A Week of “Bs”

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A week full of “Bs.”  Huh?  A week full of ways to get your motor running again.  Or make it purr…keep it going or rock yourself even more.

Today, Monday, is THE most important day.  On the top of your schedule I want you to put the words “Be Pleasured” with a line next to it. For each and every day this week.  If you are the really studious type?  For every single day this month.   Each night before you go to bed I want you to do the following:

  • Give yourself some time to savor the experience.  Put on your moisturizer slower than slow…light a candle, listen to sexy, soothing music…whatever relaxed you.
  • Savor the thought of doing something nice for your fine self.  Savor savor savor.
  • Mix it up…the stand bys are great but discover new things to love.  Experiment with a new hobby, food, music, work out routine…play!
  • Play…just play with this thought:  Things that you never thought you would do:  Do any intrigue you?

Example:  My Monday “Be Pleasured” is slow stretching.  I just don’t make time to do this.  Even when I exercise, really.  And it feels so good when I do.  So in the morning I’m going to give myself a nice long stretching session.  Before and after working out.

So what are your ideas?  Please get on it.  Right now.  And PLEASE share.  Your ideas will help us all “Be Pleasured.” See you tomorrow…Love, Goddess.

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3 thoughts on “A Week of “Bs”

  1. Of course, BE PLEASURED is the sister of BE PLEASED! I’ve added BE THE LEADER to My list as I’ve noticed that I seem to be the only one who knows how to PLAY NICE and think of others in making plans. And you know what? Instant satisfaction! Projects are moving ahead intelligently and effortlessly – as they should!

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