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What a Real Man Wants?


And YOU want the man who gets turned on by this.  A real man does.  A boy likes a girl who “needs” him.  Then he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.  It feeds his ego.   A real man wants the real woman because she will kick him in *** when he is being a jerk.  She will look at him when he enters the room with pleasure.  Because HE gives her pleasure.  Ego fed a banquet.

You want the man who doesn’t need to think about whether he wants you or not.  He knows he wants you and pursues you.  Does whatever he has to in order to get and keep your attention.  Because he knows the real woman has a full and busy life.  He has to earn time in in her life.  And he WANTS it.   Time and her.  If he doesn’t get that attention…someone else will.  That would mean he loses.  Men hate to lose.  Especially something as precious, sensual, passionate and exciting as a full-fledged hot and happy WOMAN.  Love, Goddess

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***Special Thanks to the hot and sassy Sexy Scientist Who Isn’t Sorry on Facebook. Who saw this and sent it to me because it reminded her of me.  One word:  Purr….

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2 comments to What a Real Man Wants?

  • Judith

    This guy that I met two weeks ago-brought about those feelings of desiring him that make me start to obsess about him. No sex, but we had some cuddling. He continues to text me, but doesn’t talk to me on the phone-how do I get him to talk or meet me again. I feel the texting is impersonal and a great way to just string me along. Judith

  • Goddesspower

    Hi Judith…Excellent question! How do we stay grounded when we meet a man who we really like and have chemistry with? Not an easy thing to “just do.” Consider some private coaching with me
    so you have tools to deal with this issue in a powerful way. Email me: Love, Goddess

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