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Men Being Rude

 Men Being Rude

Muscles aren’t what turn me on. Jersey Shore guys pic from the Fab Website Her Campus

Men being rude.

If a guy is being rude to you here is a simple way to make your life a whole lot easier.  Don’t acknowledge it.  For example (and the reasoning is in italics)

1.  If you’re chatting online with a guy and he’s taking a long time to get back to you?   He’s focused on other things (like other women he’s chatting with, maybe?) when he should be focused on YOU.   Just log off without explanation.  9 times out of 10 you won’t hear back and this is good!  You want a guy focused on YOU.

2.  If he sends you naughty photos and you aren’t even dating yet?  Ignore and delete.  Seriously.

3.  If you agree to IM/chat with a guy you’ve met on a dating web site and he says he “must have you,” “must kiss you,” “meet for a drink and share kisses,” and you haven’t even agreed to a first date yet?  One word:  Yuck.

4.  If a guy says he likes you and wants YOU to go out of the way to meet him, he’s not respecting you.  Ignore the request. 

5.  If you’ve been out on a date or two with a guy and he doesn’t greet you warmly in an IM or other message, call him on it.  Bitches LOVE calling people on their crap:  Let a Man Chase You  Example:  Dealing With a Demanding Man

Why ignore?  He was rude first.  And trust me, he’ll get it.  Guys hate being ignored.  The bad ones will slink back into the swamp, and if a guy truly likes you, he’ll get it and stop the rudeness.  Notice what is really cool about this?

Not one nag required. 

Proof is in the pudding in the “Dealing with a Demanding Man” post from above and this:  My brother, upon realizing what I was doing when ignoring him:

“You know…when I do something you don’t like, and you ignore me?  That’s effective.”

Want more?  How about what our Gal Dolly Parton says is the secret of her long marriage: “When my husband gets a little complacent, I just pack a bag and stay gone!”

So beauties, you’re assignment today at Bitch University is to not take any crap from guys you meet online or barely know.  Practice and be aware!  It will come in handy when you are more serious with a guy and he is rude.  Or he does something you don’t like.  Take your power beauties.  Don’t whine, don’t nag, don’t chase.  The bad guys will slink away. These guys will not make the effort because they want the woman they can walk all over.  They aren’t men yet. They aren’t ready to work for YOU.   Make room for the guys who get it and stop the nonsense.  They are the ones who will adore you.  And that’s what all women want.  To be adored.

Love, Goddess

PS:  How to handle a man who is clueless in dating.  This is important because there are a lot of men out there who are being used and treated like crap by bad women.  It goes both ways.  Be polite, offer a way to help then move on.  We have to do this because by doing so…we Bitches are polishing up the men for each other.  It’s sending out the love!  Dealing With a Man Not Ready to Date

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    4 comments to Men Being Rude

    • Melina


      Your blog posts -plus other readings- helped me realize something pretty big tonight.
      I called an ex lover on his crap and he was. Totally. Speechless. That was super polite but super direct at the same time. That was just perfect ! *proud*


      P.S.Keep going !

    • Goddesspower

      Welcome Sassy Bitch Melina! Love, Goddess

    • sophia

      I need to understand why some men want us to chase them? lol.

      Seriously, it would be lovely if you wrote an article about that…

    • Goddesspower

      Hi Sophia,
      We will discuss this during coaching together! Love, Goddess

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