Annoying Thing Men Do Until You Realize Why They Do It

Careful of the Pussy’s hiss!  From the fab blog:  Iva Messy

There’s something that men do that can be SO annoying to us women.  It’s when we, as women, are talking about one of our dearest passions, and a man starts giving us crap and poking fun at us about it.  So what’s that all about, Bitch?


They like you.  They want attention from you.  Unfortunately, they’re going about it the wrong way.  A lot of us women don’t really dig that.   It can get our panties in a bunch.  Here we are, all excited about our passion, and he’s dissing us, teasing us and we just want to smack him.   So what do we do about this, Sassy Bitches?

Play our cute, curvaceous butts off about it!  We take our studies from “You’ve Been Sassed,”  and Bitch it up.     We not only call them on their crap and use their own words to do it, we do it all sassy and playful.  Why?  Because you know you can play his own “game” (more on that in a bit) *** and relish the fun challenge he’s presenting you with.  Because remember, men love a challenge.  Can he handle the challenge of hot little you?  (God…he hopes so!)  An example from my life today:

My friend J calls me.  We have things to discuss regarding a project we’re working on together.  All goes well and we end the phone conversation.  We hang up.  He IMMEDIATELY calls again.  I pick up.  Here is part of our conversation:

J:  Sharon, I was just calling you to tell you “Go Giants!”

Me:  Now you know the only reason you’re telling me that is to push my buttons.  Football is one of my passions.  (He had started the day before on me.  This time using the Ravens.  And I knew he was calling me back to give me crap about my deep passion for Patriots football)

J:  Don’t be so sensitive, Sharon.  It’s just an opinion I have.  Football isn’t a really important thing.

Me:  Oh no.  (really playfully)  Like for me I don’t understand why people meditate.  I think it’s for people with way too much time on their hands.  Just my opinion.

J got irritated.  Score a big one for the Sassy Bitch.  A few more words and then the conversation changed.  Why?  J is really into meditation.  I like it too.  The point is, HE has this passion for meditation and I used that to call him on his crap.  Used his own words against him.  So playfully fun, too.  Bitch won because he DROPPED it.

So why wasn’t I mad?  No reason to be.  This is how guys talk to each other.  You ever notice how much crap they give each other?  They respect the person who gives it back to them and don’t lie down and take it!   So it actually is a playful game *** they are “playing” with you and you are just  “playing” back.  You just can’t let it piss you off (kick box it out!)  and play back.  That is the sort of play they understand.  Got it?

Now get in there and play back with those scoundrels who are just craving your attention.  Sassy wink!   Love, Goddess

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