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August 2009 – Page 2 – Bitch Lifestyle – page 2

Bitchy vs. Bratty

I lost my Bitch yesterday.  She was replaced by the “Brat.” 

It started off rather innocently.  I had this picture of a seriously hot guy I was going to post for you.  To top it off, the hot guy picture came with something hilarious.  All courtesy of my super hot, sexy, amazing friend Mary Ann.  I had the post all ready…and when I published it…it went poof.  So did my computer.  My computer spent the rest of the day going poof.  I was getting more and more irritated and impatient.  And the Brat took over the Bitch.  Before the Bitch left she told me to take my own advice.  Work out or dance the frustration out.  So I go to Netflix to do my favorite Bitch work out:   Jillian Michaels Cardio Kick Box.  No longer could I instantly watch and do it.  It was taken off the list.  This is when the Brat officially took over.

I tried lots of things and they didn’t help.  I worked out to another video.  I watched the Patriots last night while savoring Brie, grapes and Pinot Noir.  Didn’t do it for me.  I thought about how irritated I was that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.  (I wish I had a baby’s rattle to throw down:  It would have been perfect for this Drama Queen moment!)  Does that happen to you?  Does your Brat make you stew and keep your irritation/impatience going on for hours? 

This morning I woke up early and realized what was going on.  I was over thinking the whole thing.  And I surrendered.  Surrendered to the irritation, impatience and the Brat.  I took an hour off work to do a Jillian work out, savored a long shower and gave myself a pedicure.   And…LOL…I finally felt better.

Was it the work out?  No. 

Was it savoring a long shower?  No.

Was it the pedicure?  No.

It was the surrender. 

Surrendering can be so powerful!  In this world we are taught to be “in control” of everything.  We live it every day of out lives.  My Brat was my impatience taking over.  We all know about my impatience problem http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/05/impatiencea-virtue/  Surrendering to my impatience led to the following conclusions:

1.  It’s not my fault the post didn’t work.  The picture/file was causing problems on my site and with my computer.  I know this because when I closed and deleted the picture everything started running fine again.                                            

2.  I’m not the most technical person in the world.  It’s amazing how much I’ve accomplished on my own regarding this blog.  Cut yourself some slack, woman!

3.  I’m at my computer 10-12 hours a day.  Learning, posting, researching and editing the site.  That would get to anyone.  Cut yourself some slack woman!

Lesson Learned:  Give myself a break and stop fighting it.  The fun activities (football, wine, etc.) were contributing to my irritation because I felt guilty I wasn’t working and accomplishing.  You know how I feel about guilt.  Feeling guilty is a waste of time.  What makes you feel better is action.  The action in this case was realizing I needed to cut myself some slack due to my impatience with myself.  I wouldn’t have realized this if I hadn’t been strong enough to surrender to my impatience.

Has this ever happened to you?  I would love to hear your stories and laugh at our bratty sides together!

Love, Goddess


© S Stevens Life Strategies



Summer Frolicking

We have a full month left to “Summer Frolic.”  Here are some ideas for your “Frolic Schedule.”

 1.  Take that picnic you always talk about.  (I finally took mine after 3 years last summer!) 

2.  Get some hot erotica, novel or a pile of magazines to a park and read for as long as you want.  Extra points if you can find a hammock to do this in.

3.  Find a Country Fair and vote on everything there is to vote on.  Eat popcorn, cotton candy and play play play.

4.  Find the scariest roller coaster to ride.  Scream your head off.

5.  Walk and make out in the warm summer rain.

6.  Pick your own blueberries or other yummy fresh produce.

7.  Buy a bottle of Jamaican Rum.  Invite friends over and experiment with fresh fruits, ice cream, juices.  Or any other type of ingredient you can think up.  Give your drink discovery a hot name.

8.  Barbecue.

9.  Have a candlelit lobster/clam bake.

10.  Skinny dip.

11.  Jump off the diving board in your pool!

12.  Go on a day trip.  Savor your discoveries all day long.

13.  Try a different flavor of ice cream.

14.  Go on a whale watch or other fun ocean expedition.

15.  Eat breakfast by the ocean, river or on your beautiful patio.  Anywhere you can find outside!

16.  From lovely reader Charisma:   I would like to add having a wine and cheese gathering (for two or more). Find some fresh cheeses at a Farmers Market or speciality market. The lighter, milder Italian cheeses go very well with a nice, crisp, sparkling wine. Preferably a Prosecco sparkling wine. Enjoy!

Anyone else have a yummy idea to add to our list?  Would love to hear them. 

With fun and a frolicking sense of adventure!  Love, Goddess

Laughter is the Best Medicine


Laughter is the best medicine.   It gives you energy and is a wonderful beauty treatment:  laughter gives you a wonderful glow.  I intend to stuff this section of the web site full of things to give you a laugh and brighten your day.  When you run into a little stress or need some motivation come here.   Take a little time for yourself, then get back to kicking Bitch Ass in the world.  Go you! 

I lovingly give you this clip of from You Tube.  It had me in stitches. 

Love, Goddess 

© S Stevens Life Strategies



Empowered Women Don’t Tolerate BS

My tribute to Judge Judy.  Watch her put this little scammer in her place.  Thanks to LiveLeak.com for this great video!

Welcome to “Empowered Women don’t tolerate BS 101.”  Today we learn from someone I would love to crown Queen Bitch of the Court-Judge Judy.  It’s so well deserved.  She is the reason for the popularity of Courtroom Drama TV shows.  The rest pale by comparison and can get too touchy feely, off the point and preachy.  Judge Judy stays with the facts.  She doesn’t let the plaintiff or defendant go off on long tangents about things irrelevant to the case.  Judge Judy is witty and wise.  She catches the lies, calls the BS and the case is solved.  She may get a little dramatic, but this is entertaining television remember.

While watching her I’ve learned things that favor us here at Bitch Lifestyle:

1.  Do not lie to Judge Judy.  She’ll call you on it and put you in your place pronto. (So will The Bitch)

2.  If you’re dumb enough to continue to lie, Judge Judy will analyze why you are lying.  Are you ready to face personal truth? (The Bitch will do so if she cares for you, then she’ll watch your actions.  She won’t waste her time with perpetual liars)

2.  Do not interrupt people while they are speaking.  It’s rude. (The Bitch is polite)

3.  Take responsibility for yourself and your family.  Don’t be the person scamming others to make a buck and raising the next generation of scammers.  (The Bitch loves herself, family and friends always.  Because she respects herself and the people around her, she doesn’t take advantage of others for her own gain)

4.   Take a step back from your ego.  Ask yourself, is this worth my valuable time?  Is there an easy way to solve this problem without tons of drama?  If you’re silly enough to bring something to court that’s silly, don’t be surprised if Judge Judy tells you you’re silly and why. (The Bitch does not engage in silliness.  Unless it’s fun and playful!)

5.  We have a choice.   We can choose to fill our lives with people that have serious character flaws.   Or we can fill our lives with people that appreciate, love, and are faithful to us.  People that enhance our lives, not add stress to it.  Yes…we are going to have problems.  Who do you want in your corner?  Cheaters or people that make us better for knowing them? (The Bitch surrounds herself with wonderful people.  She is grateful everyday for the love surrounding her)

6.  We can learn from Judge Judy.  We can watch her effortlessly finesse the people who sue, lie, cheat and steal.  If we encounter scammers we have a playbook on how to deal with them.  The dos and don’ts.  (Bitches appreciate and learn from other strong women)

Thanks, Judge Judy.  I’ve learned much from you.

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies