12 Sassy Days of Christmas

Bonus Sassy:  Get yourself a yummy cupcake!  Yummy cup cake from The Cupcake Blog:  http://www.thecupcakeblog.com/tag/red-velvet-candy-cane-cupcakes/

The 12 Sassy Days of Christmas (or whatever Holiday you would like to celebrate…ie “Bad-Ass Bitch Holidays) start today!  Every day on Facebook I’m going to give you something fun and sassy to do.  On some days you might be…really Goddess?  You want me to do what?  And that is totally cool.  Do as many as you want to do.  Keep a few on the back burner for another time if you wish.  Bottom line is we are going to celebrate having the gorgeous gift of life and the sexy little packages we enjoy life in:  Our hot little feminine bodies!

All you have to do is join the fun on our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bitch-Lifestyle/205875411841 and play, play, play!

On the First Sassy Day of Christmas:  Make a list of ALL and I mean ALL the things you want in your life.  Career, Family, Health, Friendships, Hobbies, Love.  Do this by candle light.  In your most gorgeous lingerie.  Or nothing at all.  Bask in your favorite perfume, listen to sexy music, nibble on chocolate.  Make this really relaxing and fun.  I don’t care how silly it sounds:  Ie:  “I want to visit the Tower of London with nothing but a soft, gorgeous silk robe on and flash one of the palace guards.  He passes out.”  Special note to my British Babes-don’t be getting yourself arrested!  😉  The key is enjoying ALL of lifes’ possibilities.  Remember, nothing is impossible.  Impossible is just an opinion!  Bitch it up and either share with a friend or share with us on Facebook.  Sharing makes us all have options that make us go…  Oooooo…I want some of that!

Love, Goddess

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