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Tonight I’m sitting in bed writing this to you and I’m absolutely giddy with happiness!  Tonight is a very special night for me.  Be still my heart.  I’ve been longing for this night for months.  Not in a hurry up way because my life is so full.  I’ve had lots to savor the past few months.  It’s like a child on Christmas morning way.

NFL Football is back!!!

Which also means it’s Fantasy Football season. I love everything about Fantasy Football.  Except losing.  LOL. The other night I was at my Fantasy Draft.  It was so much fun.  I’m a pretty competitive gal.  I love calling out my player pick and hearing the guys get all upset.  (sassy smile)

There is nothing like being in a room of men in their full “guy glory.”  One is passing wind and egos are one upping each other.  One guy in our league shared a story about something he had in his nose that he couldn’t remove on the train.  In long winded ridiculous detail.  The one man in my league that I consider a friend, Mat, is sitting next to me trying really hard to suppress his belching.  It’s not working but I appreciate the effort because he is trying for me.  LOL.  I also really appreciate the fact that he says to me:  “This isn’t a good neighborhood.  I’m walking you to your car.”  And there was no room for discussion.  Sigh!  My Draft Day Hero.

Yeah…I hear you.  The testosterone level was through the roof.  I like testosterone.  I can be in a room full of it and appreciate the essence of the male-ness.  Sure, I don’t need to hear about the nose problems.  I mean I’m sure there are plenty of things about the feminine that males don’t want to hear about.  (wink)

Ohhhh…and Monday.  Monday, in honor of the start of Monday Night Football and the Patriots playing in it, I will do this.  I’ll change my cell ring tone from “I’m a Bitch,” to the “Monday Night Football Theme.”  Yeah…you’re right.  Little sick about the pigskin.

So what makes you this giddy gorgeous?  Bask in it, savor it, expand it and share it.  And THAT is your assignment today at Bitch University. Turn in your assignment on our Facebook page:   Class dismissed.

Love Goddess

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