Slaying Doubt

Slaying Doubt
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Slaying Doubt. This weekend I had it.  The fact that I had it drove me absolutely batty.  I was so pissed at myself I could have just screamed!  I was disappointed in myself…teetering on the edge of diving into the Drama Queens’ rather deep pool of “woe is me.”  God how I hate doubt.

Today I realized it was not doubt.  I wasn’t doubting myself at all.  It was the PERSON who made me feel icky.  I handled this person well.  I confused the “icky” feeling with the “doubt” feeling. How do I know?

Because I looked and felt hot and the Universe was giving me free stuff.  I took the time to look hot and feel hot for the comfort it would give me.  So…hot ones.  The subject for today at Bitch University is doubt versus the stuff that makes you feel icky.  How do you tell and how do you deal?

First how to deal. So you can stop judging yourself.

1.  You’ve got to do the work on you.  You’ve got to figure out WHO you are and what won’t fly. Exactly how to treasure yourself so you can communicate it. Read my articles at Bitch University, take my Awakening Course or read Bitch Lifestyle the Manual on Amazon.  OR…get yourself to the Sassy Bitch Rules and form a plan so you start rocking them.

2.  Do the work on you.  Every single day!

Now “how to tell the difference between doubt and icky.”

1.  Even though you are dressed in your new absolute fave dress, have the perfect blow out and feel absolutely divine, you feel icky about a situation or someone.  You may think you screwed up. You may think you needed to take a stronger stand.  Just as you’re berating yourself, something cool happens. Like you get a free dinner or something.

2.  You look and or feel HORRIBLE. You have the flu, food poisoning, no make-up on, your hair is a wreck and the outfit you’re wearing screams “Fashion HELL no.”  Yet guys are checking you out—hot ones—and everything you need to accomplish is going beyond well.

Two completely different circumstances being rocked by YOU and you have no idea how well you are doing.  Then the moment happens…the moment you get free food or the hot guy checks you out?  You realize it’s about ONE thing.


Doubt goes out the window.  You may still feel icky…emotionally or physically, but the power of self-awareness and knowing yourself so well powers you through and makes you feel amazing.  Despite the fashion hell no.  Despite raging sickness. So start doing the work on you.  Right now.  Check out the sources I just gave you here on the website and beyond.  Get cracking!  Get self-aware!!! Love, Goddess

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