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Actress Sherilyn Fenn from the web blog Sweet Life Saga

Do you feel unforgettable?  Yeah, some days I’m a little iffy there.  Well, let’s play with that a little bit.  Maybe make it a fun experiment over the weekend?  Hmmmm?  One or our favorite things to do growing up was playing dress up.  When we grow up, we get so busy we forget one of our most favorite activities EVER!  So let’s get back to that fun euphoria again.  Here are some ideas to sass you up into “Unforgettable You.”

  1. Do you have a signature scent?  If so, what is it?  If not, start exploring.  Go to a perfume counter and spritz some different brands on sample papers.  After letting them rest for a few moments, revisit the scents.  Take your two favorites and spritz on each wrist.  Wait a few more minutes.  Continue until you find something you absolutely adore.  I recently discovered Ralph Lauren “Romance.”  Mmmmmm….
  2. Who are you fashion wise?  Lauren Hutton All-American?  Soft and feminine?  Edgy Biker Chic?  Do you want to play with your Inner Seductress or Siren?  Find a way to bring your “Vixen” to your everyday wardrobe?  Look in your closet for ways to do this.  Go shopping and try something on out of your comfort zone:  a style of dress, color, accessory etc.
  3. Make-Up:  Play with different colors and looks.  Create your own personal “smokey eye.”  Combine with #2 idea from above.
  4. What is your favorite color?  Wear it.
  5. Your hair is your crowning glory.  Treat it that way.  Find a Sephora near you and visit the hair section.  I love Sephora because you can try everything!  Experiment with all the brands and then get the perfect hair care for your gorgeous locks.
  6. What are your favorite flowers?  Buy them.  Just for you.  Enjoy the scent, color and texture.  Put them by your bed when you go to sleep.  You deserve it!
  7. Find a glowing light like above and bask in it like Sherilyn does.  Dress, no dress, as naughty or nice as you like it.

Then…as a final touch, when you’ve made yourself unforgettable…say it.  Smile, feel the warmth tingling in your body and purr, “I Am Unforgettable!”

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Love, Goddess

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