Are You Irresistible?

Well…are you?

  1. Do you command a room when you enter?
  2. Do you have a signature scent?  One that…as you put it on and savor the smell it lights you up and sends warm tingles throughout you?  The scent that makes a man stop and makes him murmur…you smell so good.
  3. Have you made your quirks into charming eccentricities?
  4. Do you understand and relish the importance of first impressions?
  5. Are you unafraid of doing or saying something that may…how can I say it…create a hushing noise in those that surround you?
  6. Do you know your signature style?  The style that makes you feel absolutely fabulous.  The one where you put on certain combinations of clothes, rocker chic, feminine glamour, slightly pristine princess (emphasis on slightly) and it wakes you up?
  7. Do you understand the power of your voice and the allure of good conversation?
  8. Do you know how to make a man laugh and forget all his burdens?
  9. Do you see flirtation as way more than a little “pick me up?”  Do you see it more as-you’re lifes’ blood?
  10. Do you revel in your determination, independence and spirit?
  11. Do you relish the possibilities of the day upon awakening?  Always?
  12. When you are moved by something, anything, do you savor every last drop of the experience?  No matter the where?

If you are…then you are really immersed in loving every drop of gorgeous you.  Isn’t loving yourself grand?  Love, Goddess

Gorgeous pictures above from the really beautiful and inspirational web site Karen Harvey Cox.  Visit and be inspired! 

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