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I want new adventures, meet new people and discover new places, tastes and music.  And I will be with an amazing new trip coming up.

I crave it everyday, though!  How do I and YOU satisfy that burning need we all feel?  When we are bogged down with work, expectations (isn’t that a fun word) and commitments.  If a few days go by and I haven’t discovered anything new?  I get impatient.  Those of you who have been following the web site for a while know that about me, huh?  Anyway…how to do we create delicious moments of adventure daily?

By enjoying a moment and creating the “passion of discovery.”

  1. Savor the first bite.  I don’t care if it’s the frozen pizza you eat every week!  Create the moment.  Close your eyes, enjoy the aroma, texture and crunch.
  2. Dating someone?  Instead of thinking about “making out with them,” relish the first kiss.  The wait and the anticipation of what it will be like!
  3. Play some new music.  We all have comfort zones.  Find a new music to stretch to, dance to, make love to.
  4. Order something.  ANYTHING new on a menu.  Extra points if it is something you would never ever in a million years try.  For me, last week it was split pea soup.  I don’t like peas.  I still don’t like peas, but now I know I don’t like this sort of soup.
  5. Look in the paper and search for something NEW:  a play to see, a museum to enjoy, a new restaurant, new town, sporting event, rally, charity, etc., to do.  Bitch it up and invite friends.
  6. Learn to cook your absolute favorite restaurant meal brilliantly at home.
  7. Have an iron chef night with friends.
  8. It’s fall…do fall things!  Go to a festival or apple farm, long hikes with a pic nic, play and make love in the leaves, make your own cider, bob for apples, make and bake your favorite apple dishes, climb a mountain, jump out of a plane, go to the tropics, find a hot man to kiss in Paris.
  9. Take a new class.  Or ask about my upcoming course exploring Seductresses in history and awakening yours!  My email:

That isn’t enough for you to try?  Well here’s another article I wrote called Feisty Fall Fun.  Get in there and play, discover and party! Love, Goddess

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