Your Lips Deserve Nothing Less!

Yeah…so fitting for our luscious lips.  Nothing but pure red rubies or pink diamonds!  Or…a the perfect Chanel lipstick or new lipgloss.  Treat your beautiful lips like jewels today.  Just for fun.  You can copy this look or download as wallpaper from:

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Inner Beauty is All

Sassy Anne Taintor pic from the web site Planet Stef:

“Inner Beauty won’t get you laid.”

I saw that quote somewhere and yeah, it’s all in Bitchy fun.  I so disagree.  Inner Beauty is your hot sensual driving force of seduction.  It’s the driving force of your success and happiness in life.  It  is so powerful sometimes the world tries to suppress our power.  Because, like the playful woman in the pic above, you can be as nice as you want or as naughty as you want.  (sassy wink)  So lets discuss just how sexy our inner beauty is:

  1. It’s your luscious brain that decides YOU want to be your best possible YOU. Your inner and outer self.
  2. It’s your luscious brain that trains your voice and how you use it in every possible circumstance:  Career, debate, seduction.
  3. It’s your luscious brain that listens to someones’ words with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Because it’s protecting the heart and soul from distrust by waiting for the action to back up the words.
  4. It’s your luscious brain that encourages curiosity, discovery and adventure to feed the heart and soul.
  5. It’s your heart that skips a beat when you find the perfect pair of shoes that make you feel oh so sexy in.
  6. It’s your heart that warms when your eyes enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
  7. It’s your heart that warms when you give to someone and it makes them smile.
  8. It’s your heart that makes you appreciate all that is around you.
  9. It’s your heart that sends out love and playful joy to all those around you-and warms their hearts.
  10. It’s your soul that awakens on that early morning work out session when you feel re=charged.
  11. It’s your soul that doesn’t try to limit your choices.  Because your soul knows that the heart and mind are working for it to create the perfection in every moment.
  12. It’s your soul, upon awakening to another precious day that happily looks forward to all the delicious opportunities and pleasures that await you.
  13. It’s your brain and heart working together to lovingly call someone on their crap.  To save the soul from the spiritually draining feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.
  14. It’s your brain, heart and soul working together on many different levels that make your Sassy Bitch tick and purr and walk around the piles of shit that surround us every day.

Because you are in your Sassy Inner Bitch you don’t see all the piles of shit.  You see the good around you.  You enthusiastically face challenges with determination.  Because you know that your brain, heart and soul are aligned.  You aren’t even aware of how attractive and magnetic this is.  Your inner beauty gives you that confidence, that glow.  And makes you the irresistible, dynamic force that you are!

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Sassy School of Gallantry

sassy school of gallantry,ninon de lenclos,cameron diaz,
I’m a naughty teacher. I’ve been so bad. Here’s what you have to do to enjoy me. Cameron Diaz pic from Bad Teacher Trailer

You and I are open for business.  Our business?  Our very own “School of Gallantry.”  Inspired by one of the greatest Seductresses of all time:  Ninon De Lenclos  By doing this we are honoring her brilliance.  And ours.  Our ability to communicate exactly HOW a man is to pursue us, seduce us, love us…be worthy of us. (sassy wink)

Not one whine.  Knowing without question that YOU are the hottest thing that was ever created on this planet.  Knowing that you deserve to be treated like the amazing woman you are.  This is not about arrogance.  You are a confident, loving, caring woman.  A good man will see this and will appreciate the chance to put a smile on your beautiful face!  School your potential lovers and male friends in the following ways:

  1.  Techniques you desire in courting and seduction.
  2.  A peak into how you tick as a woman.  Slower than slow.  You may want to keep a bit of mystery about you.
  3.  The proper way to break up with a woman.  None of which involves a text.
  4.  The physiology of sex.
  5.  The seductive qualities in conversation.
  6.  Be sure to give your school a hot name. Worthy of you.

What will you add to this list?  This is about YOU remember.  Exactly what you desire from a man.  Exactly how you want to be treated and adored.  Before you do this take the time to relax.  Really relax and get into your hot, sensual self.  The cares of the day behind you.  If you have a boyfriend or a husband…what would you like from him?  Is it a soft, sexy kiss?  Let the pleasure of experiencing one of those kisses wash over you.  Enjoy enjoy enjoy.  When you feel yourself all warmed up, give him a call.  Tell him…

“I was just thinking about how much I enjoy kissing you!  It’s so good.”

Don’t try to get him to come and see you.  Keep it short.  Just let him know you were enjoying something about him.  See what happens…and take notes like a good (or bad) teacher.   Oh…and if a potential lover gives you crap about how high maintenance you are or some other silly thing about how you want to be treated?  Purr playfully and say something like:  “I’m soooo worth it.”

And you are…now get in there and play, Sexy Teacher!  Love, Goddess

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