Inner Beauty is All

Sassy Anne Taintor pic from the web site Planet Stef:

“Inner Beauty won’t get you laid.”

I saw that quote somewhere and yeah, it’s all in Bitchy fun.  I so disagree.  Inner Beauty is your hot sensual driving force of seduction.  It’s the driving force of your success and happiness in life.  It  is so powerful sometimes the world tries to suppress our power.  Because, like the playful woman in the pic above, you can be as nice as you want or as naughty as you want.  (sassy wink)  So lets discuss just how sexy our inner beauty is:

  1. It’s your luscious brain that decides YOU want to be your best possible YOU. Your inner and outer self.
  2. It’s your luscious brain that trains your voice and how you use it in every possible circumstance:  Career, debate, seduction.
  3. It’s your luscious brain that listens to someones’ words with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Because it’s protecting the heart and soul from distrust by waiting for the action to back up the words.
  4. It’s your luscious brain that encourages curiosity, discovery and adventure to feed the heart and soul.
  5. It’s your heart that skips a beat when you find the perfect pair of shoes that make you feel oh so sexy in.
  6. It’s your heart that warms when your eyes enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
  7. It’s your heart that warms when you give to someone and it makes them smile.
  8. It’s your heart that makes you appreciate all that is around you.
  9. It’s your heart that sends out love and playful joy to all those around you-and warms their hearts.
  10. It’s your soul that awakens on that early morning work out session when you feel re=charged.
  11. It’s your soul that doesn’t try to limit your choices.  Because your soul knows that the heart and mind are working for it to create the perfection in every moment.
  12. It’s your soul, upon awakening to another precious day that happily looks forward to all the delicious opportunities and pleasures that await you.
  13. It’s your brain and heart working together to lovingly call someone on their crap.  To save the soul from the spiritually draining feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.
  14. It’s your brain, heart and soul working together on many different levels that make your Sassy Bitch tick and purr and walk around the piles of shit that surround us every day.

Because you are in your Sassy Inner Bitch you don’t see all the piles of shit.  You see the good around you.  You enthusiastically face challenges with determination.  Because you know that your brain, heart and soul are aligned.  You aren’t even aware of how attractive and magnetic this is.  Your inner beauty gives you that confidence, that glow.  And makes you the irresistible, dynamic force that you are!

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  Pink Water Image from Cheeky Angels

I had the most amazingly sensual experience today.  And it had nothing to do with a man.

Not that I don’t like sensual experiences with a man (sly smile).   I had been doing some yard work and it’s scorching hot out.  I went inside to wash my hands.  The cool water felt so good on my hands.  So I splashed a little on my forearms.  Then my face, back of the neck…it was addicting!  I thought to myself “Oooohhh this is so simple but it’s exactly what I need.”  Normally, I may have gone off to tackle another chore.  I almost did.  LOL.  So I slowed way down.  It was heaven.  So make a slice of heaven for yourself during this heat wave.  Here is your Sensuality Assignment today at Bitch University.

The next time you have been outside and are way over heated.  Get yourself to the faucet!

  1. Slowly let the water run over your lower arms.
  2. Splash your face with the cold water.  Let it run down your face and neck.
  3. Run the cool water through your hair slower than slow.  Close your eyes and enjoy it!
  4. Put some water in your hands and let it run on over the back of your neck.  You may want to enjoy that one over and over!
  5. Cup some water in your hands and splash on your ears.  I forgot how hot that area gets on a humid day and it felt like pure heaven!
  6. Let the cool water trickle down your back.  Mmmm…
  7. Repeat…slower than slow.  Close your eyes and enjoy!

Love, Goddess

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Reawaken Passion!


“She took possession of a man if she touched him with her fingers.”  This, of course, would lead to rapture—the tips of her fingers—fully sensate and aware, taking you in and touching you as if her fingers had never touched before, so that you yourself begin to experience touch as something entirely new.  From The Book of the Courtesans by Susan Griffin

Wow, huh?  The Courtesan Alice Ozy sure knew how to touch.  What passion!  It made me start thinking about passion in my life.  I have many different passions.  Sometimes, though, these passions take up so much time that I don’t fully feel them.  I’m too busy.  So slowly, over time, I take less time to touch, taste, feel, hear.  And my lively passion seems to dim a bit.

Then I read that small passage about the power of touch.  The pleasure it can bring up and my passion reawakens.  How the Courtesan took her passion-and the man through touch.  She was relishing the moment and he was the lucky benefactor.  So let’s relish a bit today…reawaken our precious passion!

  1. Slowly caress your skin.  Notice how soft the skin is on front of your arms.  Don’t be afraid to touch any part of your body.  Enjoy the softness of your skin.
  2. When you brush your hair, slow way down.  Notice the texture, the shine, how it moves and smells.
  3. The next time you are outside, pick a blade of grass.  Swipe it slowly across your nose.  Does it tickle?  Brush it against your skin.
  4. The next time you pet an animal, really enjoy it.  The softness, the difference between the fur on its back and tummy.
  5. You’ll need help with this one 🙂  Find the most ticklish spot on you and your mate.  What are the tickles that make you giggle STOP!?  The ones that make you go ooooohhhh….”
  6. Your clothes:  What materials feel the best to you against your skin?
  7. Dine with your fingers.
  8. Take your shoes off and walk in the grass, the sand, the pavement.
  9. Skinny dip and notice how wonderful the water feels caressing your skin.

I think that’s a good way to end it!  Please share your “Reawaken Passion” touch ideas here:

Love, Goddess

***Gorgeous manicure and pedicure from Lydian Flash, Master Nail Technician

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The “Cuddle Hormone.”

Cartoon from the Fabulous ShoeGirl Corner

There may be a biological reason why women may be prone to “bonding” with men after having sex.  Why once we sleep with a man we really like we cling to him a bit tighter, start thinking “relationship” or “where is this going.”  It’s a hormone that our bodies release naturally:  Oxytocin.  There isn’t a lot of information on this hormone, but what I found was intriguing and thought I would pass it on to you, hotties.  I found this interesting info on the Wellness Blog

Oxytocin is a powerful hormone released by men and women during orgasm. It probably deepens the feelings of attachment and makes couples feel much closer to one another after they have had sex. The theory goes that the more sex a couple has, the deeper their bond becomes.  Oxytocin also seems to help cement the strong bond between mum and baby and is released during childbirth.  The hormone is naturally released in response to a variety of environmental stimuli including nipple stimulation in lactating women, and uterine or cervical stimulation during sex, or as the result of a baby moving down the birth canal.

Interesting, no?  I’m giving you this information to be aware of.  I’ve discovered that I feel much safer, more turned on, and relaxed when I get to know a man and trust him before I get intimate.  And when I’m all these things, I do love a nice cuddle with the man who makes me feel this way.  Do you?  Or are you immune to the effects of oxytocin flowing in your veins.  I have a follower on Facebook who hates to cuddle after sex with her husband.  Her husband loves to!  How cute, huh?  The roles are switched.  Most women I know LOVE to cuddle.

I’m hoping that more research is devoted to this very interesting hormone.  While we await, see how your luscious body reacts to it, see how much “pre-bonding” you need to do before you get intimate with a man.  Maybe you can love em’ and leave em.’  Oh!  And PLEASE do share.  Our collective research is ooooooh sooooo important!  Love, Goddess

Update:  I’ve recently found these books and have added them to my reading list.  They address Oxytocin and wanted to share my research with you:

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