Bitch U Does Valentines Day-Day 5 Sens-uality!

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Today we’re focusing on a little used gift in a Bitch’s arsenal:  The senses.  Your assignments today are about slowing down and enjoying every last one of them.  When you revel in your senses, you can teach, bewitch and receive enjoyment. For yourself and those who know you.

Alice Ozy was a courtesan known for her charm and financial acumen.  She knew exactly what she liked. Her love of the 5 senses enticed her lovers.  Every sense was a seduction. From the Book of the Courtesans by Susan Griffin:

From his novel Maledon, Edmond About hints about what staying with her might be like:   “When you saw her it was like smelling a bunch of heliotrope or tasting some delicious fruit. You felt something complete and superabundant, which made your heart overflow.”  And if this were not tantalizing enough, he adds a comment that is even more revealing:  “She took possession of a man if she touched him with the tips of her fingers.”  But this, of course would lead to rapture–the tips of her fingers, fully sensate and fully aware, taking you in and touching you as if her fingers had never touched before, so that you yourself begin to experience touch as something entirely new.”

In other words, she took her pleasure from her lovers.  See what a little enjoying of the senses can do for you?  And the people around you?  So get in there and enjoy yourself…and pass on the love!

1.  Sight:  Find something beautiful in everyone you meet.  Discover a new artist, notice how the snow glistens in a sunny field, look for the perfection in flaws.

2. Smell:  Keep your favorite perfume handy and inhale the fragrance deeply when stressed, enjoy the aroma of food being prepared and bulbs like hyacinth will soon be ready to savor.  Buy one and place by your bed so you can enjoy the wonderful fragrance all night.  Discover a new aroma when you walk outside.   Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  What’s there?

3.  Taste:  Sample something new.  Eat slowly.  Close your eyes while you’re savoring a delicious meal.  Bitch it Up by combining Taste, Smell and Sight and eat like the French do.  When you’re presented with your meal, enjoy the aesthetics for a moment, close your eyes and enjoy the aroma rising up from the plate, savor your first bite.

4. Touch:  Imagine you’re Alice Ozy and become really aware of the pleasures of your surroundings.  Enjoy the textures about you.  The pillows, the blankets, the leaves on your plants, your bare feet on carpet, on bare floor, the feel of your skin in your clothes, caress your skin and discover which areas are softer.  Enjoy the curves your body makes.  Brush your hair slowly and really feel the softness.

5.  Hearing:  Listen to different music, sounds outside your home, office, on the street, the differences in people’s voices.  Listen to the silence.

6.  Bitch it Up:  Take the time to slowly make everything in your world-house, office, bedroom, bath, car a haven for your senses.  Take one at a time.  Walk into your bedroom and take it in.  What would make it heaven to you?  Colors?  Textures? Smells-take one at a time.  Enjoy turning your world into the most delicious one for you.

Love, Goddess

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  1. BITCH IT UP IS THE BEST SAYING EVER!!!! It’s going to be extremely difficult to take things slow but i will do my best to do it today! THANK YOU!

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