Sanity vs. Chaos

This quote is me right now.  I am dealing with deaths in the family, friends with serious life threatening illnesses, normal life and I’m leaving for a trip that has me forced to relive the past.  Which I never thought I’d do.  Be careful what you think you will never do!  LOL.  Oh…and I have PMS.  Cool, huh?   What do you do when the **** is hitting the fan to stay sane?  Some of the Sassy Bitch techniques work really well, yes.  Luckily my best friend, who knows me so well, told me to get a pedicure.  Heaven!  Now I can go back to being strong, Sassy Bitch.  So spill it.  What keeps YOU sane when life is making you want to scream?  Love, Goddess

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Sign You’re a Sassy Bitch Rule 5

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Full list of Sassy Bitch Rules:


Sign you’re a Sassy Bitch #5:   You listen to a man’s words with healthy skepticism.  Actions turn you on.

Men will say just about anything to get what they want from you.  They always want something.  And that, Sassy Bitch…plays right into our hot little hands.  Except we do it backwards.  We let them have what they want…sex or whatever and then wonder why they don’t call, text or set up dates.  They’ve gotten what they want and they have moved on.  When you MAKE a man produce FIRST by backing up his words with action, he has to work harder to get what he wants.  If what he wants is us, we get the pleasure of sitting back and letting him produce.   He has to work harder to get what he wants, which feeds his ego.  By taking his words with a grain of salt, we get spared the pain.  Trusting his action backed words makes us feel safe and treasured.  Again, when we are happy and he is able to contribute to our happiness, his ego is fed.

Ladies…do you think men are “hairy women?”  Do you think they think the same as you and your girlfriends?  Well, they don’t.  At all.  So in honor of Sassy Bitch Rule #5,  let’s review some of the ways we need to understand men better.

  1. Men seem to be attracted to the things that are hardest to get:
  2. Men seem to like the chase:
  3. A lot of women don’t seem to understand the primal essence of a man:
  4. Women who are loving and generous may be vulnerable to creeps that will take advantage of them:  Unfortunately if you give an inch with a man he will take a mile.  Don’t let him walk all over you, honey!

I’m going to give you one more article.  It’s an article about Oxytocin.  Oxytocin, sometimes called “the bonding hormone,”  is a hormone both sexes produce in the body during sex.  A woman also releases this hormone during childbirth.   It’s important to understand a bit more about this hormone and how it may make us feel after we have sex with a man:

One final piece of evidence.  You know when you hear men talking about what “dogs” they are?  They are being truthful.  I was chatting with a man on Twitter and he insisted all men are dogs.  No matter what.  I wrote back:  There are good dogs and bad dogs.  The good dogs back their words up with action.  He replied back:

“This is true.”

So there you have it – right from the Dobermans’ mouth.  So do the Bitch University reading assignments above.  And study the Sassy Bitch rules thoroughly.  Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

How high are you on the “Sassy” scale?  Here is the complete list of traits from “Signs You’re a Sassy Bitch:

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Sassy Not Sassy Do

You can relax with this crossword puzzle from The Pregnancy Calendar:

When someone asks a Sassy Bitch what’s new she wouldn’t be caught dead saying “Not much.”

Sometimes we don’t think what is going on in our lives is very exciting.  And sometimes, yes, day to-day life doesn’t seem that exciting.  Or is it?  Every single day we, as Sassy Bitches, are working toward something.  Something fulfilling and amazing.  For US.  Sometimes these things take more than one step.  We’re still working toward our fulfillment.  So get passionate about that!  Sell that to the world!  Be proud of your dreams, passions, goals, discoveries.

Sometimes just the fact that we had a chance to pamper ourselves a bit is WAY exciting.  LOL.  Or relaxing for just a moment is a slice of heaven.  Be passionate and appreciative about that.  Share those moments of heaven and sell it to whoever is asking.  That passion and enjoyment is infectious.  So even if that Sassy Bitch is just thrilled with her new beef stew recipe and you hate beef stew?  Bitch has passion for the cooking.  The creating.  The process.  The love she puts into it will bring enjoyment to all those who get to savor her passion.  Even those who may not find it thrilling.

Are you proud of your passions?  Do you find yourself not talking about them because they don’t seem as exciting as some things?  Is your hobby crafting and your best friends’ is sky diving?  Who gives a whoop.  Embrace your passions, or find and cherish them.  That which is exciting to you will rock your world.  And you will rock those whom you encounter.

I love crossword puzzles.  Especially the huge challenging Sunday crossword puzzles!  Is that a passion?  Yeah.  Is it one of my more exciting ones to a lot of people?  Nah.  I can totally understand why a lot of people would find the thought of sitting around doing a crossword puzzle boring.  I love it.  I pour myself a nice glass of wine, get ready for bed, sink into my pillows and start solving.  Sometimes I don’t do very well.  Other times I rock that puzzle.  I love it because it satisfies my need to slow down and my need to keep thinking.  It turns my intellectual side on.

So your assignment today is to embrace your ‘less than exciting” “what’s new.”  If someone ask you what is new in your life remember your everyday passions.  Take pride in them.  Allow yourself to ooze with happiness over them.   Every time you take a moment to savor and love even the smallest passion without excuse, it makes you stronger, happier and charismatic.  A true Sassy Bitch can make watching paint dry fun!  Love, Goddess

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Bring It

We are Sassy Bitches.

We stand up for ourselves, each other and those we love.

We are strong.

We know exactly what we want and how we want it.

We communicate in a confident, charming, bottom line type of way no matter the venue.

  With our families, friends, co-workers, enemies and lovers.

We are outspoken and determined.

Communicating effectively is an art and we’ve worked hard to master this ability.

  When people don’t like what we have to say or are insulting, we aren’t intimidated into doing something we don’t want to do.

We don’t lie down and take abuse, disrespect or nonsense from anyone.  We either call them on it or refuse to engage in it.

We take care of ourselves.  We take that time because when we are happy, we can make everyone else happy!  It takes courage to own our Sassy Feminine Bitch in our world today.

And we over flow with courage.

We embrace our unique beauty and talents.

Excuses bore us.  Action turns us on!

We stand up and fight for the women who haven’t seen their power yet.

And to anyone who tries to diffuse our inner flames, our burning desires and luscious beauty?

We say bring it.

Because with a smile and the flair of a Goddess we will watch them fail or give up and join our Rebellion.

And we’ll welcome them with a sassy smile and open arms.

We are Sassy Bitches.  Enjoy us Purr.


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