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Laughter is the best medicine.   It gives you energy and is a wonderful beauty treatment:  laughter gives you a wonderful glow.  I intend to stuff this section of the web site full of things to give you a laugh and brighten your day.  When you run into a little stress or need some motivation come here.   Take a little time for yourself, then get back to kicking Bitch Ass in the world.  Go you! 

I lovingly give you this clip of from You Tube.  It had me in stitches. 

Love, Goddess 

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4 Comments on “Laughter is the Best Medicine

  1. Oscar Turner

    Well, Family Feud is actually a classic game that traces back wayback in the 80’s i guess. It is a nice game anyway.-*`

  2. Abner

    I wanted details relating to this on Aol and came upon your article. I found it nice clear. Thanks a lot

  3. Judith Cooper

    Thanks again, Goddess-tooo funny. I like Monty Python and Robin Williams on Viagra (youtube)

  4. Goddesspower

    Thanks Judith! I love those old episodes of “Soap,” too! Love, Goddess

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