Declutter Bitch!

I know.  You hate me.  You only hate me because you know I’m right.  I feel your pain because I need to do it too! Declutter the clutter…both organizationally and personally.

Admit it.  You have junk to get rid of.  Whether it be an object that reminds you of an old boyfriend, stuff you no longer use or a box full of crap you “may need at a later date.”  I mean…how many pens do you really need? I say that because I just threw out a box of old ones that didn’t even work!  So let’s get to it.

Take a deep breath, beauty…and trash it!

  • Crap you haven’t used in years.  Or ever used.  Pens, nail polish, magazines, knick knacks.  Just throw them!
  • Crap in your kitchen that you haven’t used.  Like that artichoke pate that sounded so good that you bought 8 years ago.  (I just threw one out…ewww)
  • Clothes you haven’t worn.  Or worn in years.  Or clothes that are/were favorites of yours that have holes in them that are beyond repair.
  • Gifts from an old boyfriend.
  • Your inbox.  Unsubscribe to anything that isn’t truly necessary.
  • Contacts in your address book that you never see, hurt you or dated that you MUST delete.
  • Old technology.  You have the replacements.  Get rid of it!
  • Beauty Junkies:  stuff for your skin you never use.
  • Your car: Clean out your glove compartment and replace with travel essentials.

Why?  As a sign to the Universe that you are over it.  You are ready to move on.  Invite new things, new loves, experiences into your life and home.  You are done with what the “old clutter” represents.  You want the NEW!!!!!

Great Goddess.  Not so easy.

Just start.  One box.  One room.  One little area that needs your undivided “declutter attention.”  Eventually the whole house will be cleansed of your clutter. Baby steps to proceed to the whole project being done!  With each little piece of clutter you dispose of you take weight off of you.  A little bit here and there and you will feel lighter and freer.  Doesn’t that sound cool?

So go ahead beauty…chip away each day at a little clutter in your life.  You will be thankful.  Gotta go and clear my inbox now.  Love, Goddess

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