By   February 16, 2011

Hot Hugh Jackman image from Angel Fire

Here’s your chance, hotties!  What are the top 10 questions you have about men?  They will be answered honestly from an amazing group of men that I have for you.  These men are the really good ones.  Men I know and love.  And you deserve answers from the BEST!   Sorry, Hugh Jackman not included.

How to do this:

1.  Through my email:

2.  Or through our Facebook page:  Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook 

So go ahead…throw me all your questions.  I’ll pick the most asked 10, consult my handsome panel, and post next week!

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One Comment on “Your Top 10 Questions for Men? Answered.

  1. Spell Vixen

    here add this to the pot of questions:
    why don’t men ever ask for directions?!!!!

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