step #4:  Give it a time limit.  Example:  If you decide to pay off all your credit card debt and don’t give yourself a time limit?  It will never happen.  You’ll keep buying things you don’t truly need, using the card to do things you can’t really afford and dig yourself deeper and deeper.  A time limit makes it real.

Step #5:  Put it in writing.  Then break it down.  Your vision will not happen unless you write it down.  Want to really make it happen? Get support by telling everyone what you are going to do.  It adds accountability.

Nothing sexy here, Bitches!   It’s all common sense stuff that when followed, works.  I’ll never forget the confidence boost I got when I paid off a credit card when I thought I was broke. I really wasn’t as broke as I thought and was rather shocked at a couple of ways I was wasting my hard-earned cashed.  The journey to pay them off was rewarding too.  Each step I took made me feel lighter.  When I made the final payment and saw the statement balance at zero? Freedom.


What will you free yourself from with these five steps?  What will you accomplish, attain, conquer?  Let that thought marinate.  Then make it your intention and with these 5 Steps? Reality. Love, Goddess

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