Living Now!

“It’s My Life,”  Bon Jovi.  From BonJoviVEVO

Living Now!  Need a little pick me up?  It’s December…the start of one of the busiest times of year.  Think you can’t do one more thing? Fit one more bit of pleasure into your life?  You can.  Crank this tune up and dance your way to one more chore, one more errand, one more adventure or discovery.   Go ahead…it’s now or never!  Click here for the video.  Love, Goddess

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful table setting from Family Holiday 


Happy Thanksgiving to the most gorgeous, sassy, stylish, fun, witty and fabulous of them all…YOU.

I am deeply grateful for:

Your continued support of Bitch Lifestyle

Your comments, questions and curiosity

Your willingness to be vulnerable

How open you are for MORE in your life

Your spirit

Your refusal to say “no” to anything you truly want

Your constant pursuit of pleasure

Your courage regarding your fears

How you adore every millimeter of your fabulous flesh

How you embrace your goodness AND your badness

You see how our emotions hold our truth

How brilliantly you release the emotion…even anger…to get to your truth

Your passionate pursuit of your dreams

Wishing you peace, love, abundance and everything you desire…

Love, Goddess


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Now on YouTube

Now on YouTube…Bitch Lifestyle.

When you go to Bitch Lifestyle on YouTube, I want you to relax and enjoy as much as possible.  That’s why I’m keeping my channel ad free (mostly).  If I share something from another channel, I can’t control the ads. (Hence the mostly)  I’ll be keeping my videos short, sweet and ad free.  There will be videos about pleasure, fun, emotions, men.  The usual subjects from Bitch University.  Need a quickie pleasure fix to keep you going?  I want to be the girl for you!

I invite you to view videos, share experiences, comment, inspire and enjoy each other.   For the next couple of full, busy, overwhelming but wonderful months, we will be upping the ante here on Bitch Lifestyle. Lets enjoy every drop of the Holiday Season, 2015.  No matter what you do to celebrate this time of year, there is one thing we can all celebrate.  The gift of life and being woman.

For those of you new to Bitch Lifestyle, here is a quick introductory video:  Why Bitch Lifestyle?

Love, Goddess

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Adapting 101

Adapting 101.  How much can you handle being thrown at you and how hard can you rock it?  I had the flu last week and was confined to my couch and TV.  Lucky for me a movie favorite was on.  “Seems Like Old Times,” starring Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase.  I just loved Goldie in this movie when I was a kid.  As an adult woman I appreciated something that I hadn’t seen when I was a young girl.

How she charmingly, sweetly and cleanly handled all the crap that was thrown at her during this movie.  The clip above pretty much shows it all.  Even in the one point in the movie where Goldie couldn’t take one more problem, one more curve ball, one more tiny bit of stress and she had an anxiety attack?  She was able to tell her husband exactly what she needed without screaming at him or taking her frustration out on him.  Without being awful and mean.

Can you do that?  You can if you had what Goldie’s character has in this film:

  1. Confidence.
  2. Her ability to communicate is outstanding.  Her training as a lawyer has given her this skill.
  3. Even when she is less than put together, her confidence and sense of humor shine making her quite irresistible.
  4. Her trust and love in people make them respect her. She sees the good in everyone.  She does not assume or judge.

Goldies’ character took action instead of letting her Drama Queen suck her under. Goldie is all feminine Sassy Bitch! Yeah…the movie is real old…but just think of how much you could stand out today? Among the crowds of over-reacting people if you channeled this in yourself?  Ready to take a couple steps into channeling this sweet, charming and oh so feminine part of yourself? Start with a crash course in communicating:

  1. Rent the movie “Seems Like Old Times,” and notice how Goldie communicates.  What do you notice?  What intrigues you and what do you wish YOU could do?
  2. Study people communicating around you.  Who reacts and who handles different people with aplomb?
  3. Watch the TV Show Shark Tank.  Notice who communicates well with the Sharks and who is a disaster.
  4. Take care of yourself every single day.  If you are run down and emotionally exhausted, communicating effectively is so much harder. Give yourself this break and notice how it helps you over the next few weeks and months.

Want more?  Read the suggested articles below.  Enjoy and play with what you are learning.  Practice becoming the best communicator ever!  Love, Goddess

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