Are You Overwhelmed?

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Are You Overwhelmed?

If you are?   You’re handling so much with so much style and flair that the Universe just keeps on giving you more!  Why would she do such a thing?   Because you are on the fast track. The Universe, the people around you, and the people who rely on you know this: you will help them rock their worlds.  And why wouldn’t they admire your style and flair under pressure?   People that are rocking their lives so hard are inspiring.  Sign me up!

So how in the world do you keep up with all this?  You have to know when the overwhelm is too much even for you, Rock Star. You do this by…showing the Universe you need a little break.  So take a deep breath beauty and try one of the following:

  1. Do only what you can do, Goddess.   There’s no shame in delegating!  Don’t let the “what I should be doing” ruin your style and flair.  Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself?  Is…
  2. Take a break.  Turn on your fave tunes and dance your cute butt off.  Or…go here and dance to one of these:  Your Celebration Song.
  3. Say no.  Don’t you dare add one more thing to your plate if you don’t have time to take a dance break from #2.  You don’t have 3 minutes to dance? Really?
  4. Know how to schedule those mindless tasks that consume time and make you dread doing them.  2 days a week I do the following: Fave TV show, lap top, clear the email in boxes. Spa music on Pandora helps too.  Relax in bed. Sip some wine.  Or if it’s winter try a hot chocolate laced with a little Kahlua, Bailey’s or both.  Make the mundane pleasurable.  It’s amazing how much I can get done when I add pleasure to boring but necessary tasks.
  5. Screw expectations.  Stop expecting perfection.  It will drive you bat **** crazy.  Let it go.
  6. Ask for help.  Really.
  7. Shut out distractions.  Turn off the cell, lap top, TV.   Say no to tech for a few hours or an entire evening so you can relax a bit. Don’t feel guilty about it.  You deserve it!
  8. Laugh.  Get together with the friend that makes you laugh, watch your fave comic, TV show or movie.  Laugh until it hurts. Laughing releases so much tension!

What are your favorite ways to own your overwhelm and rock your life even more?  Please share with us here and on Facebook!   Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook.  Love Goddess

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Beware These Emotional Vampires!

beware these emotional vampires,complaining,
YES! Love it. Fabulous image from The Love Project a highly recommended blog visit!

Beware these emotional vampires!

It was a gorgeous fall day.  Sunny, warm and the wind still refreshing instead of the dreaded BRRRRR!  I was happy, excited and looking forward to a rehearsal of good energy and production. Then I lost it.  My happy. My excited. And I didn’t handle losing it well.  What did I lose? My patience. My patience is really hard to lose.  I mean…you have got to get on my very last nerve for me to lose it.  I have decades long friends that, until recently, have not seen it.  My last nerve is so understanding to everyone.  I always try to help first.  The thing that has made me lose it not just this past time but over the last few months is:  All the complaining people do!  I ask people how they are and rarely do I get “Good—how are you?”  I get a list of complaints and no interest in me. People are so caught up in their own problems a simple “how are you?” back is becoming rare. Beware these emotional vampires.  Just like me, they can get on your last nerve.  So what is the 3 step process to keep emotional vampires off your last nerve?

  1. Complain about it.  Oh wait.  Done. LOL.
  2. Reasoning.  Complaining all the time wastes time.  So in one sentence we’re done here too.
  3. The Bottom Line.   Hot Action.

The Bottom Line:  Complaining is all BRAT.  So to counter the brat we need to give her what she needs.  A swift kick in the ***.  Which is:  Be grateful and notice the good.  And this is going to be really tough for me.  I’ve absorbed all the complaining my body can handle.  My impatience with it is bursting.  Oh God…I’m complaining again.  And putting off my own remedy.  LOL…do you ever do that?   So let’s win by having some fun with this:

  • When someone cuts me off while driving or some other such annoyance, I no longer will use colorful language and insults on them.  I will find something pleasurable to replace that thought immediately.  Ie:  Focus on music, eat a bite of chocolate, stroke myself with a sparkle powder puff.
  • When someone complains when I ask them how they are, I will be witty and playful in my response.  The goal being to make them feel better.
  • When I hear people being negative and complaining I will simply focus on something else.
  • When people start complaining around me I will, with great enthusiasm, ask then how we can solve the problem together!  Refocusing on action is energizing…not draining!
  • When I find myself alone and complaining, I will immediately stop and take a break.  I will do something that makes me feel good. Whether it is meditating, dancing my booty off to a great song, calling a friend or being inspired by a passion.

What about you?  What are some things that make you complain?  How can you find a fun and positive way for YOU to deal so it doesn’t suck you down in the muck?  Be creative. Please oh please have a way to deal with this ever increasing societal problem without getting to the saturation point like myself!  Ohhhhhh and do share!  Positive thoughts are always appreciated and relished!  Love, Goddess

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Honesty Serves Your Inner Goddess

Ninon de Lenclos from: The Fister Hotel

“The joy of spirit is the measure of its force.”  Ninon de Lenclos

Honesty serves your inner Goddess?

Yes…100%.  Think about the people who are always honest with you.  These people are more than likely fighting for you to be the best YOU.  Sometimes it’s painful to hear…but a person who truly loves you will be honest with you….the good, the bad and the ugly.  We must love ourselves as much as the people who love us for our honesty.  If someone can love you for your honest you and share that with you…how can we not see that honesty in ourselves and make it what we live for?  It’s our good. Our bad. Our ugly. That’s way I chose the tag line…”Love Every Drop of Gorgeous You.”

One of my favorite women in history is Ninon de Lenclos.  In an era where women were not expected to think for themselves, her intellect attracted the most powerful men in the world to her.  Kings included.  They craved her incite on whatever they needed to discuss.  From The Book of the Courtesans by Susan Griffin:

Ninon de Lenclos remained uncertain about religion all her life, though this uncertainty did not prevent an abbe’ from falling in love with her when she was 80 years old.  In her inimitable fashion, she continued to enjoy life and inspire admiration until her last breath at the ripe old age of 85.  True to her lucidly honest character to the end, just before her death, asking for pen and paper, she wrote:

“Let no vain hope be held out to make my courage waver.

I am of an age to die, what is there left for me to do here?”

After which she closed her eyes and died.

The abbe’ respected her honesty about her uncertainty about religion so much that he fell in love with her!  Her honesty invigorated him.  She wasn’t a spring chicken either at 80. Amazing. And then to honestly know she would be dead in a moment or two and share it and do it. It takes a lot of courage and honesty to know it is your time and be firmly at peace with it. Ninon lived her honesty each day of her life with vigor and enthusiasm. This is hard to do because it takes so much courage!  Courage to stand in your truth.  We live in a society a lot like hers now. The ones daring to be different are ridiculed.  The ones daring to stand up for themselves shot down or met with apathy.

People who lack honesty within themselves don’t know what they want.  When you know you want something you are passionate about it and fight for it!  So many people are going after what they think they want and it’s not making them happy.  By facing the truth and realizing they are not happy, they may have to ditch all they have accomplished.  And start over. Which is frustrating, depressing and really hard!  It can lead to apathy and what’s the use?  I’ll settle for this because of X, Y or Z.  Settling is not living and it’s certainly not being honest within yourself.

honesty,ninon de lenclos, lola montez,courtesans,seductresses,
Lola Montez image from Beautiful With Brains

“I must live before I die!”  Lola Montez

Link to the book by Lola Montez The Arts of Beauty or Secrets of a Lady’s Toilet…with Hints to Gentlemen on the art of Fascinating

It is never ever too late to discover who your honest self is and live it.  EVER.  That’s what life is all about.  Figuring out who the heck hot little you is.  And living it.  By enthusiastically embracing the discovery of Honest You, you will soar to levels of confidence you never thought existed.  Your energy will attract those with the same mind set and make you go even higher!  Sound cool?  Yeah it does!  So Bitch University is now open.  Explore the below classes to help you start taking ownership of you-your honesty and all the joys that come when you start living it!  Love, Goddess

Class Curriculeum:

  1. Start here for focus and to re-invigorate the lust you have for YOU and lifes’ possibilities:   The Bitch Rules
  2. Choice, Compromise and the Drama Queen
  3. Outsmart Back Stabbers
  4. For when you need a laugh:  Self-Esteem Quiz
  5. Bitch Lifestyle the Manual

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Depression and Conspiracy Theories?


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The truth will set you free.   But first, it will piss you off. – Gloria Steinem

I was thinking about conspiracy theories today over morning coffee.  I had a disturbing thought.  Conspiracy theories are everywhere!  Then I started to think about truth. How sometimes we refuse to see the truth.  How we turn truth into something else so we can go in denial about it.   Because we don’t like the truth.  Which is definitely our Brat. Then how continued denial makes us unhappy. Which is so very Drama Queen.  Light thoughts over early morning coffee, no?  So I thought it might be useful to use some humor with this subject so we can face the truth, apply action and move on.

We do this in relationships ALL the time.  We don’t SEE the truth right in front of us and deal with it.  Examples:

  • He doesn’t call unless he wants something from you (like sex).  Truth:  He likes to hop on when he’s horny.  Conspiracy Theory:  The sex is so good!  We have so much chemistry together!  He only calls me when he wants sex because he is so busy, he is scared to commit and he doesn’t want his wife to know!
  • He is late for a date and doesn’t call.  Truth:  He is being rude.  Conspiracy Theory:  Why isn’t he calling me?  Oh I hope something hasn’t happened to him.  Why?  I’m angry and pissed off.  He shouldn’t act this way.  I know we are just having sex and not committed or anything but it’s just because he is scared!  I know that he does truly love me and the chemistry is so perfect!  He is so perfect!
  • He breaks off with you.  Truth:  It’s over.  Conspiracy Theory:  He can’t possibly not want to see me.  It was so good!  We had so much chemistry!  I love him!  He is just scared!  I have to make him come back and love me or his life will be ruined.  No one is as good as me.
  • He flirts with other women around you.  Truth:  He is being rude.  Conspiracy Theory:  That Bitch.  It’s all her fault.  She is skanky and I know she has some venereal disease.  I have to let everyone know on Facebook so I and all my friends and friends of friends can talk about what a skank she is.

LOL. Not seeing and dealing with the truth can sink us into an unhealthy depression.  Or an unhealthy focus.  The bottom line is so simple and yet we make excuses and create drama and depression to avoid the truth.  Truth:  He was rude.  Solution:  Call him on it.

This works in life too:

  • Your Boss wants you to do A, B and C.  Truth:  Things need to get done.  Conspiracy Theory:  My boss hates me.  My boss has a miserable home life, crappy dating situation and dresses poorly.  He/She has no idea how to lead and I need a new job.
  • Travel is delayed. Truth:  There is nothing you can do about it.  Find a way to relax.  Conspiracy Theory:  You whine, moan and stew about all the difficulties.  How the airlines are all screwed up…they should have stopped the tornado!
  • You don’t live within your means and are in debt.  Truth:  Make a budget and stick to it.  Conspiracy Theory:  I don’t need to save.  I need the new sparkly iPhone case!  I’ll find a man to pay for all this stuff when I get married.  (I have really gotten that one…multiple times!)
  • Interim job while you achieve your goals.  Truth:  I’ll find a way to have fun with it so I can move on to my next goal!  Conspiracy Theory:  I hate my job.  This is so beneath me.  I don’t care if it provides me stability.  I shouldn’t have to do this work.  I should have my own company and everyone I meet is against me in that goal.  Oh…here comes that SOB that has it in for me right now…

See how these little conspiracies we develop in our minds serve our depression?  Our Brats and Drama Queens love this!  They love it because conspiracy theories  justify our depression over things. What we need to do is laugh a bit more and then face the truth.  Because a lot of depression can be resolved by facing the truth, taking action and laughing a bit more.  Love, Goddess

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