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I’m absolutely exhausted.

In the best sort of way!  I didn’t know how much I’ve needed to let loose until yesterday-Monday morning.  I was spent because I partied on a Sunday night.  Something I never have time, or make time to do.  I went out with a friend of mine because we had a proposal to work on.  We completed it and then proceeded to talk and drink yummy beverages until 1 am.  He does great conversations…which I love!  And you know what?  I could have partied all night.

So what is this about?  Because I’m so busy and love what I’m doing so much…I don’t know when I need to “release” in this sort of way.  My work is so much fun.  It is so much fun to help women find their fun!   This is why sometimes we Sassy Bitches don’t know we need a “Fun Release.”  Sassy Bitches know how to make things fun.  We know when we are pissed off and need to kick box, we know when we need sexual release, we know we’re exhausted and sleep is bliss!  So why don’t we know we take our Fun Release?  Is it guilt?  That could be a big one.  Could it be the time?  That could be it too.  Screw that.

The key is trust.

You have to TRUST.  That what you are doing right now at this moment is the best thing you could be doing for yourself.  So when you stay out late and don’t get all the things done that you meant to?  Recognize the Drama Queen:  guilt may creep in.  Sad, depressing, oh I’m such a bad slacking little Drama Queen.  Well guess what?  When I release the anger, release the sadness and EMBRACE the fun?  I work so much more efficiently.  There is even a very interesting book on this subject:  The 80/20 Principle It’s about focusing on the 20% that really matters to us personally and professionally:

“The unspoken corollary to the 80/20 principle is that little of what we spend our time on actually counts.”  From the 80/20 Principle


So think about it.  80% of what we do may not be critically important to our careers or lives.  You know what I think?  If you take just 20% of all that extra time and have a little more fun, play and exploration?  What is important becomes crystal clear.  What you like and want more of will become clearer.  The path to both feels better.  You just know.  Because your Sassy Bitch is in charge.  Your trust and confidence in yourself help make actions fun!  Barriers become things to get around and TO the fun.  Questioning yourself disappears because the result…what you want…is sooooo GOOD!  This also helps when an opportunity is taken away from you.  You can trust that you will find something better.   Sometimes you just have to do something different and trust that you will learn from it.  Questioning yourself keeps you from doing, which is action.

So the next time you have a huge urge to let go a bit spontaneously?  Try it.  No guilt. It will make your mind quicker, re-ignite your passion for life and make your grass a little more greener.

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Trust is something that has to be earned.  Over time.  You just can’t snap your fingers and the Trust Fairy grants it.  Even if you DO trust someone, there are certain things you shouldn’t share.  Like personal information.  There’s a reason why it’s called “Personal Information.”  It’s not “Everyone’s Information,” or “Hey everyone want access to my bank account information,” or even “My Pin number is.”  Never give out this information.  Yeah…Bitch is on a tangent.  Here’s why I’ve become all Queen Mother Bitch about it.  A very sweet client of mine had a boyfriend who wanted personal information from her.

Sweet Client: (after completing an assignment to get rid of her anger at men) My boyfriend asked something of me that I found disturbing.

Me:  Yes?

Sweet Client:  He wanted us to exchange passwords and share our personal Facebook information.

Me:   And?

Sweet Client:  I said no.  What bothered me is he said “Why-don’t you trust me?”

Me:  And?

Sweet Client:  Then we got into an argument about trust.

Me:  How does your body feel talking about this?

Sweet Client:  I feel like slimy creatures are crawling all over me!

Me:  So it makes you feel yucky.  LOL…

Sweet Client:  I don’t know what to do.

Me:  Yes you do.  So do it!

And she did.  She told her boyfriend that she wasn’t going to share that information with him.  She told me he tried to change her mind and guilt her into it.  She dumped him.  Made this Queen Mother Bitch so proud!  This guy tried to guilt her into sharing something that was none of his business.

I was relieved for her and didn’t think about it anymore.  Until yesterday.  When I heard on the radio on the John Tesh program that this sort of thing is happening more and more often!  It’s a new way to show love and trust among young people, the show said.  Sharing Facebook passwords.  It also said every person that shared their Facebook passwords got into a lot of trouble.  Personal pictures and email were sprayed all over the internet.  And that was just the tame stuff.

So don’t do it.  Don’t share your personal information with anyone.  Keep it personal.  And if someone asks you and then tries to make you feel bad?  Tells you a lot about their character.  Or lack thereof.  Or naivete.  If you’ve given out personal passwords, change them toute suite!  Love and a warm bear style hug, Queen Mother Bitch

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