Back from Vacation Blues? No way!

I’m back from a weekend away at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  I had a wonderful time.  As I’m standing in the airport awaiting my return home, my companion says:  “I’m not sure if I’m ready to go home.”  I know most people feel that way.  They don’t want vacation to end.  I wasn’t sad at all.  I was more than satisfied with the short trip.  I was looking forward to coming home and all the opportunities that awaited me there.  That made me think…how is it that I can be happy to get back to the “daily grind” as we like call it?  You all know how I feel about phrases like that   I knew instantly.  I don’t see my life as a grind. 

Yes, there are things I’m not looking forward to when I get back.  My email inbox is so full it’s scary.  And that isn’t counting my personal email.  Double scary.   Today is jammed with “catch up.”  It’s cold and rainy and I woke up with some sort of illness and exhaustion.  But I’m not focused on all those inconveniences.  I’m focused on all the opportunity that lies around them.  The business opportunities, the fun social offers, the learning and growing.  The meetings I have later today that will allow me to create even more.  And all the moments in between. 

The moments in between.  Let’s look at those, shall we?  The fun, laughter and life surrounding us that we’re too busy to slow down and enjoy.  For instance today it’s cold and rainy.  How do you enjoy that?  Sit back, close your eyes and listen.  Listen to the splash against the windows, the swish when a car drives by.  If it was warm I would recommend taking advantage of all those puddles and playfully splash someone!

Today take a moment to enjoy something, anything.  To help you I’ve made a list.  Make it a habit.  Slow down and take more moments each day.  Fill your life with them.  Then maybe one day you’ll be coming home from vacation not sad but looking forward to the next moment life has to offer.  And the next…and the next.   Would you like to play “The Moment Game” with me?  (sly wink and smile)

1.  Drink champagne just because. 

2.  Send someone you care about a “just because gift.” 

3.  Stop, listen to and enjoy a street musician.

4.  When it warms up a bit, walk and splash in the rain.  Or…softly kiss someone in a warm rain shower.

5.  Find a pet store and play with the puppies.  Enjoy their soft fur and wiggly bodies.

6.  Eat your favorite piece of fruit.  Let the juices run all over your face!  Resist the urge to wipe away all the yummy juices.  Bitch it up and ask someone to “lick the juices off you.”

7.  Couch camp with all your favorites:  Food, movies, blanket, drinks.

8.  Play your favorite childhood game.  

9.  Stop everything and listen to or whistle the song that always makes you happy.

10. Fantasize about how you dream your life to be…then do it!   Refer to Fun Organization for more tips:

11.  Tell someone you love them and relish the joy on their face.

Love, Goddess

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