Play it Forward

play it forward
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Play it Forward.

Two weeks ago I was in Marshalls.  I’m in line.  The lady in front of me hands me her gift card.  She says to me:  “It only has $5 left on it but I want you to have it.” Of course I was surprised.  Of course I was grateful.  I told her thank you and I would “Play it Forward” with someone else.  We agreed that it was a great idea.

A couple weeks go by.  I have “Play it Forward” on my to do list.  I know that sounds a bit weird.  I mean…am I really so busy that I have to remember to do a kind thing to someone?  I am but, for some reason it wasn’t so easy.  I had to write it down so I wouldn’t forget.  You see…I would be out and about and deep down I knew the perfect thing would happen.  And it wasn’t.  It felt weird that the “perfect way” to Play it Forward did not appear to me.  Examples:

  • I could pay for the toll in back of me.  There was never anyone in back of me!
  • I saw a cute little old lady at a bar.  I thought I could buy her a drink. Then I saw her paying her bill.  (Not good timing)
  • When I see a service person I will pay for a drink. (Not a one in sight)

So…I just stopped thinking about it.  I decided to trust.  Trust that the perfect way to Play it Forward would just happen.

And it DID!  I was in Fresh Market tonight.  I finished paying and looked behind me.  There she was.  The lady from Marshalls!  So I took out a $5 bill.  I looked at the lady from Marshalls and said:

“Hi!”  She instantly recognized me and I gave her a big smile and I gave the cashier the $5 and said “Play it Forward.”  We had a chuckle and she gave me a hug.  We agreed to continue to Play it Forward with others.  With all the negativity out there…how fun is this?  I would love it if each and every one of us chose someone to give $5 to.  Something small. Just give.  And just say “Play it Forward,” to whomever you give to. What cool things would happen?  What cool people would we meet?  How cool it is to make a little fun for other people?  Wanna play?  YES!  When you do, please share what you did and what fun thing happened in return!  Can’t wait to hear from you!  Love Goddess

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