Bitch U Does Valentines Day 2

valentines day
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Bitch U does Valentines Day 2!  Today at Bitch University we’re going to be inspired by strong, courageous, beautiful women.  When you feel bratty, or are fretting about things you don’t have, these women will be a warm hug.  They can help restore your strength.  The strength to fight for your wants, goals and happiness.  Here are your inspirations and what you can learn from them.

Reading Assignments:

1.  Judge Judy:   No one cuts through the crap like Judge Judy.  Watch her dissect these peoples’ testimony.  Long sob stories from plaintiffs and defendants don’t impress her.  She doesn’t get sucked into their drama.  When you feel the drama flying around you, remember Judge Judy.  Watch and listen to  how she focuses on the problem and stays out of the drama.  Judge Judy

2.  Elle Woods:  Elle always looks fantastic, is a wonderful friend, speaks bluntly, is clever and has initiative to burn. When people put her down, she’s hurt, but she doesn’t crumble into a pitiful heap.  She works harder.  No excuses.  She knows exactly who she is and that’s what keeps her grounded.  Strive to find who exactly you are and embrace her to the hilt.  Elle Woods

3.  Dolly Parton:  Sassy, sweet and charming.  Even when people are beyond rude.  Watch and learn how she deals with obnoxious, insulting questions with grace.  It takes practice beauties, but when you perfect it, you’ll make the obnoxious person look like a jerk.  All while maintaining your cool, calm, charming Bitch. See Dolly Parton’s Marriage and Life Secrets

4.  Fun extra credit exercise:  Get yourself tickled, take a bath in pink water and rose petals (use food coloring for the bath) dance naked or blow a kiss to a hot guy and disappear.  Pick one.  Any one!

5.  Who is a woman that inspires you?  Share on our  Bitch Lifestyle Facebook page!

Until tomorrow…Love, Goddess

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