Are You Irresistible?

Well…are you?

  1. Do you command a room when you enter?
  2. Do you have a signature scent?  One that…as you put it on and savor the smell it lights you up and sends warm tingles throughout you?  The scent that makes a man stop and makes him murmur…you smell so good.
  3. Have you made your quirks into charming eccentricities?
  4. Do you understand and relish the importance of first impressions?
  5. Are you unafraid of doing or saying something that may…how can I say it…create a hushing noise in those that surround you?
  6. Do you know your signature style?  The style that makes you feel absolutely fabulous.  The one where you put on certain combinations of clothes, rocker chic, feminine glamour, slightly pristine princess (emphasis on slightly) and it wakes you up?
  7. Do you understand the power of your voice and the allure of good conversation?
  8. Do you know how to make a man laugh and forget all his burdens?
  9. Do you see flirtation as way more than a little “pick me up?”  Do you see it more as-you’re lifes’ blood?
  10. Do you revel in your determination, independence and spirit?
  11. Do you relish the possibilities of the day upon awakening?  Always?
  12. When you are moved by something, anything, do you savor every last drop of the experience?  No matter the where?

If you are…then you are really immersed in loving every drop of gorgeous you.  Isn’t loving yourself grand?  Love, Goddess

Gorgeous pictures above from the really beautiful and inspirational web site Karen Harvey Cox.  Visit and be inspired! 

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Image from The Done Depot which protects online passwords:


Trust is something that has to be earned.  Over time.  You just can’t snap your fingers and the Trust Fairy grants it.  Even if you DO trust someone, there are certain things you shouldn’t share.  Like personal information.  There’s a reason why it’s called “Personal Information.”  It’s not “Everyone’s Information,” or “Hey everyone want access to my bank account information,” or even “My Pin number is.”  Never give out this information.  Yeah…Bitch is on a tangent.  Here’s why I’ve become all Queen Mother Bitch about it.  A very sweet client of mine had a boyfriend who wanted personal information from her.

Sweet Client: (after completing an assignment to get rid of her anger at men) My boyfriend asked something of me that I found disturbing.

Me:  Yes?

Sweet Client:  He wanted us to exchange passwords and share our personal Facebook information.

Me:   And?

Sweet Client:  I said no.  What bothered me is he said “Why-don’t you trust me?”

Me:  And?

Sweet Client:  Then we got into an argument about trust.

Me:  How does your body feel talking about this?

Sweet Client:  I feel like slimy creatures are crawling all over me!

Me:  So it makes you feel yucky.  LOL…

Sweet Client:  I don’t know what to do.

Me:  Yes you do.  So do it!

And she did.  She told her boyfriend that she wasn’t going to share that information with him.  She told me he tried to change her mind and guilt her into it.  She dumped him.  Made this Queen Mother Bitch so proud!  This guy tried to guilt her into sharing something that was none of his business.

I was relieved for her and didn’t think about it anymore.  Until yesterday.  When I heard on the radio on the John Tesh program that this sort of thing is happening more and more often!  It’s a new way to show love and trust among young people, the show said.  Sharing Facebook passwords.  It also said every person that shared their Facebook passwords got into a lot of trouble.  Personal pictures and email were sprayed all over the internet.  And that was just the tame stuff.

So don’t do it.  Don’t share your personal information with anyone.  Keep it personal.  And if someone asks you and then tries to make you feel bad?  Tells you a lot about their character.  Or lack thereof.  Or naivete.  If you’ve given out personal passwords, change them toute suite!  Love and a warm bear style hug, Queen Mother Bitch

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Focus Image from the web site Life Hack:

Focus Bitch.

This is for the beauties who read this web site and are worried about a guy they like or are dating.  It’s for the beauties that are rockin’ their guys and need a gentle reminder.  We all do sometimes.  We’re emotional creatures and sometimes our emotions, our Drama Queens crave attention.  Sometimes we misplace that attention.  We put pressure on our guys to give us that attention when we could just as easily put it on ourselves and allow him to give freely.  The key is the word “pressure.”  Maybe it’s the oxytocin: maybe we haven’t quite grown into our Sassy Bitch and our confidence isn’t there.  Maybe we don’t get the fact that we are truly beautiful.  Then our Drama Queens take over and “attach” ourselves to a guy because we want attention from him.  HIM.  We like him so much!!!!  We must have him!!!!  When you find yourself saying, writing, worrying about how to get him to chase you, love you, want you, it’s time to make a choice.  Worry?  Or…


Focus on what you can control.  Cuz’ it’s not him.  What you can focus on is YOU and your choices.

You can choose to worry about why he hasn’t answered a text and send another one.  Then you can worry about why he hasn’t answered the original text and the 2nd text.  Then you can get a bit pissed off and send a 3rd text.  Now you can worry and fret about why he hasn’t answered 3 texts you’ve sent him.  And send another…and another.


You can focus on what truly matters to your growth as a person, those you care about and your career and life goals.  Or you can whine about the fact that the choice I just gave you doesn’t “get him to chase you.”  That is so very cute of your Drama Queen, isn’t it?  That’s not why your reading this.  You’re reading this so you can claim your Sassy Bitch.  So give your Drama Queen the attention she wants by focusing attention on you:

  1. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish in life.  The fun, the crazy the ones that will fulfill you.
  2. Volunteer.  If your Drama Queen really needs a kick in the butt?  Volunteer at a hospital.  A hospital is full of sick and dying people.  That should put worrying about a text in perspective.
  3. For Valentines Day-what I like to call the “Day of Love” make a list of those that truly love you.  Your Dad, Brother, Mom, Sister, Nieces, Nephews, your BFF.  Make heart felt Valentines for them.
  4. Keep your calendar full. Your goal being a calendar full of things that light you up and make you feel good.
  5. Appreciating your beauty every day.  Be grateful for your gorgeous skin, curvy thighs, beaming smile, sparkling eyes.  Blow yourself a kiss when you walk by a mirror.
  6. Get spiritual.  Meditate, relax, go for a long walk, kick-box.
  7. Eat yummy healthy foods.
  8. Giving out love sends it back to you.  Greet those you love with a warm hug always.  When you depart, give them a warm hug again.
  9. When you start worrying, start listing all the things you’re grateful for.  Use this as a tool when you start worrying again.

Oh…and one more thing.  You know those guys you don’t like that constantly text you, ask you out and are chasing you that you don’t want to date ?  Don’t be “that guy” to your guy.  Here’s an article just for you:  Why Men You Don’t Like Chase You:

Another thing to be aware of:  How to Get a Girl to Chase You

Here is one last tid bit to get you re-focused on YOU and not worried about a guy who is not chasing you.  If he isn’t asking you out, calling you and trying to make hot little you smile?  I’m a little worried about his taste.  (Sassy smile)  Love, Goddess

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Valentines Day Special


Valentines Day Special

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Your blog empowered me to dump my current boyfriend.  Thank you!  Stefanie

I love how you empower women to be strong, confident and wise.  Your blog is really inspiring me to live that “Bitch Lifestyle.”  Thanks Necarrus 

Love, Goddess

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