Impatience…a virtue?


Self-love tip of the Day:  When you are feeling something…really feel it!  You have no idea the incredible resource your emotions are.  Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness Dr. Christiane Northrup says:  “You have to feel it to heal it.”


I wanted to exercise last week and my music machine wasn’t working for me.  I got more and more impatient.  I wound up yelling at the machine and breaking my Madonna’s Greatest Hits CD.  Now that was productive, wasn’t it?  LOL.  Actually…it was.  I learned a lot when I stopped and listened to what my body and my impatience were telling me.  I realized how destructive and pointless my impatience was.  But you know what?  I may not have seen that so clearly if I hadn’t allowed myself to get so upset.


Women have been taught by society to be “unemotional” to get ahead.  Good practical advice.  You don’t want to be breaking things at board meetings!  But there’s truth and learning in all our emotions: even the unpleasant ones.  Our bodies are screaming for us to deal with it.  Can you imagine what a lifetime of tamping down negative emotions can do to a person?  If we don’t listen to those emotions, we can’t learn what’s bothering us and then we can’t solve the problem.  The problem keeps getting buried deeper and deeper in our bodies.  Then, since we don’t learn anything, the problem grows.  Slowly, over time, you start dealing with negative emotions in a not so productive way.


What did I learn from breaking that CD?  When I stopped to listen to my impatience, I realized how patient I was with everyone I cared about.  I’m loving, understanding and always encourage them so they can succeed.  The perfect cheerleader.  Why couldn’t I be my own cheerleader?  The impatience told me I needed to be more patient with myself.


Now when things aren’t going right I slow down and breathe.  I give myself a hug by doing something that makes me feel good.  It may be a nice hot shower, putting on some lip-gloss, dancing to a fun song.  Then I’m off to the races again.  Happy, focused and motivated in my tasks for the day.


This took practice, ladies.  Just like savoring and celebrating yourself.  Embracing the negative in you and seeing the message within takes practice.  Investment in yourself— investment in your inner Goddess.  So practice giving yourself a break.  The next time you are pissed off, sad, impatient, exhausted beyond words, do something pleasurable for yourself.  Relax and realize your body is telling you something.


I’m going to frame that Madonna CD.  Why?  To celebrate my impatience. My impatience has taught me so much.  Thank you impatience!  Love, Goddess

Got impatience?  Check out these interesting books!

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It’s Glamour Week, Beauties!

Ahhhh….Glamour. That lovely luscious Glamour Diva that pulls out all the stops in the name of her beauty. She tantalizes, seduces and with a bat of her lashes gets her every desire.

She’s probably the last thing you’re thinking of today. After all, you just came off a long weekend full of celebrating, barbecues and relaxing. It’s a Tuesday that’s really a Monday and you are busy! Career, kids, errands, commuting. Some of you are probably reading this and thinking: Really Goddess, did you sniff too much fresh air this weekend? And you know what? For all of you out there thinking I’m a little crazy with this glamour stuff first thing in the morning? I think it’s cute. It makes me smile. Remember my Destine story from Miami? If I can work Destine in the name of fun and pleasure, can you maybe, just maybe bask in a little of your glamour today?

And I mean just a little taste. Some of you may want to go full out. And I humbly applaud you!!! Like fun, flirting and loving every inch of you, glamorizing takes practice. But what fun! Here’s your week to play with your gorgeous self. Experiment and discover what makes your inner fashionista purr. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Take some lip gloss, lipstick or even chap stick out of your purse and work it right now. Admire your self in  the mirror as you put it on. Seduce yourself in the mirror with it!
  2. Spritz yourself with your favorite perfume that you only wear for “special occasions.” Because every moment you are alive you ARE a special occasion.
  3. Take a few moments to enjoy yourself being the heroine in your favorite book or movie.  Eat something really glamorous: Brie, drink champagne or nibble on Belgium chocolate.
  4. Take a few extra minutes tonight to take care of your beautiful self before you go to bed. Use your favorite body moisturizer, spritz on some shimmer, brush your hair and savor the feel of it.
  5. Buy yourself flowers and put them by your bed.

 For extra credit: Bring something to work with you tomorrow that makes you feel fabulous. Those Chanel sunglasses, that bright red lipstick, a diva scarf. Whatever! Listen to your inner diva and let her run a little wild.

As always, I eagerly await what you discover during this “experiment with glamour.” And if you have yummy ideas? Please share with everyone! Love and a big red lipstick kiss, Goddess

 © S Stevens Life Strategies

Let’s Talk About Men, Baby!

I love men.  I appreciate them in so many ways.  (Watch for a male appreciate blog coming up)  They’re much less complex than women are.  Which leads to huge communication issues between the sexes.  In this blog we’re going to address communication snafus and other “male mysteries.”  Bit by bit.  Like my earlier blog on “savoring” we’re going to savor and celebrate the differences in our sexes.   


Savoring and understanding men for who they are is so much more fun than looking at men negatively:  “I hate men,” “ All men are losers, jerks.” I think this whole attitude about men sucks.  Yes, we’ve all met jerky guys in the past.  That’s the past.  Now is now.   So put on a new hat and let’s celebrate men instead.  Don’t you want to be celebrated for who you truly are too?  We start by celebrating ourselves as women, first.


When was the last time you celebrated yourself?  You—in all your womanly glory? You must love yourself first before you love a man.  Love yourself so much that you don’t give a shit what anyone thinks.  You rock, you adore you and you 110% know it.  We’re not talking about conceit here.  We’re talking true self love…flaws and beauty all.  Then you can communicate effectively what you want from a man and invite him into your fabulous universe.  One of the biggest questions I get from men is this:


“I don’t know what women want.”


It’s no wonder when we’re constantly fed what men want, but what about what we as women want? 


Let’s take a look at this months’ issue of Cosmo (Jan 2009)  “Bad Girl Sex” “Are you a Great Date?” “Drama of the Day.” Now I like fluff as much as the next girl, but some people take this stuff seriously!  Let’s look at another magazine cover:  Glamour:  “263 Juicy Answers from Guys”  (How they feel about you.  But what’s more important…what you know about you or what they know about you.  Remember…most men don’t know what you want) “21 Ways You Turn Him On,” (Great…but what turns you on fair one?)  Then there are “59 new tips you have to know about him.” 


Where’s the woman celebration?  Let’s start one right here, right now.  Let’s come up with our own “59 new tips about women and what you have to know “ right here on this blog.  Let’s make it juicy and fun:  60 Reasons to Celebrate Women!  I’ll start it off:


  1. Every single one of us has our own unique beauty, talent and passion for life.
  2. We can multi-task like nobody’s business.
  3. We give birth to beautiful babies!  Hence…we are the ultimate creators… 

Whatcha got for me ladies?  Let’s celebrate ourselves!  I’ll post the completed list soon.  Love, Goddess


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Passion…enjoy some today!

I looked up the word “passion” in the dictionary. There were 10 different entries.  9 of which had to do with sex.  Ironically the one that “turned me on” was definition #6:  A strong or extravagant fondness enthusiasm or desire for anything: a passion for music.  The most powerful definition is buried under all that sex.  I choose to live definition #6 because infusing passion throughout my life makes everything better.

I love the movie “Ever After” starring Drew Barrymore. (Cinderella saves the Prince in this kick ass version of the fairy tale) Cinderella/Danielle lives each day fully engaged in life, even though she is a servant in her own home.  She makes no excuses and meets each challenge straight on.  No whining.  She wants her fathers’ legacy-his home-to remain strong despite her selfish Stepmother.  Her father encouraged her passion and she absolutely adored him.

During an encounter, Danielle and the Prince are discussing politics.  Danielle is defending her opinion while challenging the Prince on his view on the matter.  The Prince asks her, “How do you live everyday with such passion?” “Don’t you find it exhausting?” It takes the Prince days to catch up with her. He realizes he can sit back, relax, experience and learn from Danielle’s’ passion for life. A little taste there, a bigger bite the next day. All good. When he met Danielle he found what was missing in his proper, regal courtly existence. Passion for life.

Most people are probably like the Prince when they meet a person infused with the passion that Danielle has. It’s utterly charming, infectious and can be overwhelming. Like anything passion takes practice. Practice the art of passion. Here are some ideas for you (Feel free to sample or take on as many as you like!)

1.  Admire yourself in the mirror. Smile seductively and really feel this phrase: “I am the hottest, sexiest woman in the world!” Be passionate about you.

2.  Take a bath.  Relax in the bubbles and engage all your senses.  Use candles, incense, sip champagne or nibble on cheese. Breathe deeply into this “passionate” relaxation.

3.  Play some music, turn down the lights, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Move your body or not. Just be in the moment.

4.  Go outside and do something active for your body. Notice how your body moves and feels. How lucky you are to have such a magnificent Creation—-yourself.

5.  Research this question: Which blanket would I most want to cuddle up in every night? Check out and enjoy different textures. If you are going to cuddle up in a blanket every night it should make you feel wonderful.

6.  Try on a diamond at the jewelry store.  Enjoy the colors, clarity the sparkle…and how it makes you feel.

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies