Beauty Rituals Empower You

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I was listening to an inspiring radio show the other day. It was about the importance of “ritual” in our lives. The hostess was the very Goddessly Mel Robbins.  When you have time Google her or click the link in the last sentence. She discussed how we all have everyday rituals. Where and how we drink our coffee. We have bedtime rituals for children. We honor our hair by cutting and styling it. Ms. Robbins talked about how “Ritual” was a very powerful tool for the following reasons:

Rituals give us our power, intent, focus.
Rituals allow us to stop life and noise.
Ritual counteracts bad habits/distractions.
The most powerful rituals start out small. The power comes from the consistency.

While I was listening to her I thought of beauty rituals. How women love facials, massages, moisturizing and applying make up. Adorning ourselves with a gorgeous new gown. Painting our toes and fingernails with a splash of color. They make us feel so good and we feel so good after doing them. Because we’re so busy, it’s hard sometimes for us to do them consistently. We are bombarded by other things we “should” be doing. ( Laundry, errands, work, email, messages to answer ) Honoring and our unique  beauty daily helps block out the impossible “ideal of beauty” thrust upon us daily by society.

Let’s take time to honor our beauty everyday. Even if it’s just for a moment.  We are so worth it!

A. Make a list of how you honor your beauty everyday.  Styling your hair? Cleansing your face?
B. For the days you don’t have time or feel uncreative? I’m providing a list of ideas for you to choose from.

Beauty Rituals to savor:
1. Save perfume magazine inserts, keep them handy ( work, car ) and enjoy a deep whiff whenever you need a lift
2. Meditate
3. Light a candle and enjoy the dancing orange flame
4. Note one thing you were successful at today and revel in it
5. Apply your favorite body lotion very slowly and admire your curves
6. Take a 5 minute walk
7. Let a piece of chocolate slowly melt in your mouth
8. Take a few minutes and do a craft project that you love
9. Buy yourself flowers
10. Pick a spring flower and put it in your hair
11. Look in the mirror and enjoy your beauty. Notice how your eyes sparkle!

We are so lucky to be have been born! Yay! By focusing daily on our own beauty and enjoying it, we fall in love with ourselves a bit more each day. Love, Goddess

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  1. Love it, love it, love it! 🙂 Thank you personally for this website, it is very empowering for women, and reminds us to love ourselves – no matter what.

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