Sultry Summer Beauty Tricks

Sultry Summer Beauty Tricks


Sultry Summer Beauty Tricks to keep you cool and comfy this summer!   July…the hot and steamy days of summer are finally here!  Because of the long winter most of us experienced this year, I swear my “I’m over-heating now thermostat” is sleeping.  I was doing the dishes and was so happy when the cool water hit my skin.  I closed my eyes and let the cool water run over my arms.  Mmmmmm…

So let’s discuss ways to enjoy getting cooled off this summer.  Besides the usual dip in the ocean, pool or lake…how do we add a little beauty or sensuality to it?  Up the pleasure ante?  Here are some things I like to do:

  1. When you’re doing the dishes, savor some cool water.  Splash on arms, face and neck.  Repeat and enjoy!
  2. Keep a wet cloth in the refrigerator.  Smooth over skin when you are HOT.  Add some aromatherapy oil to the cloth…like lavender for a soothing aroma on a stressful day.
  3. Forget the nightie.  Sleep naked.  Spray a cooling mist all over you before you lay down on the sheets.
  4. Leave a yummy skin mister in the refrigerator.  They are everywhere in the stores.  I like this one Josie Maran Lavander Mist and she makes a rose water one too.
  5. Freeze grapes.  Pop them in your mouth for a yummy and refreshing treat.  Experiment with different fruit.
  6. Make fresh fruit beverages and leave in the fridge:  lemonade, pomegranate, mango, kiwi.  Add a little run or tequila after work for your own happy hour.
  7. Instead of using a creamy moisturizer, try a lightly scented oil. Something warm and sexy like this one:  Caudalie Divine Oil I get complements on it all the time!
  8. Shop.  Wherever there is air conditioning.  Try the above ideas before you buy.  Sephora is a great place to play and stay cool!

So what are your favorite sultry summer beauty tricks?  Please oh please share!  Love, Goddess

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