Be His Cheerleader

*** You want to make the men in your life smile?  Be their cheerleader!  They will really appreciate it.  Do this warmly and full of sincerity.  Men are AMAZING.  I am so grateful for all the things they do for me.  I support a local softball team.  They call me their #1 fan.  A man on the team always makes sure I’m comfortable.  He has offered me his comfy portable seat, his umbrella in a rainstorm, water, even cocktails!  He LOVES the attention I give him and the team.  Appreciate them and they will appreciate you right back.  All you have to do is have fun sharing that warm smile, give hugs and a few thoughtful words.  Here are some fun ways to be the cheerleader for the men in your life:

  1. Give the men in your life huge hugs and smiles when you see them.
  2. Go to their softball/baseball games and cheer and clap for them.  Get to know their names and add that personal touch to the cheering.  I can’t tell you how many women go to their mans’ games and spend all their time talking to someone else.  There’s time for that but don’t forget to cheer for him.  You will make his day!
  3. If he has a bad day or is worried about something, give him a warm hug and tell him something like this:  “Honey, you’re amazing.  You will figure out the perfect thing to do.”  Make him feel like he’s the best always in your eyes.  Don’t doubt him.  It’ll give him strength and make him feel soooo good.
  4. Toast his successes, throw a party when he gets a promotion, let him bask in his accomplishments.
  5. Find what he does well and praise him for it.  “Dad…you are the best grill person ever!”  “Honey, you’re amazing at fixing technical things.”
  6. When he does things for you, thank him with warm smiles and (if appropriate) sexy kisses.
  7. When he does something really cool, like catch the winning ball in a game, tell other people about it when he’s around.  We’re talking male version of a dozen roses, hotties.  Maybe 2 dozen!

Have fun spreading the love!  And enjoy the benefits. (Written with a warm, loving smile)  Love, Goddess

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