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Behold Betty White.  Sassy and Sweet.  Fabulous and adored by millions at 88 years old!   This is a woman we can learn from.  She’s charming, has a wit that can challenge anyone and steals the show in everything she’s in.  She has more “oomph” than woman half her age.

Who was the scene stealer in “The Proposal?”  Or the Snickers commercial during the Super Bowl in 2010? Who had the Nation scrambling for her to guest star on Saturday Night Live?   And then who Bitches it Up by receiving an Emmy Nomination for her appearance on Saturday Night Live?  Ms. White.  Do you know how many Emmy’s Ms. White has won?  Seven.  So far.

On Mary Tyler Moore’s show she played Sue Ann Nivens.  Sue Ann was the Bitch you wanted on your side.  She’d put you in your place with a sweet smile and pointed zinger.  No one messed with her, even the grumpy, surly Lou Grant.  On Golden Girls she was warm, loving and had the biggest heart on the planet.  She was the reason I would watch once in while.  She really made me laugh as Rose.

When she was cast on my favorite soap opera “Bold and Beautiful” as “Ann,” Stephanie Forresters’ Mom, I was stunned.  Sweet Betty White,  I thought?  I wasn’t convinced Betty was the right choice.  Stephanie Forrester is one of the most notorious Villainesses on daytime.  Ever.  Played by the amazing Susan Flannery, a multi-Emmy winner in the role, Stephanie is a mouthful of a part.  Betty proved me wrong by winning an Emmy nomination this year.

A Tribute to this wonderful, special performer:

Betty White is a true testament to living life fully, for a smile that lights up a room,  for talent, wit and intelligence that keeps the ball rolling for a lifetime.  Love and a huge kiss to you, Queen Bitch of Multi-Media!  Love, Goddess

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