Are We Losing the Bottom Line?

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I hereby crown random radio call in dude.  Image from wikiHow

Are we losing the bottom line?

Has rumor, speculation, gossip and heresy from social media, television and other forms of communication confused us?  Is all this “noise” distracting us from making simple choices?

This question came at me pre-coffee today.  Barely out of my sleepy slumber.  So for me to get all fired up about something it has to be pretty mind-blowing.  I like to listen to my sports in the morning.  Yeah…it can be drama.  All the commentators love to speculate about the off field stuff.  But there is a part of sports that is still pure and simple.  Who will win.  That’s the part I love!  Whenever the off field stuff is too much, I stop listening.  However the whole Aaron Hernandez thing going on with the New England Patriots is difficult to ignore.  I still listen to daily re-caps.  This is what I heard this morning that jarred me out of my morning stupor.

One of the local TV channels I listen to has radio show Dennis and Callahan from WEEI on.  They were taking phone calls.  This guy calls with a question.  Back story:  This weekend the Patriots said that if you had an Aaron Hernandez jersey they would swap it for another players’.  So a lot of people went to Gillette Stadium to do just that.  Back to the guy with the question.  He calls to tell Dennis and Callahan that he “forgot” it was this weekend.  When he went to Gillette, the “swap day” was over.  Still…he was given a gift card to purchase another jersey with.  This was the guys’ question/concern:

Caller on radio:  I got this gift card.  What am I going to do with this jersey?

He missed the day where the Patriots literally TOOK the jersey and swapped it for a new one.  He had a horrible dilemma on his hands.  He had in his physical possession a jersey and he did not know how to dispose of.

Really?  You have to call a radio station to figure out what to do with a jersey you don’t want?  And you are trying to blame the Patriots for this?  If it was really that important to you, you wouldn’t have “forgotten” to go.   Are you in such Drama Queen mode that you need to ask two guys you don’t know what to do with a jersey you don’t want?  Here’s an idea…throw it in the trash.  So simple yet so unbelievably dramatized.  This was disturbing for me not just for the drama and missing the bottom line but it was from a DUDE!  Guys are normally pretty bottom line.  Is our society turning them into Drama Queens?  Or was this caller a random one?  Looking back at listening to the radio I’ve realized this happens a lot more than I thought.  I turn off the drama when it happens and yes…it happens a lot during call in sessions.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by this.  Are you?  I am on all the social networks but I’m pretty selective about what I share and with and whom.  I see what others share and just roll my eyes.  I see people go on and on about something that is so simple.  I’ve gotten really good at filtering out the noise of what others say, do and claim to be true.  I would really love to know what you all think about this.  How easy is it for you to see the bottom line and how do you fish through all the rumor and heresy to find truth?  Let’s discuss.  Love, Goddess

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